A Spirit's Love The Series
25 Hello, Love 6
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A Spirit's Love The Series
Author :ChibiFireflies
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25 Hello, Love 6

"Hey, hey, you're wetting the floor!"

I didn't have to turn around to see who it was. It must be him!

But, I did turn around, to see him and smiled to him. "I'll clean it up later." I said as I took another towel to dry my hair.

I started applying my lotion on my skin, ignoring Tom who kept staring at me. Yeah, keep doing like that. I wanted to see how you would react.

"It's so unlike you to let me here." He said.

"Not for a long time."I smiled. "You can go out when I want to dress up later." I said calmly.

"You're lucky I don't have a body-"

"-or else, I'll be done." I cut him off, smiling. "Ya, ya, I know. That's why I can be calm now." He laughed softly. "You may go out now. I want to put on my clothes." I said to him after that.

"Calm down your ass…" He said, mocking me.

"Won't you get out?" I glared at him. He laughed again. But he did it anyway.


I straightened my back as I moaned lightly. I felt my back hurt after arching my back for too long.

"Aahh, tired… I'm sleepy." I whined. I had just finished my homework.

"Heh? It's just 8 pm, you're sleepy already?" Tom scolded me.

I arranged my books while smiling at him. "What's tired is my mind. It's normal if I want to sleep now." I said.

I put my feet under my blanket and sighed in relief. "Senior, come here…" I called him.

He floated towards me and sat half-flying in front of me. "Why?"

I stared at him. I reached towards him, touching his untouchable cheek, and kissed him, on his lips. Untouchable, but I knew I was supposed to touch his lips by now. Just for a while, then I pulled out and smiled.

"Haha, I'm the newest record holder of kissing a ghost for 5 seconds." I shouted happily.

He stunned. It seemed like I caught him off guard. But, he kept staring at me. I just wanted to ask him what's wrong but the knock on my door startled me. I got up, leaving him staring at me like that, and opened the door.

"Hi…" The familiar voice greeted me as the door was opened.

"Senior Rizal?" I stared at the person in front of my door, surprised. It was really him, right? What should I do? I was still wearing my pajamas!

He smiled. My hand reached the switch of balcony's lamp. I sighed inwardly as my balcony turned bright.

"Ah, have a seat, please…" I said after a while. How stupid and rude I was for letting him standing up like that!

"Thanks." He sat on my lazy chair.

We talked a bit, just a light topic. He told me that he missed me, that's why he came to meet me. I felt like I was flying on the cloud nine. Thirty minutes later, he asked for permission to go home. He told me that he had to finish his project tonight so that we could be together on the next day.

After he left me, I turned the lamp off and closed the door. But, not more than five minutes later, my door was knocked again. When I opened it, Senior Rizal stood in front of the door again.

"Senior? Do you leave something here?" I asked.

"Yes." He answered, and then he hugged me. "15 minutes." He said, almost like a whisper.

Before I realized what he meant by 'fifteen minutes', he pushed me into my room. He kicked the door closed and before I asked, he has closed my mouth with his. He kissed me passionately. Then, I knew what he meant.

"Tsk, I'm going out. Call me if he does something to you." I heard Tom said something, sounded grumpy and upset.

I mumbled, muffled by Senior Rizal's kiss. My mind didn't focus. Senior Rizal held me tightly on his chest. Our bodies flushed together and I felt slightly hard to breath. His kiss turned more passionate and hotter.

After a while, he pulled out and took a deep breath. Then, he kissed me again. A light kiss on my forehead, cheeks, eyes, then lips. Slowly, softly, and breath-taking kiss. I liked the way he opened my lips with his lips. I liked the way he sucked on my lips. He was so gentle. I wondered if his bed-play was as gentle as his kiss. Would I feel the pain? Ah, I started to think perversely again. It must be because that stupid dream!

"Jane…" Senior Rizal called softly. I stared at him. "Are you okay?"


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