A Spirit's Love The Series
11 The Unexpected Roommate 11
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A Spirit's Love The Series
Author :ChibiFireflies
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11 The Unexpected Roommate 11

I groaned as I opened my eyes. My head felt dizzy and all my body seemed to scream in pain. I took a glance over my clock and realized it was still 11 o'clock. My body started trembling and shivering. I was feeling cold.

"Eh? What's wrong with you?" I heard Tom asked me.

"Cold…" I said as I huffed. I wrapped myself in my blanket but it didn't seem to work. I remembered I still had a blanket inside my wardrobe, but I didn't even have strength to move my hands and legs.

Tom floated closer and watched me closely. "You're not pretending, right?" He was eyeing me down suspiciously.

It was ridiculous. How come I was expecting a help from him? He was a ghost, for God's sake. Fool me!

"Hey! Your body…" He shouted in shocked. He floated to turn off the air conditioner and floated back to me.

To think about it, I should find it funny or strange that he could touch things if he wanted to but he couldn't touch human. But, I didn't have the strength to worry about it.

"Are you still cold?" He asked. I nodded slightly.

Tom pulled the blanket to cover all the way to my neck, and then he hugged me. "I'm sorry. There's nothing I can do to help you." He whispered in my ear. I didn't say anything to respond. But slowly, I could feel the trembling stopped and warmth overtook my body. My body started to feel comfortable and I felt asleep.


"Tom, thank you." I said to Tom once I got better.

He smiled. "Don't mention it. It's nothing. If only I could do better, I'd done it before you got worse like that." He said gently. "Too bad, I'm …"

"Don't…" I cut off his words. "Please, don't say it." I shook my head.


I shrugged. "I just don't like hearing it." I answered slowly.

"Okay…" He shrugged as he floated away.

Actually, that was not all true, after all. It's just… the way he hugged me last night, I could feel something different from him. There was something warm emitted from him. I started to think that maybe… just maybe… he was not dead yet.

"Ah, when is your inauguration night?" asked Tom suddenly.

"Emm, if I'm not mistaken, it will be on tomorrow evening." I replied.

"It will be a lot of fun. May I tag along?" He asked as he floated away in joy.

"Just come. It will be fun." I said.

"Of course, it will…" Tom said quickly, full of confidence. I only huffed in silent.


Tonight was the inauguration night –it was more like a party than inauguration. All of the new students were gathering in the main yard of Engineering Faculty and trying to get along with the others as well as with the seniors. There were some performances performed by new students and some seniors. We all got along well, I thought.

The event was going smoothly and in the half of the event when someone called me.


I turned my head to see who called me.

"Tom…" I frowned as I saw who called me.

"Senior Tom…" He reminded me as his eyebrows twitched in annoyance.

"Hm…" I got up and approached him. "Why do you just show up now?" I whispered as I sat beside him.

"Heh, I still had some unfinished business to take care." He answered while turning away.

"You sure are busy." I mumbled.

"Of course. I'm Tom Cruise, after all." He said proudly.

I shot him a displeased look and he laughed gently. He looked so handsome laughing like that. I cursed myself as I began to think that maybe I should have just dated him. I reminded myself again and again that this ridiculously handsome man was actually a ghost and I couldn't –shouldn't –fall in love with him.

The event went on and I was still sitting in the back line of the seats with Tom besides me. No one was around so I didn't really think that someone would notice me. Besides, I didn't really have friends.

"Ah, I found you." Except this one. Her name was Fani. She was the only friend I got during the initiation. She was the only one who didn't push me away when I still got a better treatment.

I looked at her, confused, as she approached me –and Tom –in the back seat. She looked like she had been searching for me for a while.

"They want you to see them now." She said as she steadied her heartbeat. Did she really run to find me?

"Who?" I asked.

"Seniors. Also, they want you to ask…err, emm." She stopped for a second, thinking about something or maybe someone. "Tom. Yes, Senior Tom. They want you to ask him along with you." Fani said.

My eyebrows arched as I turned to see Tom besides me. He just chuckled at me. "Okay…" I said slowly as I rose from my seat. "Thank you." I smiled at her.

"Wait the minutes." Fani grabbed my arm. "Who is Tom?"

"He is our senior." I answered.

"Is he handsome?" I could see the sparkle in her eyes and chuckled silently.

I stole a glance to him and pretended to think for a while. "Emm…I could say he is handsome. He is white, pretty tall, this much…" I raised my hand over my head, estimating Tom's height without counting the floating distance. "But, he is pretty annoying and a narcissist. A big narcissist." I added quickly, ignoring the annoyance growled from Tom who was looking at me with wide eyes.


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