A Spirit's Love The Series
21 Hello, Love 2
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A Spirit's Love The Series
Author :ChibiFireflies
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21 Hello, Love 2

"Morning…" He greeted me while smiling so handsomely.

"Morning…" I replied, trying to give him my not-so-awkward smile.

"I'm on time, I guess. I thought I was late to pick you up. Hop up!" He said as he handed me another helmet.

I laughed softly. "Thank you. I'm happy." I said. I didn't even know where those words came from.

He blushed, but he hid his face as he bowed his head. "Come closer." He asked. I did what he said and one warm smooch landed on my forehead.

"That's my morning kiss." He smiled shyly and my brain screamed almost out of control.

Who knew he could be this cute and sweet?! Haha.

Long story short, I went to campus with him. Happiness and shy mixed into one. I couldn't explain how I was feeling right now. Also, I predicted the time when I agreed to go to campus with him, all the inhabitants of the faculty were in chaos when they saw me coming to campus with him. We even walked side by side and laughed all the way to the building. I practically could see the brokenhearted girls surround me. But, what could I say?

"You've been holding that lunch box since I picked you up. What's in it?" Senior Rizal asked.

To tell you the truth, I forgot about the lunch box. "I don't know. This was given by Mrs. Rosa. She said it was for my snack. We can eat it together later." I smiled at him.

"Alright…" He smiled softly as he patted my head gently.

"Jane!!" My eyes widened in surprised when someone grabbed my shoulder. Senior Dino's wide grin appeared before me.

"Senior Dino! You're surprising me!" I said, protesting his way of greeting me. Damn him and his cute eye-smile!

"I have something to say. Follow me." Senior Dino said happily. "I take her for a while, okay?" He said to Senior Rizal as he pulled me along with him without waiting for the answer from Senior Rizal.

I couldn't say anything and let myself being dragged down the corridor by Senior Dino. I was pulled further and further from Senior Rizal whose expressions turned as cold as steel. Was he angry?

"Good news! I'm dating Mia now." Senior Dino said happily with the gleam in his eyes. He held my hand tightly.

"Ah, hahaha, congratulation, Senior." I smiled awkwardly. I could feel something bad was approaching us.

My hands were suddenly free from his hold. Another pair of hands was separating us. I was surprised, but I didn't need to see who separated us. It must be him; Senior Rizal. He must be really angry now.

"Congratulation, Dino. I have important news for you, too." He stared at him coldly. Senior Dino stiffened, probably a little bit shocked seeing the change in Senior Rizal's expression.

Senior Rizal held me by my shoulders and smiled threateningly. "Jane and I are dating now. Do you know what it means?" He said, still with his threatening smile.

Senior Dino's eyes widened as he heard it. I didn't know if it was a scared expression or surprised. Probably, it was a mix of both expressions.

"A-ah, congratulation. Congratulation for both of you." He said after being silent for a while. His expression started to relax.

"Dino, do you know what it means?" Senior Rizal asked him again, with a threatening voice and stare.

Then, Senior Dino laughed loudly. I stared at him in surprised. What's so funny? Did Senior Rizal's change of attitude make him crazy?

"I got it, I got it. Sorry. I'll be more cautious next time." Senior Dino said as he laughed again. "But…" He said again, but his laugh turned into smile. "I really didn't think that you liked Jane. Haha. You are really unpredictable. I hope this time you are serious about her. Well, after seeing how you reacted just now, I'm sure you must be really serious. Jane will be in trouble later."

"Huh?! Trouble? Why?" I asked in confusion.

"You'll get it later, little sister. Be happy, okay?" Senior Dino turned around and left us while laughing out loud.

My left eyebrow arched as I frowned. What did he mean? I was getting more confused now.

"Huff…" Senior Rizal huffed slightly. "It seems I must be more patient. My emotion is really easy to distract."

I turned to see him. "Are you fine? Let's go to the infirmary." I really wanted to ask about what Senior Dino meant, but I thought it was not wise to ask about it now. Moreover, Senior Rizal's face really looked pale.


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