A Spirit's Love The Series
6 The Unexpected Roommate 6
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A Spirit's Love The Series
Author :ChibiFireflies
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6 The Unexpected Roommate 6

It had only been two days after I moved to Rosemary. I still talked to Tom and somehow our relationship grew stronger but at the same time weird. Of course I didn't say anything to Mrs. Rosa or other girls. I didn't want to freak them out. Somehow, I didn't know why, what happened in my room would not be heard on the first floor. No one asked me why I screamed that night, that's why I concluded so.

Today, I went to the campus. On my way to the faculty, I met Randy. As I thought, he asked about my new dormitory.

"Hi, Jane. How are you doing?" He smiled at me.

"Good. You?" I asked him back. Of course, I smiled back at him.

"Good. How is your new dorm?"

"It's nice. The place is good and as I told you, I got a bigger room. I also got complete furniture. I like it."

"But, no ghost, right?" He asked half joking.

I laughed softly. "There is one. And he is reaaallly handsome."

I watched as his eyes widened in shock. I smirked inwardly seeing his expression. "Really? It's a man?"

"No. A girl." I said hastily. "Of course it's a man. I clearly said 'he is really handsome', didn't I?" I stared at him, questioning his ability to hear.

"Ahaha... My fault. Sorry." He laughed nervously. "Is it really haunted?"

I smiled, trying to make it as mysterious as I could manage as I shot him another question. "What do you think?"

"I don't know. You tell me." He scratched his head.

I laughed. It's always nice to see him feeling at loss and dumbfounded. "Sorry, gotta go first." I waved him good bye and walked away from him.

"Ah, okay..." Randy nodded. But, a second later, he shouted at me. "Jane, how about the ghost?!"

I turned around and walked in reverse. "Whatever you're thinking about!" I shouted back, and then turned around again. I walked fast, leaving him dumbfounded while smiling like crazy.

I kept walking, unaware of my surrounding that was getting quiet and silent. There was no one in this place besides me which was a bit weird but I didn't notice it. A cold breeze swept my face, bringing a chilling sensation to my skin, and in the next second, I gasped as Tom appeared in front of me. His face was really close with mine and his right hand held my chin up.

"Hi, Jane..." He greeted, half whispering while looking at me with a weird gaze. I was shivering under his gaze. So intense, as if there was fire in his eyes. Anger was reflected in his translucent eyes, but for what reason, I didn't know.

I startled and stopped walking. My eyes widened in shock and my heart was beating faster. I could feel my face getting hotter. Probably because his handsome face appeared right before my own eyes.

"Tom...." I whispered.

He smiled mischievously and I snapped back into my conscious. The anger was nowhere could be seen.

"Tom!!!" I held back my scream in annoyance as he floated higher, out of my reach. My face was hot, embarrassment and anger mixed into one. I stomped my feet as I continued to walk. Fortunately, there was no one around at that time or else I would be labeled as crazy girl on my first day in campus.

Tom flew towards me, approached me and stood in front of me. He floated backwards as I walked forward.

"Who was it?" He asked.

"Who was who?" I asked him back.

"The boy who talked to you just now. Who is he? Your boyfriend?"

"Oh, did you mean Randy? No. He is my high school friend. Why?"

Tom shook his head. "Nope. Just curious. I saw you two were pretty close. I thought he was your boyfriend."

I chuckled. "No way. He has already had a girlfriend. Her name is Nessa. She is an athlete, a volleyball player."

Tom nodded. "But, you like him, don't you?" He asked suddenly.

"Yes." I answered, but then I realized his question. "What?" I frowned as I glared at him.

Tom laughed out loud, made me feel uneasy. I knew I heard it clearly, but I didn't like the way he laughed at me after listening to my answer.

"What's so funny? Hey..." I swung my hand, trying to reach him but it passed through his translucent body. Damn his ghost body!

"You like Randy." Tom said while still laughing.

"What was your question?" I asked, feigning my confusion. There was no way I would want to admit it like that!

"I asked you, do you like Randy? And you answered it 'yes' quickly. Ahahaha..." Tom replied, still laughing like crazy. I wonder what was so funny about it.

But, I was pissed off, really. The feeling of being laughed at ones face was seriously annoying, especially when the one who was laughing did it like a maniac!

"Okay, look... Please, stop laughing, Tom. Listen to me first. TOM!" I shouted at him.

Tom approached me. This time, he was trying to suppress his laugh.

"I used to like him. But, the feeling has gone. I don't know when, but I don't like him like that anymore. Understood?" I said in annoyance.

"Ohh... So, you don't have any romantic feeling towards him anymore?"

His mischievous eyes shimmered in dangerous glint.


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