A Spirit's Love The Series
41 Moving On 2
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A Spirit's Love The Series
Author :ChibiFireflies
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41 Moving On 2

"I'm sorry." He broke the silence with these words.

I sighed. It should be me who said that. But, here I was, still refusing to talk.

"I couldn't do anything. My parents forced me to marry her even though I had tried to talk to them, that I only love you." He added. He lowered his head, his eyes hiding behind his bangs that I noticed got longer.

"It's okay." I said. I watched the sky getting darker. "I already knew they didn't like me." Smiling bitterly, I remembered the first time he introduced me to his family.

"I tried to run away the night before my wedding, but my brothers held me back. I was being confined and only this morning they let me out. They even threatened me to hurt you if I talked to you before the wedding was over. I shouldn't have told you this, I don't deserve your forgiveness, and I'm not here to find a peace after telling you the whole story, hoping that you would forgive me and take me back... I know that's impossible, but..." He blurted out, trying to explain everything in one breath.

His explanation rendered me speechless. Was that how much they hated me? They would even go to that extent to prevent him for meeting me? What have I done to provoke them? I was pretty much sure I only met them once and it was when Senior Rizal brought me over. So, what did I do to provoke them? They even confined him, their own brother and son, to prevent him to see me. What was going on exactly?

And, why would I want to take you back? I asked inwardly.

"Jane, I..." He stopped before he could continue his words. "I still love you." He said weakly.

I arched my eyebrows. "Is that all?" I asked. My question sounded cold-hearted, I knew, but I couldn't care less. The person in front of me was not Senior Rizal that I knew. The man in front of me was a married man and I really didn't want to get into serious trouble for being seen with a married man.

He could sense my intention as he looked at me with disbelief in his eyes. "Jane..."

"I forgive you already. Thank you for loving me, but ever since you married that woman, I broke all of the connection between us. I wish you a happy wedding life. I don't know what kind of hatred your family had against me that they would treat you that way, but after marrying you to their chosen woman, I hope they would treat you and your wife better now." I said casually. My eyes looked straight into his eyes, making sure every words reached his heart and he found the seriousness in my words. I must make him believe that I was over him by now.

"Now, please excuse me. Thanks for the latte." I stood up, reaching for my bag and ready to leave the place, when his hand grabbed my wrist, effectively stopping me from moving.

"I don't recall breaking up with you." There was a hint of anger in his voice.

I turned to face him and sure enough, he looked angry. "I'm sorry. I'm not interested in having an affair with a married man." I said calmly as I tried to pull my hand from his grab.


"Let me go, Senior. You have a wife now, and I will find someone who will not leave me for anything in the future. One thing for sure, he is not you."

The face that crossed my mind at that time after I said that was Tom. It was strange because Tom was not a human, but a ghost. But, no matter what, Senior Rizal's existence within my life came to an end that night.

Probably a bit surprise with the way I talked, he let me go. I used the chance to leave him quickly before he changed his mind. I felt like Senior Rizal was losing his rationality –it was like he was ready to do anything.

I breathed a sigh of relief when I finally reached my room, closing the door behind me as I slid down on the floor. The faint light from my bathroom helped me to get onto my slightly wobbly feet and I dropped myself on my bed.

"You came late." A sexy whisper caressed my ear and I let out a soft hum to respond to it.

Closing my eyes, I could feel his chilling body hovering on my back. If he had a body, I was pretty sure the thing I would feel was not a chilling and empty air, but a warmth and sturdy body.

"I met Senior Rizal just now." I said to him without opening my eyes.


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