A Spirit's Love The Series
19 Complicated Crush 7
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A Spirit's Love The Series
Author :ChibiFireflies
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19 Complicated Crush 7

Senior Rizal smiled towards me as he steadied his breath. "I saw you coming here, so I came to check. It's really you!" He said happily. His eyes sparkled with joy.

I had just wanted to reply, but Tom cut me off. "Excuse me, she is having a date with me." Displeasure filled his voice.

I was surprised and turned to see him. There is something wrong with this situation! There is something off! But, what is it?

I saw Senior Rizal frowned. "Date? What do you mean? Jane is my girlfriend."


That's right. I was Senior Rizal's girlfriend. Then, why was I having a date with Tom? What more confusing was I couldn't say a word about what Tom said.

"Jane is my girlfriend. Not yours, got it?" Tom said firmly and loudly while holding me closer to him.

Senior Rizal seemed off, couldn't say anything and only looked at me in disbelief. It's like he was trapped between shocked and confusion. In the mean time, I was dragged farther and farther by Tom.

Senior Rizal!!

I wanted to scream, to call him out, but somehow my voice got stuck in my throat. My hand reached out for him when I was dragged away by Tom. But, he was getting further, until finally I lost sight of him.

In front of me was Tom, still dragging me as everything around me shifted fast to darkness. Cold air surrounded his being, and I could feel his rage just by seeing his back. The image of Senior Rizal was left behind by us slowly disappeared and I focused myself onto the person in front of me.

Looking at his back, I sensed the loneliness hid behind his rage. His grasp on my hand was tight, but gentle at the same time. He was angry, but he was still trying not to hurt me. Even though I was still puzzled with this turn out of event, but I couldn't help but feel warmth started to fill my heart.

"JANE…" I heard Senior Rizal's voice again, calling me out.

I turned around and saw him chasing me, reminding me that I was still his girlfriend! A little while later, he caught my hand and pulled me away from Tom.

"Don't go…" He said with breathy voice.

"Don't joke around! I've told you that she is my girlfriend." Tom held my other hand while staring at Senior Rizal coldly.

Senior Rizal smiled. "I don't understand what you mean, but Jane is mine." He said. Then, I felt something soft and warm touched my lips as warm breath swept my face. His face was so close to me!

Senior Rizal pulled out from his kiss and smiled at me. I could feel my face burning up and my heart pounded loudly in my chest.

"Enough!" Tom shouted in rage. I turned my face towards him in shocked, but he pulled me to his embrace and kissed me.

He kissed me again, but hotter and sexier than before. It was filled with lust and anger, as if he wanted to devour me. I was melting when his tongue swept my lips and entered my mouth. He mapped my mouth, touching every sensitive spots inside my mouth while I surrendered under his touch. I didn't want to pull out from his embrace. My head was getting hotter and my heart bit even faster than before.

A while later that seemed so long, he pulled out and stared right through my eyes. "Do you understand now? It's my turn now, not him. Please, don't let him separate us now. Please, just for this time, just think about me. Just me." He whispered, sounded broken with pleading eyes. All I had in my mind was the picture of his expression and the sudden urge to hold him.

So, I held him tightly. I didn't know since when my hands were free and what happened. But, all I had in mind was to hold him tightly now.

"Don't worry. I won't go anywhere." I whispered back, softly and gently. He pulled me closer as he hid his face in my shoulder.

"I like you, Jane…" He said, barely a whisper. "I really like you."


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