A Spirit's Love The Series
42 Moving On 3
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A Spirit's Love The Series
Author :ChibiFireflies
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42 Moving On 3

"I met Senior Rizal just now." I said to him without opening my eyes.

The already cold air felt even more freezing as soon as I said those words. I shivered slightly. Pushing myself onto my knees, I opened my eyes and tried to look at him in the dim light. It was surprisingly easier to see him in the dim light than in the bright light. After realizing that weeks ago, I started a new habit to turn off my lamps almost all the time.

"That bastard..." He growled through his gritting teeth. "What did he want?" Anger sparked from his eyes.

"Easy." I smiled. "He only wanted to apologize and..." I recalled what had happened and told everything to Tom.

A frown appeared on his face. "He is sick. Did he think he could get you after what he had done?"

"Well, will you let me take him back?" I asked teasingly.

"Hell no! I won't let you get back to him! You're mine and mine alone!" Snapping his head towards me, he glared at me.

I laughed. "Don't worry. I won't take him back even if he begs me." I assured him. "But, you see, it's strange how unaffected I am with how things happened. I mean, it shook me a bit, but not to the point where I thought I might lose my mind. Instead, I feel... free."

I was looking at him while he was listening to me. Hearing the last word I spoke, I noticed his face softened as a gentle smile played on his lips.

"How I wish I could kiss you right now..." He whispered, sexual tension rose between us as he floated nearer.

I chuckled. Should I tell him how I wish the same?

"Who can stop you anyway?" I smirked.

"Right." The gentle smile turned into a sexy smirk that I loved. His eyes flashed with dangerous glint but I felt no fear.


I have never thought before that I would find a charming man so annoying. If the 'me' right now could travel back in time and told the 'me' back then that Senior Rizal could be really shameless, I was pretty sure it would lead to a big fight between myself.

I thought, after I told him that I had forgiven him; that I was okay with him marrying another woman; that I wish he had a good life, he would return to his wife's side and obediently became a good husband to the woman, just like how he had been a good son towards his family, obediently. It had never crossed my mind that he would stalk me.

I was pretty sure his friends didn't know that. He would wait for me and try to talk to me every time I walked back home. I tried to change route, but he always got me. I didn't know how he did that.

"Senior, please, go back. What's the point of doing this? You have a wife now." I tried to reason with him.

His face turned frosty as soon as his wife was mentioned. "Don't even mention her! I've told you, I only love you!" He growled.

I shrugged. I didn't want to provoke him here. Continuing my steps, I walked back to my dorm. Before I reached the place where he would usually leave me, his phone rang.

"What?" He answered, feeling annoyed.

I couldn't help but overhear him talking.

"I've done all you want! I've fucking married that woman you picked for me! I've even fucked her! Just wait till she gets pregnant and I swear I'll leave her to you! That's all what you want, right? For her to bear my child? Great! Just wait for the big news! I've made sure to fuck her enough to have twins! Now, stop controlling my life!"

I had never heard Senior Rizal cursed that much, as hostile as that, in my entire time I was with him. I always knew him as a gentle person, the one who could warm other people's heart, the one who could support other people. Hearing him cursing and talking like that shocked me. I stopped in my track unknowingly as I stared at him in disbelief.

Senior Rizal was still muttering a series of curse even though the call had ended for some time. He paced around with lowered head, one hand was on his hip and the other grabbing his hair in distress.

As if realizing that I was still here, he stopped and looked at me with widened eyes. Surprised was seen in his pair of eyes. He might have never thought that I would still be there, listening to his rants and curses. Slowly, the surprise in his eyes turned into despair as he hang his head lowly.

"You heard that?" He asked weakly.

I nodded, then let out a small hum to answer his question.

"You're not supposed to hear that..." He groaned in a low tone.

"Why?" I asked.

He hesitated. "I can't tell you..." He shook his head.


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