A Spirit's Love The Series
12 The Unexpected Roommate 12
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A Spirit's Love The Series
Author :ChibiFireflies
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12 The Unexpected Roommate 12

The light in Fani's eyes was getting brighter and I could see her excitement. "But, he really looks like Tom Cruise, a bit." I added later and Tom laughed sheepishly.

"Please, introduce me to him." Fani pleaded. She couldn't hide her excitement. "So, where is he?"

"Physically he is not here. But, the spirit is here." I smiled at her, waiting for her response. What kind of response would she give?

Her excitement seemed to disappear. She stared at me in confusion. "W-what do you mean?" She asked slowly.

"I mean, he is dead. Got it?" I answered calmly.

I swallowed my laugh as her eyes widening in shock. Her body started trembling. "Y-you… are… kidding, a-aren't you?" She stammered.

"I'm not." I was eyeing her with my innocent eyes. "Then, I go first. See you around." I waved goodbye as I walked away from her, leaving her still trembling and pale like a paper.

"Are you crazy? She might think that you're crazy." Tom said.

I laughed. "No way. Don't worry. Ah yes, do you have any idea why they called us?"

He shrugged. "I have no idea."

I didn't ask again. Whatever it was, it must be not bad since Tom was here with me. We walked together, approaching all the seniors who were sitting in a room. It was clearly shown in their face that they were nervous and uneasy.

"Good evening." I greeted them.

"Ah, good evening." It was a rare thing to hear them answering a greeting in harmony. I approached my female senior, Senior Vina, and sat beside her. She flinched slightly, but I caught her movement as if she was trying to stay away from me.

"What's wrong?" I asked her.

"Ah, n-no… nothing…" She answered nervously.

"Are you scared?" I guessed. Senior Vina gave me her bitter smile and shook her head.

"Fine. I'll move." I got up again and moved beside Senior Rizal. He also flinched as I sat beside him.

"I don't want to move again." I said quickly. There was no empty chair left. I didn't have any options and standing in the middle of them was obviously not a choice. Senior Rizal only smiled to respond my statement.

"May I know why did you ask me to come here?" I asked as all of them were still silent even though they were the one who asked me to come.

Why did I feel like our role was reversed? It was like I was their respected senior and they were my juniors.

"W-where is Se-senior Tom?" Senior Rizal asked, stuttering.

"It's not even your first time to talk to him, what are you afraid for?" I frowned at him.

He smiled again, and it still looked bitter. "Where is Senior Tom?" I could see he was trying to collect himself, to compose his demeanor and to appear calm in front of all of us.

"Here…" I pointed out beside me –where it looked empty but no, Tom was really here beside me.

They changed glances as I stared at them one by one. They did act suspicious. "What's wrong?" I asked.

"Senior Tom…" All of them shouted in unison, worry and fear laced their voices, and it made me even more confused.

"Please, forgive us!" Senior Vina shouted. All of them bent down their necks, staring their own shoes when I shot a confused look to the ghost beside me.

"What's wrong?" I asked for the third time.

"Jane, please, forgive us." This time, Senior Fitri spoke.

"Huh? Why? Why would you ask for apology? I don't get it." My eyebrows frowned deeper.

"Sorry. It's because of us that you got sick after the initiation. Sorry…" Senior Fitri said.

Now I got it. I glared at him while he was just smirking like a horse.

"Well, I'm fine, so it's okay…" I told them softly.

"No, it's not. Senior Tom is really enraged toward us," said Senior Rizal while deeply bowing in shame and fear.

"Raise your head!" Tom said suddenly.

They all obeyed the command and I was pretty sure they now could see him since they all could hear him just now. Their pale faces proved that I was right.

"If Jane has forgiven you, I'll do the same. It's over now." He said calmly. Then, he looked at me and smiled. "Let's go home…" He said to me.

"Eh? It's over?" I asked.

Tom nodded and walked away. I got up and followed him after I told them that I needed to leave.

"Senior…" I called him after we got out from the room.

"Hm?" He stopped and turned around to face me. "What is it?"

"You scolded them?" I shot him curious eyes.

"I did. It's because of them you got sick like that." He answered innocently.

I pouted. "Actually, I don't like it. But, thanks." I smiled sweetly at him. "Thanks for worrying me."

I noticed his expression turned weird before he turned around. Was he blushing? "You're welcome." He said.

We went home quickly and I didn't say anything again about it. But now, I found a new hobby; to watch him. Somehow I was interested in learning his expression.

Was ghost able to let out their human expression?

Was he really blushing at that time?

Of course I got much time to accomplish my new hobby and goal since he was my roommate. Besides, we were pretty close. If he were not a ghost, people might think that we were couple since we lived together. Of course, we didn't have any romantic time or moment. I did my activity like usual and he was just floating around the room or annoyed me with questions or mocked me. But, sometimes, we talked about things.

Having a roommate was really good because I had someone to talk to, but it was even better because he was a ghost. That means I didn't have to worry about him dirtying the room even though he could touch things but not me.

Heh, I guessed I didn't really mind to have a roommate at all. No, I didn't mind, as long as my roommate was someone like Tom.


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