A Spirit's Love The Series
32 Strange Things and Jealousy 5
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A Spirit's Love The Series
Author :ChibiFireflies
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32 Strange Things and Jealousy 5

Warning: steamy scene ahead! You've been warned!

My breath ragged as I opened my eyes. My face was really hot, as if steam could flow out from my head. My heart thumped like crazy and I couldn't slow it down. All my body seemed to be more sensitive than before. It was like…the feeling in my dream still lingered on my body. Ah, what should I do? I thought I had become a pervert. Something down there needed to be touch. Did I just moan?


"I didn't know you're this lewd, Jane." A whisper pulled me back into reality, snapped me back into my consciousness, and blushed madly.

"To-Tom…" I barely let out a voice.

"Do you want me to relieve your need?" Tom whispered again and I swore I could feel his tongue licking my ear lobe, made me shivered. "After I come back to my own body, I'll fuck you till you can't walk."

I moaned out hearing his bold and husky confession. Oh, I guessed I couldn't wait for that time to happen.

So, when? When would you come back to your own body? I wanted to ask that, but my voice wouldn't come out. I didn't even realize my right hand had traveled south to my crotch and rubbed on my pussy. It was wet and it only drove me crazier every time I touched my pussy.

I let out breathy moan, didn't even care about my surrounding. I didn't care that Tom was watching me now. The feeling of being watched by him only triggered the tingling sensation in me.

I opened my eyes that I didn't know I closed and watched at his expressions. His eyes clouded with lust –I didn't know that a ghost could feel lust over a human. He was watching me and it only heightened the feeling inside.

"To-Tom…" I called his name as I rubbed my clit, still clothed with my panty. The pleasure took over my body and I could feel my tears started to flow out.

The pleasure was just so great I couldn't stop myself. I didn't even have time to feel embarrassed. The only thing I knew was I needed to relieve this pain inside me and seek the pleasure.

"Yes, like that, Jane. Rub it harder. And after you come, I'll stick my dick inside your wet pussy and fuck you hard until you scream." Tom whispered in my ears. His dirty talk only brought me closer to my climax. "Tell me how you feel."

I moaned again. "G-good… aahh…"

I started to feel empty. I wanted to be filled. Something was missing. But, I couldn't take away my hand that was still rubbing my clit. My breath got more ragged and my eyes dropped heavily. I tried to stifle my moan and ended up biting my lips as the pleasure shook me and brought white stars in my sight. The tremor lasted for a while. After the sensation cooled down, I could feel my body getting more relaxed and calmer.

I closed my legs, whimpering slightly as the throbbing feeling was still there. Then, I opened my eyes slowly. Still hazy with the pleasure, I caught the glimpse of his gentle smile. Then, the embarrassment hit me. My already blushed face blushed even more. I pulled my blanket, covering my whole body including head.

What? Why? That was my first time. Was it called masturbating?

Damn! How could I do that? In front of the man -ghost -I loved, nonetheless.

"Damn, that was sexy and hot. I really wish I could touch you. But, surely I wouldn't be able to hold myself around you. I think we were going to fuck like bunny in heat if I had a body." He grinned.

"Pervert." I mumbled.

I heard him laughing. "And who was the person masturbating...."

"Aaargh.... shut up!!" I quickly cut off his words as I got up and faced him.

He smirked. Sexily. Oh God, a ghost had this kind of smile should be arrested! Yeah, that was right. He was just a ghost, thankfully.


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