A Spirit's Love The Series
27 Hello, Love 8
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A Spirit's Love The Series
Author :ChibiFireflies
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27 Hello, Love 8

I woke up with tears running down my face. I feel my chest like it was tied up tightly that it made me hard to breath. I cried in my sleep. I didn't know why I could feel as sad as I felt now. I wiped my tears. It had stopped falling, but my chest still felt hurt. I was full of sadness now.

At seven fifty in the morning, I got up, forcing myself to get ready to go to campus. I was still bearing the pain in my chest, but I tried hard to stand up and prepare myself to go to campus. Senior Rizal came to pick me up at nine sharp, just like as he promised me. The pain in my chest lightened up a bit, but still, I felt something was off.

What was it? Something was wrong with me. I went through my day feeling like there was a hole inside me. No matter how many times Senior Rizal asked me, I always told him that I was alright. No matter how many times he kissed me, I would always feel there's something wrong. I tried hard not to show this pain to anyone, to lie to everyone, but even in the middle of crowd, I could still feel this pain. There was really something wrong with me. What was it?


Author's note:

I'm using this space because next chapter will have different titles. Might as well write some hints about the previous version and the reason why I stopped writing them, right?

So, I am not going to talk much about this character because I still feel a bit traumatic after being haunted for almost two weeks, messing up my sleeping schedule, as well as making me afraid to sleep. I can only say that this character, this female ghost, is the kind of evil ghost. I planned to create a fight between Tom and this female ghost, introducing another ghost, making Female Lead had a bunch of ghost following her. Instead of creating a whole group of poke-ghost, I ended up being haunted. (-.-lll)

They came in my dreams every night. Sometimes, they would chase me down in any kind of place. What's worse was I perfectly realized that I was dreaming. Sometimes, they would appear in my room, watching me from every corner of my dorm room. Their scary faces really scared me!

Then, as if scaring me in my dream was not enough, I kept feeling weird chilling aura in my room, and hearing some strange noises at night.

Call me paranoid, but that's what I experienced. After seeing them in my dream for almost two weeks, I gave up. I thought, maybe they didn't like it when I wrote about them. So, I decided to stop, tore down the page, and threw it away. I even said something like, "There! I stopped! Stop bothering me!"

I know for some people it sounds ridiculous, but that's what happened to me. After that, I stopped seeing them in my dream, stopped feeling chilling atmosphere inside my dorm room, and stopped hearing suspicious noises at midnight. I also stopped writing this story for months.


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