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A Spirit's Love The Series
Author :ChibiFireflies
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52 The Proof

My eyes widened as I saw her solid body approaching me. Feeling curious, I reached out to touch her. It was still cold, just like the first time I touched her.

Kunti snapped her fingers in front of my eyes and smiled a bit. I blinked confusedly at her action but did not think too much.

"Touch me again." She said.

So, I did. Surprisingly, the coldness I had just felt disappeared! She felt warm, just like a human!

My eyes got even wider at this fact. "H-how?"

"Wait..." Kunti frowned as her body changed back to its transparent form. "Ah, damn, changing my form and altering your sense were too much hard work for me. I used too much of my power. You'd better prepare yourself. I could change back to my scary form anytime soon." She grumbled tiredly.

I gasped a bit at the mention of her scary form. Sooner or later, I still had to face it, so I tried my best to calm myself.

"What do you mean altering my sense?" I asked. I need to use the time wisely before she changes back. There's no way I can face her rotten face like that!

"It's exactly like how it sounds. To make sure the human will not suspect anything when our kind seduce them, we need to alter the human's sense, to make them feel as if we are human. And because you have the ability to see us, it is harder to alter your sense. You have no idea how much power I used just now just to materialize into a human and to alter you sense." Kunti explained and sighed at the end of her explanation.

So, that was what happened. But, seduce...

I blushed at her choice of word. "So, your kind can make us pregnant?"

Kunti nodded. "You haven't heard it? Wow, it was a very well-known story among human, yet you haven't heard about it." Kunti shot me a disbelief look.

"What story?" I asked. Is there really a story between a ghost and human?

"You see, and as I told you before, the stronger we are, the more we can perform. Do you know the infamous Gendruwo[1]?" Her expression turned into a mix of seriousness and excitement.

I nodded to her question.

"You see, he was attracted to a female human before[2]. But, the human has already had a husband. So, he waited and waited until he finally got his chance. Her husband went out of town for work. It was supposed for a whole week. But, he only went away for around three to five days, then he returned home. He said his work finished early so he went back fast because he missed his wife. So, can you guess what happened?"

My eyes widened as my brain processed the story fast. "Don't tell me..." I gasped.

Kunti smirked, but she didn't say anything. She seemed to enjoy seeing me flustered because of the story.

"The one who came back was not her husband but the ghost. Her husband was still working, right?" I said almost breathlessly because of the turn of event in the story.

Kunti nodded in satisfaction. "And then?"

"He...had sex with her?" I asked in small voice, nearly a whisper, even though I knew there was no one around besides Kunti and me.

"Bingo!" Kunti pointed at me in total satisfaction, praising me with her eyes and smile. But, again, she didn't say anything anymore.

"B-but... How could she not notice about her own husband? There must be something different with him, right?"

Kunti nodded again. "She noticed something different about him, of course. But, under the pleasure of her 'so-called' husband gave her, she chose to abandon her thought. Do you know what she noticed different from her husband?" Kunti leaned over to me. Excitement was seen in her eyes.

I tried to think of things that could make the poor wife noticed the difference. Since body heat could be altered, I went to the most visible things I could remember. "Eating habit?"

Kunti shook her head. "The size of his penis, his sex technique, and his appetite in making love to her."

The filter in her mouth seemed to be broken at this time as she mentioned those things casually while I, the listener, was blushing madly at her vivid detail of story and how excited she was when she told me the 'advance' version of the story; the story of the ghost and the wife's bed activity.

I bet no one knew this version of story...

Kunti continued like a broken water pipe, kept rambling about the story between the ghost and the wife excitedly. I could only listen to her, couldn't say anything because all she was telling me was the erotic details that only made my head felt hot from the excessive heat. I really wanted to scream at her, calling her pervert ghost, but my mouth and my throat felt dry. So, I just sat there, being a good listener, while occasionally swallowed my own saliva to wet my throat.

"She only realized that the one slept with her was not her husband when her real husband came home. She was in the kitchen and her 'husband' was in the backyard when her real husband came home. You have no idea how surprised she was when she saw her husband in the front door, when she had just seen him in the backyard. When she asked him where he went just now, he said he had just returned from work and he apologized for the 3 days delayed because things came up at his work place. At that time she realized there was an impostor in her house, so she cried and dragged her husband to the backyard, to meet the impostor."

"When they reached the backyard, the husband was surprised to see a man with the exact copy of his face, standing near the fences and looking at them. Before they could react, the impostor had jumped over the fence and his body turned into his real form, running into the woods behind the house. Later on, the wife got pregnant. They couldn't abort the baby because it would risk her life, so they decided to keep it. When the baby was born, she took after her father's traits a lot. I don't have to describe to you how she looks like, right?" Kunti ended her story with a sigh.

I was speechless for almost a full minute when I remembered something. "The Gendruwo daughter, that's her, right?" I nearly shouted.

"Yes, that's her." Kunti nodded.

"I thought she was born with abnormality. I have never thought that she was a Gendruwo's daughter for real." I said.

Kunti shook her head. "So, now you believe that ghost can impregnate human?"

I blinked my eyes repeatedly, still processing the information I got. "Your kind can impregnate us, but Tom's kind cannot. I get it. And only the strong one could do it. He could maintain his physics for days, just how strong he was?"

"Very strong. He has lived far longer than I have. In fact, he is still around until now. His child is still alive, after all." Kunti shrugged.

"Does he visit his child?"

"Yes. Sometimes he visits her."

"Then, what about female ghost seduces a male human? What will happen?"

"Well, I haven't seduced a man before, so I don't know. But, I'll find something for you." Kunti said. "Ah, you're not blushing anymore? Too bad. It's fun to see you getting flustered like that." She laughed.

With the mention of that, I blushed again. "Shut up. Pervert."

"Oh, poor innocent Jane. No wonder Tom finds you irresistible, you're so adorable. With the amount of times he fucks you in your dream, you're still blushing so adorably like this at the mention of sex. No man could resist you, you know." Kunti laughed happily.

I put my hands on my heated cheeks, trying to hide the blushing on my face. When will this pervert stop teasing me?


[1] Gendruwo: a ghost in Indonesia, usually portrayed as male ghost with big and hairy body.

[2] I heard and read this story before (without the erotic part of story, of course, and yes, as long as I remember, it did happen -the imposing part, I mean). I've modified the story to fit in this novel, so yeah, please feel free to comment about it.


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