A Spirit's Love The Series
33 Strange Things and Jealousy 6
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A Spirit's Love The Series
Author :ChibiFireflies
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33 Strange Things and Jealousy 6

After that dream, I kept blushing whenever Tom was around. He also occasionally teased me, but most of the time he would only smirk at me. And, I had been wondering why I had just noticed the sexiness hidden behind his smirk.

Being around him would make me stupid, literally. My brain seemed to stop working properly. I was torn between wanting to see him more and hide from him. Even when I went to campus, I felt reluctant to leave him –after he came back, he refused to walk me to campus.

A week later, I finally found why.

Senior Rizal.

Right, I was still Senior Rizal's girlfriend. But, how could I forget about him for a week? My whole mind focused only on Tom, and I totally forgot about Senior Rizal.

After being absent for a week, Senior Rizal had returned. Somehow, I felt there was something off from his expression. Whenever I tried to ask him, he would shake his head and tell me he was okay.

I was never a pushover concerning someone's problem. I always thought that I couldn't force someone to talk about their problems to me. If they wanted to talk about it, I would make sure I stayed and listened to them. But, if they didn't want to, I didn't see any reason for me to force them to spit it out.

So, I let Senior Rizal alone with his problem.

Even when I was in his side, I felt there was a distance between us.

There was an invisible wall separating us.

I've been wondering if it were the effect of my heart had a sudden change. I was obviously still with Senior Rizal, but at home, I was all lovey dovey with my ghost roommate that turned into my ghost lover not long ago.

Apparently, I was not the only who noticed Senior Rizal's change.

As Senior Rizal's closest friends, Senior Rizal and Senior Mario noticed it, too. Both of them asked me if we got into a fight and I answered no.

"That's strange. Even if he doesn't really like the girl, he will never, ever, ignore them. It's not like he is accidentally ignoring you. It's more like he openly ignoring you." Senior Dino said as he frowned.

"More like, Rizal is running away from you." Senior Mario corrected and my heart nodded in agreement with what he said.

That was right. Senior Rizal looked like he was avoiding me. But, why?

"Senior Rizal is avoiding me? But, why?" I asked.

They shrugged. They did not give me any choice but to think about it carefully by myself. As I was pondering the reason of Senior Rizal's sudden change of behavior, something flashed in my mind.

Don't tell me... Tom didn't...

Did he?


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