A Spirit's Love The Series
29 Strange Things and Jealousy 2
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A Spirit's Love The Series
Author :ChibiFireflies
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29 Strange Things and Jealousy 2

"I'm home…" A familiar voice called as the door opened. The owner of the voice came inside my room with a wide smile on his face.

"Tom…" I stared at him in surprised. I was really happy to see him again, but I also still pissed off because of his sudden disappearing. I turned away and put on an upset face.

"Oh, you still remember having a home?" I shouted at him, clearly showing that I was upset.

He smiled and approached me after closing the door. I turned away more and hugging my pillow. My back was facing him.

"Why do you sound upset? Aren't you happy I'm back?" asked him, with a sad tone that he made so professionally.

I turned to face him and looked at him sharply. "Feeling satisfied after leaving me alone? Are you happy seeing me crying? Are you happy seeing me sad?"

"Said who?" He frowned.

"Then, why did you leave me without telling me anything?" I glared at him.

"So what? We're not…"

I cut him off with kissing him, right on his lips. Oh, how I miss him so much!

"We're dating, isn't that enough for me to know where you'll go?" I said quickly. "How ignorant of you!" I hit his chest lightly. There were still many things I wanted to protest to him, but he cupped my jaw and kissed me passionately yet so gently.

"I've just found out that we are dating." He whispered seductively.

I glared at him again. "What do you mean by 'just found out'? For all this time, you think of me as what? I…" Again, he silenced me with his kiss.

"Quiet. I don't want to hear any words now." He whispered huskily. He pushed me and moved onto me as I lied down on my bed. His body was pressing on me as he kissed me, gently and passionately. I was drowned in our confusing love.

I gave myself to him wholeheartedly, without any complain. My heart beat fast and the pain had gone just like that, as if it was never there to begin with. I felt content, comfortable, and complete now. And I knew why I felt like this.

I liked him.

Not just a brotherly feeling.

I loved him.

All my bodies and nerves shook with anticipation as he touched me. I was so close to him, really close that I could practically feel his heart beat and his warmth. I could smell his breath. I could even feel him inside me.

"I love you, Jane…" He whispered lovingly in my ears.

All of my nerves trembled and shook with wild beat as I reached the climax. My soul levitated to the cloud nine with him.

I love you too, Tom.


I woke up with a rush breathing. It was impossible that I had sex again with Tom in my dream for the second time. But, this time, I didn't feel anxious. The pain was gone and what surprised me more was the fact that I dreamed of myself telling my own self that I loved him.

My phone vibrated slightly. It was a message from Senior Rizal. A pang of guilt sipped into my heart.

"Jane, I'm sorry I can't meet you today. I have to finish something. Love you."

I sighed as I replied his message. "Okay. Take care. Love you too." I typed.

I took a deep breath and looked around me, but Tom was not here. I sighed in disappointment. I thought, after I had a dream about him, I would meet him again as soon as I opened my eyes. But, I was wrong. I got up and walked to my bathroom. I was not feeling like going to campus today.

"Damn! Just wait until you come back later." I grumpily grunted as I turned on the shower.

I rubbed my body slowly. The dream felt so real. I still could feel his touch. Damn! I thought I had fallen for him for real! It made me wanted to cry every time I remembered him.

I finished my bath and got ready to go to campus. I should move quickly, or else, I might cry. I locked my door slowly as I sighed heavily, then proceeded to walk down the stairs to the front door. My steps came to a halt when I noticed Mrs. Rosa was sitting down in the dining room. She looked like she was in trouble, so I cancelled my intention to go to campus and approached her.

"Mrs. Rosa?" She startled. She then looked at me and smiled awkwardly. "Is there something wrong?" I asked as I sat next to her.

The middle-aged woman sighed. "I had a dream about my son again. In that dream, he came home like usual, just like when he was still alive. He opened the door and called out 'I'm home' then, he kissed my cheek. But, this time, he said that he wanted to meet his wife first. After saying that, he ran upstairs to his room. I am confused. When did he get married? Then, I started to think that maybe, maybe if he hadn't died, he would have married by now." She explained.


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