A Spirit's Love The Series
1 The Unexpected Roommate 1
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A Spirit's Love The Series
Author :ChibiFireflies
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1 The Unexpected Roommate 1

Some people said that ghost was scary. Other people said that it was better not to be able to see ghost. But, others said that it was better to be able to see them.

To me, personally, I really wanted to see them.

There were many ways to see ghost, based on the urban issue. If someone wanted to see ghost, she or he should see through between his or her legs while he or she was standing. Another way to see a ghost was to wash face by using coconut's water.

Other people said to rub the eye lids with grave soil. There were too many issues about how to see ghost but no one could really prove it.

Somehow, it bored me to no end.

The most logical and understandable way was from my father. He said to me long ago that we could see ghost if the ghost wanted us to see them. It made sense to me.

I meant, they, the ghost, were really something different with us, human. They were included in supernatural things that also needed supernatural power to see them.

If they really wanted someone without supernatural power to see them, then it meant they had to use their own power to make people see them.

But, considering that they didn't have solid appearance like human, it took much power to make normal human see them and of course, it was not easy –or that's what I thought. Therefore, not many normal people could see them consciously.

You could say that I was interested in ghost. I even forced my super-filthy-loaded uncle to take me to the haunted places in England when I visited him there before my graduation -of course he rejected my request because he was really a scared-cat.

I managed to take a tour there with my aunt, but because I loved her so much, I agreed not to get inside and just stood in front of the building.

Well, I was disappointed, of course –I was still disappointed till this time, but I really couldn't force my aunt to get inside with me.

However, no matter how much I was interested in ghost, I had never got inside a haunted house or place voluntarily in Indonesia.

If I had to go in, I would do it. But, if it was just to sate my curiosity, I didn't think so.

I knew that not all ghosts were bad, but still, the vibe those places gave me was different with other haunted places in foreign country.

It was like, the place said not to mess around with something inside, and as a good girl, I wanted to obey it.

Like I said, I didn't want to do it voluntarily.

But, if I had to do it, I would face it like it was nothing.


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