A Spirit's Love The Series
2 The Unexpected Roommate 2
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A Spirit's Love The Series
Author :ChibiFireflies
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2 The Unexpected Roommate 2

That day was crazy. After my graduation, I started my day as a college girl.

Of course I still had to follow the orientation before I started the real life of university student, but I knew I would enjoy it -even the orientation I hated the most, I'd enjoy it. But, what made me busy was not my campus activity; it was to move to my new dormitory.

My previous dormitory made me unable to sleep when it rained heavily. I didn't want to live under pressure just because I had to stay alert all the time during rainy season.

So, I decided to move from that place and looked for a new place; a place near to campus, comfortable, clean, and safe, preferably an all-girls dormitory.

After exploring the city for almost two days, I had finally found the right place. One of my friend suggested me to visit this place, actually.

The name was Rosemary Dormitory.

It was an all-girls dormitory, located near campus, clean, safe, and maybe comfortable -I wouldn't know it before I tried to live in here first, right?

The owner was an almost mid-aged woman named Mrs. Rosa. She looked good, nice, and carried the vibe of motherhood. According to Mrs. Rosa, the only room she had was the one and only room in the second floor. The price was normal, I thought.

Besides, from what my friend told me, I would get a new room.

Mrs. Rosa asked me to come and to check the room today, so I did. I was on my way to the dorm when suddenly...

My phone rang and buzzed inside my pocket, made me jumped and cursed slightly because I forgot to turn off the vibration. As I checked it, my smile found its way to my face.

I pressed the green button and put the phone on my right ear.

"Good morning, may I help you?" I spoke clearly but half-jokingly with my business-mode voice.

"Ah, good morning, may I speak to Jane?" A manly voice that I recognized for we had been being pretty close for a year sounded through the speaker as he spoke in his business-mode voice.

"Jane is speaking. State your mind, soldier." I changed my role into a king role as I treated him as a soldier. He might give up now because he couldn't speak like a soldier.

"It's not fair! You know I can't speak like a soldier! Do you want me to treat the king or princess like a friend?" He protested and I laughed.

"You should learn more, Randy." I said. "So, what's up?"

"Have you found a new dormitory?" He asked. I did tell him that I wanted to move from my previous dormitory.

"Yes, I have." I nodded, not care if he couldn't see it.

"How much is it?"

"Normal price. I got a bigger room, my friend said. I don't even have to buy a new bed."

"Sounds nice. Have you seen this room?"

"Not yet. I'm on my way to see it. Based on what my friend told me, my room is new, the only room in the second floor and bigger than any ordinary rooms. It is more expensive than those rooms, but I think it is worth it. If I like it, I'll take it." I explained to him.

"Hmm, a new room? Be careful, a new room usually has a ghost in it." Randy sounded like he wanted to scare me, but of course he knew I didn't get scared easily.

"Ahaha... I don't care," was my response to him.


"Really." I replied quickly. "I'm lucky if the ghost is a man and handsome. Ahahaha...." I added as I laughed again.

"What will you do if the ghost is a handsome man?" He sounded curious. But then, well, he was always curious about everything I did.

"I'm gonna date him." I said, full of determination. "I can't make him my servant, can I?" I laughed again.

"You wanna date him?!" I swore I thought I could see his eyes widening in surprise as he said that.

"If he is handsome, why not?" I shrugged and then laughed like a famous female ghost in Indonesia –if you knew what I meant.

"Waah, if it's like that, I wanna be a ghost." Randy sounded serious.

"Eh, why?" I frowned.

"So I can date you." He replied. Somehow he sounded half serious and half joking. But I knew better

not to take his words seriously. So, I laughed, again.

"Seriously, you're gonna be in big trouble if Nessa heard it. And I don't want to get involved in your lovebirds fighting." I said to him while still laughing.

Randy chuckled. Nessa was his girlfriend and he admitted to me that he loved her. But, still, sometimes, he liked to flirt with me, like now.

"If she heard it, I would get smashed with a ball on my face, literally." He said.

"I don't want to visit you in the hospital after that, Randy. So, be careful." I said, still laughing.

"Ahahaha....don't worry." He replied.

"I'm in front of my new dorm now. Call me later?"

"Yeah. Sure. Or maybe you can invite me to your dorm. With Nessa, of course."

"Yeah, I'll do that later after I finish the orientation." I smiled.

"Okay. See you."

"See you, Randy." I put back my phone in my pocket after I turned off the vibration and walked to the front door.


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