A Spirit's Love The Series
18 Complicated Crush 6
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A Spirit's Love The Series
Author :ChibiFireflies
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18 Complicated Crush 6

Aah, I didn't know anymore. Tom, please, come back! I whined lightly as I hid my face in my knees. A little while later, I raised my head and saw the clock on the wall. It was 3 in the morning.

I got up and walked to get some water. After I drank almost a glass full of water, I washed my face in the bathroom. After that, I walked back to my bead. Cold wind blew and I shivered lightly. I turned around, hoping to see Tom, but I found no one behind my back. I sighed and sat beside my bed.

"Senior, please, come back!!" I called slowly.


"It's not funny anymore. Come on. How come you let me sleep alone? It's annoying, you know." I whined.


"If you don't come out soon, I'll be mad at you for real, you know. I'll cut you off!"

Cold wind covered me but I didn't care about it. Then, a pair of translucent hands hugged me from behind. I could feel a cold breeze crept on my spine.

"Okay, but promise me you won't get angry again." He whispered right on my right ear, cold but gently.

"Who was the one who went out from home?" I said sarcastically.

Tom laughed. "Don't mention it. Let's sleep again."

I got on my bed and covered my body with blanket again. He followed me and lied beside me. He stared at me.

"You're lucky I'm just a spirit. If I had a body now, you would be done by now." He said as he laughed slowly.

"Yeah, I guess I am." I huffed. The dream came back and flooded in my mind. "Actually… I had a weird dream just now." I said doubtfully.

"Dream? About what? Who?" Tom asked calmly.

"About you… and me." I answered slowly. Then, I told him about my dream. Just so you know, if Tom really were a human, I would never, never, and never tell him that dream. It was embarrassing.

Tom nodded. "Don't worry about it. Just sleep."

I obeyed him and closed my eyes, hoping that I could get beautiful dream with Senior Rizal. "̮ Hehehe "̮


Where am I? What do I do here? Why am I alone? Why am I here?

I looked around me as those questions spinning in my head. I was in a unfamiliar path led to an unknown place. Trees grew beautifully and safely on each sides of the road. Green grass added the calm and cool breeze around me. Still, this place was unfamiliar with me.

"Jane..." Finally, a familiar voice called me. I turned around fast to see who called me and smiled widely in relief as I saw Tom was coming towards me. "Do you want to take a walk with me?" He asked as he stopped in front of me.

"Sure..." I answered. He took my hand and we walked hand to hand towards the path. The road led us to a beautiful garden full with flowers. I was not really a fan of flowers, but this sight made me unbelievably happy and calm.

We talked, but I didn't know what we were talking about. We laughed, but I didn't know the reason. I enjoyed his company under the tree, surrounded by flowers and warm breeze. Somehow, it felt like I was having a date with Tom.

"Jane...." Another familiar voice called me. The voice came from the path where I came from. Someone was running towards me and I assumed it was the owner of the voice. But, who is it?

As he was getting closer, I finally recognized him. It was him. It was Senior Rizal!


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