A Spirit's Love The Series
15 Complicated Crush 3
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A Spirit's Love The Series
Author :ChibiFireflies
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15 Complicated Crush 3

"Orange juice..." He said to the waitress when he stepped in the cafe.

I stayed quiet, not saying anything, not even moving. My heart was beating fast. I could see Tom stared at us, moving from me to Senior Rizal, repeatedly. I thought he found it funny that I could be this stiff when Senior Rizal was around.

"Jane?" I startled a bit as Senior Rizal greeted me. "Are you alone? Where is Dino?" He asked.

I turned my head and smiled at him. "Senior Rizal. Senior Dino has just gone. He still had class, he said." I answered, trying to be normal in front of him. I was getting better at this.

"Can I sit here?" He asked.

"Yeah, sure. Please..." I said to him, trying to be friendly. I ignored Tom's glares at me.

"Thank you..." Senior Rizal sat on the empty seat –not the one with Tom's on it. His order came next.

"Do you still have class after this?" asked him.

I swallowed my ice quickly and shook my head. "How about you?"

"I still have one class after this, but I don't think the lecturer will come." He answered. "How about I take you around this afternoon? It's only if you're not busy."

I gasped and screamed inwardly. What was this? Was he asking me out? Hooray!! "Err, it's fine with me. What time?" I asked as calm as I could. "But, is it okay?" I asked him again, slowly and cautiously.

"Don't worry." He laughed. "4 o'clock. I'll pick you up in your dorm. How does it sound?" He looked at me.

I took a peek at Tom who was still sitting and looking at us ignorantly. "Okay…" I said.

Senior Rizal drank his juice fast and smiled widely. "Then, see you at four." He said as he got up and walked away in wide steps.

I could feel my face was getting hotter as Senior Rizal went away. Woah, finally, I got the chance to have a real date with Senior Rizal!


"What if I didn't allow you to go with him?" Tom asked as he stared at me straight in my eyes.

I frowned and stared at him back. "Why?"

"I don't like the fact that you'll go with him." He said quickly, almost sounded like a child.

"Eh? Why? What are you? Am I your daughter? What's wrong with you?" I said to him quickly, not wanting to lose this debate.

"I still don't like it." This time, he glared at me.

"Tell me the reason. You can't forbid me to go with him if you don't tell me the reason. You know that I like him, why should you hold me down?" I told him, slowly my anger built up as I was getting upset with the way he talked to me.

"Girls." He mumbled. "Getting all excited just because their crush asked them out. It's not even a date." This time he turned away and huffed in disgust.

"So what?" I raised my chin, challenging him. I could feel my blood rush to my head as my tears threatened to pour out, sign of me getting more and more upset to his childish remarks.

"He asked you out not because he likes you, you stupid. It could be that he likes one of your friends and chooses to approach you since you are easier to be approached. You fool! Poor you!" Tom said, sharply.

How rude of him! "I hate you!" I spat at him in rage. I turned around until my back was facing him and the tears that I had been holding back came like a broken dam. How could he say that to me? Was it wrong for me to be happy? And he had to ruin that for me!

"So what if I'm hoping a bit? Stupid Tom! Evil!" I said without thinking.

Cold air covered me. It must be him.

"Jane…" He called me in low voice. I got up and passed through his translucent body to the bathroom.

"Don't follow me!" I yelled at him as I slammed the door. This was the first time I argued with him and I was really upset with what he said. He was stupid!! Stupid Tom!


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