A Spirit's Love The Series
14 Complicated Crush 2
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A Spirit's Love The Series
Author :ChibiFireflies
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14 Complicated Crush 2

Ah, I gulped nervously. He saw it? It was embarrassing.

"Are all girls like that?" Tom sounded like he was thinking.

"Excuse me?"

"I said, are all girls like that? Shyly in the surface, but greedy inside. Her mouth says differently with what her heart wants." Now he sounded serious and a little bit upset.

I was shivering and to be honest, I was scared a bit. "N-not all of them, really... Please, don't think weird things." I said, almost stammering.

He looked at me a while, then floated away, leaving me in confusion. I sighed. I thought there was something wrong with him. But, what was it?

I continued my step, still thinking what might happen to him that he acted strange like that. I drowned deep down in my thought, not realizing that I finally reached the second floor and that I didn't see where Tom went. My feet just stepped on the second floor when he appeared out of nowhere, so sudden that it startled me and made me almost fell back down the stairs.

"The point is… I don't want to see you walk together or anything with any boys again." He said, half growling, and definitely serious. But I didn't really react to his words since I was busy collecting my soul that seemed to fly out from my body.

"Tom!" I screamed slightly. "You scared me!" I glared at him.

"Oh, sorry." He said innocently and with straight face as if he didn't care if I fell or no. I was pissed off, really!!

"What did you say before?" I asked him. I forgot what he said, really. Half of it.

"No, nothing. Forget it." He said as he floated away.

I stared at his back in confusion. He was really weird.


It was a fine day. A bit too hot, but still fine. I have been adapting with my new schedule as a college student very well and through time, I finally managed to have some friends -even when some of them were still sneering at me. However, I didn't know why but it seemed like most of the people in my circle were my seniors! Mostly, male seniors!

Thinking back, I probably knew the reason why those people still sneered at me. Who wouldn't when their crush being so close with a girl? But, boy, how wrong they were!

I had my own crush, too, and I was as desperate as you girls!

"Jane, do you want to go out with me?" Senior Dino stared at me with a hopeful eyes.

That successfully snapped me out of my daydreaming. Well, I should say I was surprised. I didn't know how to react. I liked Senior Rizal, but why was he the one who asked me out? Before I could react, he bowed deeply and sighed dejectedly. I looked at him in confusion.

"I wish I could say that easily to Mia." He said slowly. "Jane, please, help me..."

Senior Dino pleaded with his charming eyes. Those eyes which usually filled with warmth and mischievousness was now filled with anxiety.

"Eh, with what?" I asked, still confused.

"Help me to ask Mia out." He answered softly, a blush started to creep on his cheeks and ears.

Now, I got it. I was being a guinea pig here. Ahahaha... fool me to take him seriously. Luckily my brain seemed to stop working so I didn't have to process his words seriously and worst, replied with something ridiculous.

"Sure. I'll help you." I smiled, almost like a grin. "Be a brave man, Senior. What are you afraid for? You just have to ask her out, right?" I said encouragingly.

"Talking is easy." He said slowly and slightly pouting. He was really cute! The cutest senior I had ever seen.

I laughed slowly and stared out of the cafe. Engineering students were hanging out under the big tree in front of the cafe. This cafe was surely the best spot to hang out. The air was refreshing and it really was helpful when the weather was hard; like too hot and humid.

"Ah, yes. Who is Senior Mario's girlfriend?" I asked him as I caught the face of Senior Mario among those who hang out under the tree.

"A medical student. They have been dating for 2 years. Her name is Via."

"How about Senior Ando?" I asked as I took a sip of my juice.

"A junior from Math Department. Her name is Shinta. They have been dating since Shinta was in the first grade of high school." Senior Dino answered while putting a chip in his mouth.

"Wow, that's great! How about Senior Rizal?" I asked. My acting was really great even when my heart was beating fast.

"Rizal? He is still single. But, from what I've heard, he likes a junior. They are pretty close right now, but to be honest, I don't really know." He answered as he shrugged.

"Heeh?! It's pretty lame. How come the Students Council President doesn't have a girlfriend?" I laughed slowly, half-jokingly.

"How about you? Why don't you have a boyfriend?" He said quickly.

I laughed nervously. "Me? I don't have anyone to like me. So, I don't have a boyfriend."

Senior Dino took a peek of his watch. "Shit, I gotta go. I'm almost late. Sorry." He got up, shot me an apologizing look, and ran away after I nodded.

"I thought he was really asking you out." I thought I heard Tom's voice really close to me. I turned and sighed as I saw him sitting down –no, floating –above me. Slowly he floated down and sat on where Senior Dino was sitting a while ago. "It will be awkward if he is the one who asked you out, not Rizal. It's a luck that he didn't, right?" He said later.

I bitterly smiled at him. Tom always teased me since he knew that I liked Senior Rizal. He knew it since I always acted nervous and awkward when I was around Senior Rizal –that was what he said.

"Rizal is coming." Tom nodded to behind me. I turned around and gasped as I saw the said person was really coming towards me.


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