A Spirit's Love The Series
24 Hello, Love 5
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A Spirit's Love The Series
Author :ChibiFireflies
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24 Hello, Love 5

Warning: Err, there is a bit of suggestive smut activity ahead. Not much, just a bit. And obviously not in detail, but it could lead your mind to you-know-where. Read at your own risk.

"Congratulation…" I heard his voice so close to me.

I pushed down the blanket until my head came out. I stared at him who was lying beside me. Slowly, I could feel my eyes getting heavier. I didn't know why I could be this sleepy.

"Hey, don't go to sleep yet. You haven't taken a bath." He said, but his voice seemed to be fading away.

I wanted to reply 'yes, just a moment' but I couldn't say a word anymore. And, before I knew it, I fell asleep.


I walked like a drunken man towards my bathroom. My eyes felt heavy. I hope the warm water could relax me so I could go to sleep in peace later. I unbuttoned my shirt slowly after I took off my pants. My eyes were closed so I couldn't see surround me. Then, suddenly, a pair of big arms hugged me from behind and helped me to unbuttoned my shirt. I turned around slightly to see this person.

"Tom?" I called him slowly.

He smiled and kissed me. He took off my shirt until I was half-naked in front of him. The strange thing was I didn't freak out! I even responded to his kiss and undressed him.

Everything happened out of control. How come I could stay calm in an embrace of a half-naked man? Not to mention I was half-naked, too. What else could it be beside 'doom'? Again, the strange thing was I didn't refuse him nor I freaked out.

We made love like a husband and a wife under the showering of warm water. The steam made us even hotter. All I know was Tom loved me and so did I. I was pretty sure he would not leave me. From his every touch, his breath, and his gestures, it was as if he was telling me that he was for me -that he was entirely mine.

But, something was wrong…


I woke up, again with cold sweat running through my body. My body flushed, hot in all places. My eyes scanned the room quickly, trying to find the transparent body belongs to Tom.

Damn! How could I dream of having sex with him? Not to mention it felt real! What should I call this dream? A nightmare? Wrong. A good dream? No. The right word was embarrassing dream! Yeah, that must be right!

I got down from my bed and drank a glass full of water that I put on my table near my bed. Then, I took a deep breath, trying to steady my breathing and pushing away my stress by exhaling it hardly.

"It's just a dream, it's just a dream…" I mumbled, chanting those words like mantra.

After I felt sure about everything, I walked towards the bathroom. Cautiously and fully aware, I locked the door, forgetting the fact that a ghost didn't need a door to get into a room, after I inspected the bathroom thoroughly. I thought I was safe for now. I could take a bath in peace.

Warm water was flowing from the shower-head, wetting my body as I was thinking under it. The dream came back in my mind and I couldn't help it but to think that it felt real. Every touch he gave me, his kisses, it seemed to leave prints on my skin. I didn't want to erase it, I thought. No, I didn't want to erase it. The only thing I wanted to erase was the memory of us being one.

It's really embarrassing!

Was that how I would feel when I had sex later? My heart was beating fast, but it felt fun. And why did I have to dream of doing it with Tom and not with Senior Rizal? I didn't intend to think pervert things with Senior Rizal, it's just…

It was confusing. You knew what was weirder than that? I did it without freaking out, calmly, as if we were really dating for real or even got married. I felt my brain itched. I should stop thinking about it, really.

I put on my towel, wrapped it around my body and walked out from the bathroom. Droplets of water were still dripping from my wet hair, but I ignored it.

"Hey, hey, you're wetting the floor!"

I didn't have to turn around to see who it was. It must be him!


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