A Spirit's Love The Series
23 Hello, Love 4
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A Spirit's Love The Series
Author :ChibiFireflies
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23 Hello, Love 4

I took a peek on my own watch. It was true. There were still 10 minutes before the next class began. So, what about it?

I didn't need much time to find the answer. He hugged me tightly and kissed my forehead gently. Then, he kissed my cheek. Then, my nose. I could see where he would go, yet I didn't have any protest or strength to stop him. Why? I also wanted it. What's so wrong about it? We were dating, right?

"Tell me if you don't want it." He whispered. Then he kissed the corner of my lips. He pulled out a bit and looked straight into my eyes. "May I?" He whispered again.

My heart thumped loudly when I closed my eyes and waited for my first kiss. I could feel his warm breath on my face and I could feel his soft lips on my own. He tasted sweet and soft. His big palms cupped my face and pulled me closer to him. His lips opened mine a little bit and he pressed his lips deeper. He kissed me slowly and sucked on my lips gently.

Without realizing it, I responded to his kiss. My hands grabbed his back. My heart felt like it could jump out anytime from my chest. The kiss was getting hotter and wilder. It felt like I was getting devoured by him! I moaned without realizing it when his tongue found its way into my warm mouth and explored inside. His tongue played with my tongue and he sucked on my tongue lightly. I moaned and my body stiffened. Our bodies felt like melting into one. The heat was unbearable. I was flushing against him.

I can't! I screamed in my head.

If he didn't stop anytime soon, I was going to melt! He was just too good in kissing. I couldn't stop him.

His kiss slowly became gentle, and then finally, he pulled away from the kiss. I opened my eyes slowly while still trying to steady my heart beat and my breathing. I knew well that I was blushing like crazy now, but it didn't stop me from looking at him and saw him smiling at me meaningfully. His fingers traced the shape of my lips that was just kissed by him.

"I love you…" He said gently and oh, so softly.

I nodded. "Me too…" I replied softly.

He bowed and kissed me again. I had a feeling that it was going to take time.

"Senior, we're going to be late." I whispered, reminding him.

He mumbled, but he kept kissing me. Then, he pulled away only to look at his watch. "Tsk, it's not enough. I'm addicted in kissing you." He said like a spoiled little child. I laughed slowly.

"Come on, stand up." I said. Should I say that I am addicted to him as well?

Halfheartedly, he stood up and wrapped his arm around my shoulders to walk beside him. He touched his lips slowly and eyed me while smiling mischievously.

"I can still feel your lips." He whispered before we went to our own ways. He waved at me as he walked away.

I stared at his waving, stiffened in my place. He was right. I could still feel his lips against mine, too. God! It was embarrassing.


"I'm home…" I took off my shoes as I entered my room. Smile still lingered on my face.

"Welcome…" Tom greeted me with his gentle smile. If only I could hug him, I must have hugged him now. "You look so happy. Did I miss something important?"

My heart stirred and I felt slightly guilty inside, even though I didn't know why I would feel so. Should I tell him about what happened this afternoon? It was weird. It was as if I was worried that Tom would be angry to me.

"It must be about Rizal, right?" He guessed. I was surprised and looked at him.

"Ah…" He shouted. This time he put on a surprised expression like those I saw in comic or manga. "Don't tell me… kiss? He kissed you?" He shouted with a muffled voice. His eyes widened with mischievous glint.

Bull's-eyes! I was pretty sure I was blushing again now. Tom's laugh confirmed it. I jumped on my bed and hid behind my blanket. What happened with Senior Rizal flashed in my mind again and it made my heart thumped wildly again.


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