A Spirit's Love The Series
8 The Unexpected Roommate 8
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A Spirit's Love The Series
Author :ChibiFireflies
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8 The Unexpected Roommate 8

"Heh, I'm your senior. Start from now, you should pay a respect more to me." He said while smirking slightly.

"Yes, yes. Got it. But, how do you know him?" I asked him again.

"He is my junior. Say hello to him for me." Tom said, smiling.

"Ah. Okay. I'll tell him later." I replied, obviously not aware of what I said.

As soon as I reached the door of the Students Council's room, I knocked on the door. The door cracked open and I pushed it slowly. I gasped a bit as I saw many seniors were in the room. Nervous hit me and I could feel my hands started to sweat.

"Get in. It's okay." Tom encouraged me.

I gulped slightly as all eyes are looking at me. "My name is Jane Harris. I was asked to come by Senior Rizal." I said to them as I still didn't know where Senior Rizal was.

"Ah, I'm here." A handsome man stood up and smiled at me. I knew him, of course. I had a crush on him since the first time I saw him in the registration building.

He was Rizal Ali, the Students Council President of Engineering Department, meant ... the most popular person in Engineering Faculty.

"I thought you couldn't come today. Come here. Let's get to my room." He approached me and led me to a door nearby –his room as he said.

I smiled, trying so hard not to show my nervousness in front of these hungry hyenas that were ready to be released on the initiation day tomorrow. I took a glance behind me and realized that Tom had left me.

Ugh, he must have slipped away again.

"You must be confused as why I called you here today." Senior Rizal started and smiled.

"Ah. Yes." I answered anxiously.

"What's wrong? You look so nervous." Senior Rizal showed his concern towards me that only made me more nervous.

Tom, please, come back!

"Ah, no… nothing." I said hastily.

"No need to be nervous." He smiled gently and I could only nod.

"I called you here to give you this." He gave me a plastic bag.

I took it even though I was still confused. What was it? I opened it up and took out my university coat and my payment check that I had been looking for since two days ago. I almost came back to my previous dorm to look for it.

"You dropped it in the hall the last time you came here. When I came out to find you, you've gone. I've done you a favor to take your coat before I finally got your phone number from the registration." As if he knew what was in my mind, Senior Rizal explained it to me.

I made a long 'o' sound as I nodded. "Thank you very much, Senior Rizal. Then, please, excuse me." I turned around to leave the room as I smiled. But, before I reached the door, I remembered something. I turned again to face Senior Rizal. "I almost forgot. Tom says hello for you."

Senior Rizal frowned as I said that name. "Tom? Which Tom?" He asked, but I could hear his voice was shaken a bit.

"Emm, err…. Tom…." I looked around me, suddenly realized that it was the most stupid idea!

"Tom Cruise. Tell him from Tom Cruise." Tom appeared suddenly from the closed door.

"Senior Tom Cruise." I said without thinking twice. Then, I looked at him. "You don't look like Tom Cruise at all." I told him, half shouting in annoyance. I really forgot that my action could make Senior Rizal be more confused.

"Wait a minute. Who did you talk to?" Senior Rizal asked and suddenly I realized my stupidity.

Senior Rizal couldn't see Tom, of course!! Fool me!

"Ah, erm…" I stammered. I really didn't know how to explain it to him. "Tell me, Senior Rizal. Do you know Senior Tom? Tom Cruise."

Senior Rizal's face changed as anxiety and surprised showed on his face. He nodded slowly.

"That senior sent his regards for you. He says that you are his junior, is it true?" I asked, ignoring his anxiety.

"Re-regards? Bu-but… he is dead." Senior Rizal said in a low voice, almost like a whisper.

I stared at Tom who looked shocked too. "I am…dead?" He whispered in disbelief.


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