A Spirit's Love The Series
49 Inevitable Confrontation 3
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A Spirit's Love The Series
Author :ChibiFireflies
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49 Inevitable Confrontation 3

Shivering slightly, I clenched my jaws tightly. I refused to show my fear in front on this weird woman. The more I afraid of her, the more this creature would feel victorious. With that resolution in my mind, I steeled my heart and looked at Amanda straight to her eyes.

"Stay away from my husband." Amanda said.

"I've tried, but he wouldn't leave me alone."

"Then, find another way to avoid him." Amanda frowned.

I scoffed. "I don't know how to do disappearing skill." I said sarcastically. Only if I mastered this skill I wouldn't have to meet Senior Rizal.

Amanda frowned, clearly felt irritated with how I replied. "You'll regret it if you don't obey my words " She hissed. Her eyes showed a streak of insanity and maliciousness. Was it a threat?

"Yeah, right." I replied. Shifting my eyes, I looked right at the pair of eyes of the black shadow. The eyes widened slightly as our gazes met. "No matter who you are, I'm not obligated to obey your words. Especially not from someone like you."

"So, you can see me." That was not a question. It was more like a statement, a confirmation of my ability.

I shrugged. "More or less."

The weird lips on the black shadow curled up in a sinister smirk. "Very good." She said so, but I could see she didn't mean to compliment me, at all. She sounded like an angry woman who disdained my existence, instead.

The strange thing was...after I steeled my heart from the fear, I found myself becoming less anxious and more relax. It was not a kind of relax where you were confident with something, but it was more to...lazy relax. As if the one in front of me bored me and at the same time, I was not worried that I might not be able to protect myself if she decided to attack me. I just felt so lazy to deal with her now.

"If that was all that you want to tell me, then I'm off now." Taking my bag with me, I stood up and walked out of the cafe, ignoring her stare on my back.

I walked quickly back to my dorm, couldn't wait to tell what had happened to Tom. Half way to my dorm, I realized something and felt extremely pissed at myself.

Crap! I forgot my coffee bun!

Cursing Amanda under my breath, I continued my steps heavily. The matter with Amanda didn't seem to affect me much, but the coffee bun was really delicious! If only she didn't provoke me, I would have never forgotten my delicious bun there!

My mood was bad after that. I couldn't forget my lovely bun! And because of my rage towards Amanda, the way I was retelling the story to Tom was considered very exaggerated.

"And? Did I miss something? What made your mood bad after that? After hearing your story, that vile creature couldn't provoke you, so what made you so upset?" Tom was eyeing me with curiosity.

"It's because of her that I forgot my co-bun!" I snapped.

Tom arched his beautiful eyebrow. A mocking smirk appeared on his face. "Seriously? Only because of a bun?"

"Only? You said 'only'?!" I glared at him. "Coffee bun is the most exotic flavor exist! You didn't even try it and you said 'only'?! IF ONLY she didn't provoke me, I would never leave it there!" My emotion seemed to pass my emotion meter standard.

Apparently, my reply triggered something in him that he started to laugh madly. Clutching his stomach with both of his hands, he was throwing a laughter fit. But, until he finished laughing, I didn't even know which part of my words was funny to him.

Frowning my eyebrows while silently mourning for my coffee bun, I sat on my bed.

"You seem to crave for coffee bun." Tom said after he finally calmed himself. I shot him a long glance but not replying. "Don't tell me..." He gasped. His eyes widened as he stared at me with complex emotion.

"What?" I asked when he didn't seem to continue his words.

"Are you pregnant, Jane?" He whispered. His eyes sparked with mischievousness and hidden joy.

My eyes widened at his words. "Excuse me! That's not possible!" I nearly shouted. I could the heat rising to my face, successfully made it red.

"Are you sure?" Tom smirked.

"Listen, no matter how many times you fuck me in my dream, I will never get pregnant because of a dream. So, get real! A ghost will never impregnate a human." I was surprised I didn't stammer when I said that!

"Well, I hate to say that it is indeed possible." Familiar voice chimed in right after I finished talking.

Both Tom and I turned towards the source of the voice and caught a horrifying sight that I was sure I would never forget for my whole life!


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