A Spirit's Love The Series
3 The Unexpected Roommate 3
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A Spirit's Love The Series
Author :ChibiFireflies
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3 The Unexpected Roommate 3

"Here you are. This will be your room. I've cleaned it. Do you like it?" Mrs. Rosa showed me the room.

It was on the second floor, twice bigger than my friend's room downstairs, with complete furniture, plus air conditioner. The view in the balcony was not bad either. I got my own place to dry my clothes - yeah, we could not use laundry machine at that time and I was in tight budget, so yeah... - and I didn't have to ask my guest to come to my room because I could always use the balcony.

"I like it. I like it very much." I said to the woman, excitedly. "May I know whose room is it?"

The air suddenly turned heavy as Mrs. Rosa's face turned sad.

"It's my son's room. He left home long time ago." She said slowly.

I caught something off with her response. "He is dead, isn't he?" I asked carefully.

She gasped and slowly nodded. "If you don't want it, it's okay." She said quickly.

"Oh no. It's not like that. I want it. I do want this room." I hastily replied.

She eyed me unbelievably. "You still want it?"

I nodded quickly. To show my determination, I reached into my pocket and took out some cash. I handed it to Mrs. Rosa.

"Thank you." She smiled softly and apologizing. "When will you move here?"

"Probably tomorrow or the next day. I'll do it as soon as possible." I answered. "Can I come in?"

"Ah, yes, of course. I'll leave you alone to take your time. Ah, this is your key." Mrs. Rosa handed me the key before she left. I smiled to her as she left.

"Excuse me…" I greeted as I stepped inside the room.

Cold breeze greeted me as soon as I got inside. I turned to see the source and let out breathe that I didn't even know I held.

It was just the air conditioner. It seemed like Mrs. Rosa left it on.

Not that I minded it. I liked it when my room was cool.

I continued my inspection. My gaze turned to the bed that was put on the carpet.

It was big! It was big enough for two people. But, it seemed it was still an old bed. Maybe it was her son's bed?

My inner-self whispered to me. Did I really want to stay in this place? The furniture was still her son's furniture.

Should I be scared? What if I got haunted?

Scared? Yeah, maybe a little. But, I really liked this room. There was no way I wanted to be defeated by the haunted side of this room.

As I considered about it more, my last decision was to stay. Moreover, I've paid it to Mrs. Rosa.

I approached the bed. As a first step, I might want to touch the place where my life would lay without defenseless every night.

"Excuse me…" I started as my hand touched the cold surface of the bed. It was without sheet, but it was soft. I smiled.

Then, I went to the bathroom. The bathroom was pretty large. It had shower in it, not like a usual bathroom a dormitory would have. The water flowed without obstacles and what surprised me was it had hot and cold water!


After that, I went to the kitchen. It was not a kitchen, actually. Maybe, it was a place to put some things that did not belong in the bedroom, but I could use it as a kitchen. It was pretty large to be a small kitchen, too.

"Okay, good. I'll get ready and move here as soon as possible." I said to myself.

After turning off the air conditioner, I got out and locked the door. "I'll be back." I said and smiled.


It was a hot day like usual, but I had to ignore the humid and annoying weather for now. Of course, I had a reason.

Currently, I was standing in front of my new room with all of my stuffs. Sweat dripped from my forehead and ran through my neck and my chest.

Not that I paid attention to it, but I couldn't help but notice it.

Relax, Jane, your cold room is waiting for you, I whispered to myself, to encourage my own self to move so that I could finish it quickly.

I opened the door and stepped inside with a smaller bag in my hand. Again, a cold breeze swept my face. This time, I frowned.

I remembered correctly that I turned off the air conditioner before I left this room yesterday.


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