A Spirit's Love The Series
39 Am I Cheating? 5
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A Spirit's Love The Series
Author :ChibiFireflies
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39 Am I Cheating? 5


He did give me some minutes to calm myself down. After I calmed myself, I pushed myself to stand up, my eyes met his as he was looking at me with questioning look in his eyes. Seeing him unexpectedly made me feel a lot calmer.

"Feeling better now?" He smiled at me.

I nodded. Yeah, absolutely better. I felt so much better now that I saw him smiling at me, which was strange for my own feeling. My boyfriend had just dumped me and got married to another woman without telling me beforehand, I felt so angry for being hidden in the dark, and now after I saw my ghost boyfriend I felt so much calmer, as if Senior Rizal getting married did not matter to me.

And that's where it was strange!

I shouldn't have felt that way! No matter how much I liked Tom, I shouldn't have picked him over Senior Rizal who was a real human. But, I obviously underestimated my own feelings for Tom. The fact that only by seeing him could calm myself was a big proof that I liked him more than I liked Senior Rizal. And, I also came with a conclusion to myself.

I cheated on Senior Rizal. I was the one who started cheating, thus I didn't have any rights to get angry over his marriage with another woman. I should have thought about it long before, but I guessed I was just too ignorant to realize this kind of things.


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