A Spirit's Love The Series
20 Hello, Love 1
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A Spirit's Love The Series
Author :ChibiFireflies
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20 Hello, Love 1

I came out from my room with a terrible face –or that was what I thought my face would be. Last night dream was so intense and 'hot'. Ugh, I was getting all dizzy just from remembering it all. I had no idea that Senior Rizal would kiss me. Even if it was just in my dream, but it was our first kiss!


What made me confused was how I could have a dream with Tom twice in a night. We even kissed twice! And I got a love confession twice.


Was that just a coincidence or did it have other meaning in it?

I shook my head. I couldn't erase the picture of how Tom looked at me. I couldn't erase his expression from my mind. What was happening here actually? I couldn't ask Tom because I couldn't find him anywhere the time I opened my eyes this morning.

"Mrs. Rosa, I'm going to campus." I said when I caught a glimpse of her body in the dining room.

"Ah, Jane…" I stopped and walked backwards. Mrs. Rosa approached me with a cheerful and happy face. Smile was on her face, as a sign that she was really happy now.

"Yes?" I stared at him confusedly.

"Just have a breakfast first. You still have time, right?" She said.

Did I hear that wrong? She was asking me to have breakfast, right? Well, I didn't mind at all, of course. I didn't have a chance to have breakfast this morning.

Without giving me a chance to answer, she dragged me down to the dining room. I could feel my saliva threatened to dribble in the corner of my mouth when I smelled the familiar smell coming from the pot.

It's chicken porridge! My favorite!

"Dig in…" She said after she put a whole bowl of chicken porridge in front of me.

"Thank you." I smiled and started to dig into the chicken porridge in front of me. It's really delicious!

"Is it delicious?" Someone whispered on my ear. I didn't need to turn around to see who the person was.

It must be him. Tom. Who else?

"It's really delicious." I smiled to Mrs. Rosa. "By the way, what's going on exactly? Are you planning to hold a party?" I asked as I saw many ingredients beside the dishwasher, enough to feed more than twenty people.

She shook her head. "Tom visited me last night. I'm really happy. And he asked me to make him chicken porridge. Because you are the one who is living in his room now, I decided to give this to you." She explained happily. Her eyes emitted warmth. She did not even sound so sad like before. I guess her dream was joyful, after all.

Oh, was that so? I smiled. Tom was sitting on the chair beside me now. He kept staring at me and smiling. "Eat a lot so you can grow faster." He said, almost made me choke. What the hell?!

"Thank you for the meal." I thanked her as I got up from my seat. I had just finished eating the porridge and drinking a glass full of water.

"Hold on. I want to give you something." Mrs. Rosa said quickly. She went into the kitchen hurriedly and came back with a lunch box. "It's for your snack. Don't flip it, you'll ruin the cake." She said as she handed me the box.

I held the box in my hand tightly. What's inside of this box? I thanked her again and walked outside. Tom was still following me.

"I think I don't have to accompany you to go to campus anymore. I'll just wait in your room." He said, all of sudden.

"Eh? Why?" I looked at him.

"Your boyfriend is here." He said indifferently.

I turned my head to the gate. Senior Rizal had just arrived and taken off his helmet. Then he smiled at me. The dream flashed back in my mind and I could feel my cheek was getting hotter. Huh, it was so embarrassing! Now I had to try to look calm in front of him, just because of the stupid dream.

"Go." Tom said as he floated and went into the house.

I approached Senior Rizal with the crazy thump in my chest. I held the lunch box in my chest tightly, hoping that it would prevent my heart from jumping out from the place.


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