A Spirit's Love The Series
44 His Story 1
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A Spirit's Love The Series
Author :ChibiFireflies
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44 His Story 1

If someone were to ask me back then what I would do in this situation, I would laugh at his or her absurd question. But, here I was, sitting on my bed, with two ghosts floating around me. My ghost boyfriend, Tom, was sitting beside me, throwing the other ghost a warning glare. Not far in front of me, still floating, was a well-known ghost whose laughter could make almost everyone shivered and had a nightmare. She called herself as Kunti –a common name for ghosts in her kind.

And this ghost was totally a beauty!

Her pale red lips curled up in a small smile, her big eyes sparked in excitement, and her super pale skin made all of it seemed contrast.

She was beautiful, but at the same time creepy.

"So..." Tom broke the silence. "What do you want to say?"

"Ah, right. I almost forgot." Kunti clapped her hands once as she looked like she really forgot about her goal in coming here. "I see you're not with the human boy anymore?" She smiled at me, asking my confirmation with her speculation.

I nodded. Seeing my confirmation, her smile disappeared. "Then, I guess he has just got married, right?" Her voice sounded solemn, with a chilling tone.

I arched my eyebrows as I nodded again. Her question did not sound strange. I mean, almost everyone in campus knew about it, what's more a ghost like her? She must have her own network to find information, right? Ghosts were not restricted by time, distance, and space, after all. But, somehow, from the way she talked, my previous speculation about Senior Rizal's wedding surfaced and got stronger.

Kunti crossed her arms in front of her chest as she frowned. She was looking at me, looking like she was at lost at how to break the news to me.

"If you're still hesitating, you better come back again later after you've made up your mind. Jane still needs to rest and -" Tom said in displeasure.

"He didn't marry a human." She interrupted as she stared through my eyes.

I blinked my eyes in confusion. What? Did I hear that correctly?

"Well, he doesn't know about it. He only knows his parents made him marry a woman. I guess it is a vow between two families. But, I still have no idea the goal of their action."

"Wait, wait, wait! If he didn't get married to a human, then what is she?" Tom's question successfully snapped me back to my sense.

"They had a wedding ceremony. They also invited lots of people to come to their wedding. If he marries a non-human being, surely people will notice, right?" I frowned. My mind seemed to connect all the information, but there were some details that were missing.

"I bet you didn't attend his wedding, right? If you were there, you must have sensed something. Your affinity with the likes of us is strong. Most of the time you don't notice us, but your sense is pretty good." Kunti explained.

My frowned seemed to get deeper. "I didn't get an invitation. I even knew that he was getting married right on the day of his wedding. How could I go?"

"Well, it seems like they had decided not to invite you. Not because you were his girlfriend, but because they could sense you were trouble to them." Kunti pondered a while. "Have you seen his wife?"

I shook my head. "Wait, you said my affinity is strong. Why can I only see the both of you?"

"Nice question! You're lucky I'm old enough to know this kind of things, so I can answer you question!" Kunti grinned. "First, your ability is blocked. But, for some reason, your ability doesn't affect raw spirit like him." She pointed at Tom who was in return, arching his eyebrow handsomely.

"I, on the other hand, need to exert a bit of power to reveal myself in front of you in this state. It would be so much easier to appear in my scary form, but I don't want to scared you." She shrugged before she continued, "The others also need to use their power to let you see them. Which lead us to the second point. As a raw spirit, his power is slightly different with us. And he knew how to use his power. Let's just say...while you were sleeping or at campus, a certain someone was working hard to chase all of those ghosts away from you."

"If he didn't do it, do you think we are the only one you could see now? Because of your affinity is strong, and whatever that blocked your affinity has weakened, we only need to use a third to a half of the supposed amount of power to appear in front of you."


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