A Spirit's Love The Series
48 Inevitable Confrontation 2
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A Spirit's Love The Series
Author :ChibiFireflies
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48 Inevitable Confrontation 2

There, in front of me, was standing a beautiful young woman. Dressed in a simple beige blouse that was neatly tucked in her brown pencil skirt, complemented with a pair of beige heels and a light brown sling bag draped over her shoulder, she looked so stunning. Not to mention her fair complexion. Her skin was to die for, the kind of how all girls wanted; milky white to the point it almost looked pale. Her wavy hair was pinned on one side and the other side draped over her shoulder. Her face...

Hhh, she was simply too beautiful, if not for the suspicious shadow hovering over her whole body.

I realized I was seeing things. The sky was still bright enough for me to see her clearly. Even though she was standing under the shadow of the wall, I could clearly see the shadow hiding behind her back.

When she noticed me looking at her, she smiled softly. But, instead of giving me a friendly image of herself, she gave me a creepy impression; as if the one who was smiling was not her.

This person is dangerous, I should not get close to her.

That was what I thought. Keeping that in my mind, I continued walking towards my dorm. But, before I could pass her, she called my name, successfully stopping me from moving forward.

"Are you Jane? Jane Harris?" She called out softly. Damn, even her voice sounded good.

Pulling the corners of my lips to create a smile, I turned around and faced her. "Yes?"

She came out from the shadow, approaching me and my eyebrows twitched in reflex. "My name is Amanda, Rizal's wife." She held out her hand as she introduced herself.

Damn, I didn't see that coming.

"Ah, hi." Awkwardly, I reached out and shook her hand. Just for a while, because I felt a familiar chilly sensation from her. The shadow behind her back also flickered, as if reacting to my touch. "Do you need something?" I asked, shifting the curiosity in my mind.

"Do you have time? I want to talk to you." She asked politely.

"Sure." I nodded.

"Should we go somewhere?"

"There's a good cafe nearby. How about we go there?" I suggested. My dorm was nearer, but there was no way I would bring this suspicious creature near my dorm.

"Sounds good. Let's go." She smiled even wider as she gestured for me to lead the way.

The place was really near, it only took eight to ten minutes of walk, but I felt it was like an hour to get there. The whole journey was awkward and tensed. I had this weird feeling that Amanda was harboring an evil intention to me.

Of course, I kept it inside. I was sure it was just a paranoid thinking after seeing that black shadow behind her.

But, really, who wouldn't feel so?

This beautiful young woman was definitely not the common type. She was different. I didn't know what was different from her but I couldn't shake the chilly feeling I had when I shook hands with her.

As soon as we arrived at the cafe, I ordered a cup of cappuccino and a coffee bun. It had always been my favorite here. I noticed she only ordered a glass of lemon juice. Was that why she could maintain her figure? Technically, Senior Rizal was really lucky to have her as his wife.

I shook my head slightly. My mind has been distracted with some unimportant issues. I reminded myself that I needed to focus myself to this person in front of me. I looked up, seeing her twirling the juice in her hand. Her eyes seemed empty, as if she was lost in thought.

We sat there like that, said nothing to each other for about three or four minutes. I squirmed in my seat, considering whether to break this awkward and weird atmosphere or not. As I opened my mouth, she looked up and stared right on my eyes, catching me off guard.

Her stare was sharp, as if she wanted to pierce right through me. Complex emotion seemed to swirl in her eyes. What I noticed the most was the black shadow in her back; it flickered and broadened itself, as if wanting to show itself.

I squinted my eyes, looking past her shoulders to the black shadow which now was transforming into a form. As it began to take a shape, I looked around me and noticed that no one actually realized what was happening between this woman and me.

"So, you are Jane." The shadow, which was now in a form of a black woman without face, only a pair of eyes glaring at me and lips which formed a sinister smile, talked to me through Amanda.

Her voice was creepy, not a surprise seeing she was a weird creature as well. I straightened my back. If I said I wasn't scared, it would be a lie. I was scared, but I knew she wouldn't do anything to me in public place, especially where eyes were seeing us together.

"I am. What do you want?" I asked solemnly.

Amanda let out a soft chuckle, sounding normal for normal ears. But, with the addition of this black shadow's voice which seemed to control Amanda's every action, it didn't sound normal at all. It was more like a grunt. Amanda's soft chuckle overlapped with this shadow's grunt created a disastrous harmony. I now realized the voice they created during horror movie was not intentional; more like it was exactly what 'they' sounded like.

Rough and hideous.


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