A Spirit's Love The Series
45 His Story 2
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A Spirit's Love The Series
Author :ChibiFireflies
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45 His Story 2

I stared at her with wide eyes as I heard about her explanation. So, I actually possessed the ability to see them? And it was blocked?

"Do you have any idea why your ability is blocked?" Kunti peered into my face in curiosity.

I blinked once, a certain person appeared in my mind. Who else? It must be my father. I needed to find the right time to call him and ask him about it.

"Well, that's aside..." I waved my hand in front of my face. "How is Tom different from you? Raw spirit?" I looked at the both of them alternately. Tom shrugged at me.

"Ah, you didn't notice? Look at him carefully." I turned my head to my side, carefully observing the male 'raw spirit' beside me who was squirming in uncomfortably under my gaze. "Now, look at me." I changed my line of sight to her as I began to observe her.

I frowned after some time had passed. True. Only after a thoroughly look I could see their difference. Of course. Why didn't I notice it before?

My eyes lighted up in my new discover. Both of them were transparent, but Kunti was like a darker plastic while Tom was like a super clean plastic transparent. Kunti's whole being was dimmed, an eerie type of transparent where one could almost feel the coldness of the skin. Tom, on the other hand, even though he was pale-looking, he looked brighter compared to Kunti. It was as if his transparent body was covered with a sheer light.

"One more thing. You must have tried to touch him, right? Now, come and touch me." Kunti suggested. "Don't worry, touching me won't make you sick. It won't be the same other way around, though." She added after seeing me hesitating. Her lips curled up in a amused smirk.

Grunting a respond, I got down from my bed and approached her. All this time Tom didn't say anything –maybe he was also eager to know. As my hand passed through Kunti's translucent hand, I shivered madly and pulled out my hand quickly. My eyes widened in shock as she only let out her horrifying laugh, as if to emphasize that she was a ghost. My whole body was trembling in fear and shock.

"Are you okay?" Tom came from my back, noticing my discomfort and fear.

Shakily, I sat back on my bed as I tried to control the shiver in my body. Tom was reprimanding her, scolding her to stop laughing. Then, I noticed. His arms were enveloping me, grabbing me on my two arms.

Different, I mumbled, too different.

The temperature was not the same. Tom was cold, but Kunti was even colder. No, the level of coldness was different. Compared to Kunti, I thought Tom was slightly...warmer. As absurd as it sounded, that was what I felt.

"You might want to drink something warm to help you control your shivering." Kunti suggested. This time, she smiled gently.

I nodded. My hands were still shaking, but I got up and pour down some warm water into my glass. Tom was trailing behind me, as if guarding me in case something bad might happen to me. His handsome face contorted in a frown when he saw my hands still shaking while holding the glass.

After my shivering calmed down, I walked back to my bed, ready to hear more. "Good, now, the last is –"

"Is there more?" I interrupted, the idea of touching her again appeared in my mind but I strongly rejected it.

"Yes, one more. Don't worry, you don't need to touch me again." As if she could see what's inside my mind, she laughed. "Lastly, I cannot touch things; alive or not. I can possess people, but touch them.." She shook her head. "Raw spirit, on the other hand, can still touch several things, excluding living person –but they can walk through walls like us, too. Ghosts like me, however, can move things with our ability only if we have enough power. Human usually calls us as poltergeist. Raw spirit doesn't have this privilege, of course." She explained further.

This one I knew best. I saw it with my own eyes Tom touched things; even though not all the time. I knew for the fact that whenever I fell asleep after doing my homework and forgot to turn off the lamp, I would wake up later with a blanket draped over my back and shoulders and my bedroom lamp had been switched off. It also reminded me of when I was sick.

To show what she said was true, Kunti floated to my glass, the nearest thing from her, and tried to grab it. Unfortunately, her hands passed through the glass. I followed her every movements with wide eyes and mouth opened slightly –which only I realized after everything had happened and Tom chuckled beside me.

"You should see the look in your face just now. You looked dumb." He said.

Pursing my lips, I shot a glare at him. How dare he said I looked dumb?

"But, no matter what, even if you are dumb, you are my dumb." He leaned his body towards me as he said the most cheesy line I have ever heard from him while smiling brightly.


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