A Spirit's Love The Series
47 Inevitable Confrontation 1
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A Spirit's Love The Series
Author :ChibiFireflies
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47 Inevitable Confrontation 1

Two days had passed since Kunti's last visit to my dorm. Surprisingly, the last time I met Senior Rizal was also two days ago. In these two days, I thought about what Kunti said repeatedly, picturing any possibilities that might happen to me if I were to pick each options; either I confronted Senior Rizal or ignored the fact that he married a non-human being.

None of these options gave me a happy ending. Either one, I would still feel complicated.

That's why I delayed taking a decision, hoping that maybe a good plan would appear in my foolish brain. Being entangled with other people's affair was not my style, after all.

Besides thinking about the options, I also made an attempt to satisfy my curiousity about my blocked-ability.

Yesterday, I finally got a chance to call my father. After exchanging greetings and standard conversation between a daughter and her father, I finally asked with the most childish question I had ever thought, possibly.

"Dad, why can't I see ghost? Even as a child, I don't recall seeing one. Don't they say that children are sensitive towards ghost?"

I tried to sound as natural as possible. My father knew my interest towards ghost, so he would probably not be feeling anything off with my question.

"Who said you have never seen one when you were a child? It's exactly because you saw one that I had to forcefully close your third eye." She heard her father scoffed, but what her father told her made her jump in surprised.

"I did? What did I see? What had happened? Why do I not have any memory about it?" I bombarded him with a series of questions.

"It was around dusk and you should there was an old man in white were waving at you, calling you. So you asked me who he was. You have no idea how frightened I was at that time. So, I closed your third eye." He ended his story with a sigh.

"But, Dad, aren't you able to see them, too? Is the fact that I could see one frightened you so much?"

"Exactly! I can see them, but I couldn't see the one you saw. And that's what scared me!"

"..." Why do I feel like something is missing?

"Maybe I was just hallucinating?" I suggested with a shrug.

"No." He sighed. "You did see him. The reason why I couldn't see him is because the one you saw is on different level with the ones I usually see. I can only hear their voice, but I can't see them."

His voice grew solemn. My heart was racing at the thought of my ability was stronger than my father's.

"When you and your siblings were born, I had sealed all of your ability, to prevent you from seeing them. Your siblings are doing good until now, but you are different. I am worried about you, though. But, you haven't told me anything about seeing them, so I thought the seal is working fine." He added. "Or...Is it?"

The last words sounded doubtful. My father must have been thinking that I was suspicious.

I tried to laugh it off. "Of course! I am just curious. You know me. Ahaha..."

Even through the phone, I could feel his suspicion towards me. If I were in front of him, he would definitely expose my lies in a heart beat.

To avoid that, I barely managed to switch the topic to something else before I hang up.

Wiping the nonexistent sweat on my forehead, I deliberately sighed out loud. After that, I told everything that I was talking about with my father to Tom. We discussed about it for hours, trying to decide whether I should lift up the seal or not.

But, even after I fell asleep in the middle of our discussion, we had not reached any conclusion about my ability...and Senior Rizal.

I shook my head. I really should stop thinking about Senior Rizal now. Whoever he was married to, it was none of my business. But, was it okay to leave him not knowing about it?

As I was, again, pondering about Senior Rizal and his wife, I didn't realize I had reached the place where Senior Rizal usually waited for me. If only a pair of feet didn't appear in my line of sight, I wouldn't have known that I had almost reached my dorm.

Stopping my feet, I looked up to see the person who was standing not far in front of me.


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