1 Chapter 1
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Author :Ali_Ashter
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1 Chapter 1

???: Damn I have been here for I don't know how long, maybe 1 year, 2 years or heck maybe even 100 years.

A blue sphere could be seen in a place filled with darkness there was nothing else then darkness and that blue sphere. This blue sphere was a soul of a guy who used to live in earth but unfortunately he died while reading fairytail chapter 489 in which acnologia is defeated.

???: Now that I think about it my way of dying was hilarious.

yes his way of dying was really hilarious. He died by getting electrocuted.

???: Damn just get me out of this damn place?!!!

As he was screaming this in his mind he saw everything go white for a second. Then he was in a place which was completely white with a bit of golden shine in it. He saw a man sitting there with a cup of tea drinking it leisurely

???: So ig u r a God? if u r then plz tell me where was I, how long was i there, and what will happen to me now.

God: Yes u r correct I am God, u were in void, you were there for 500 years and you have two choices. 1 go to heaven or get reincarnated with 4 wishes.

???: Well I'll like to get reincarnated but can I ask why me I have never done anything good to get this

he was getting suspicious of this god cuz why the heck he'll grant his some wishes if he hasn't done anything good.

God: Well u r getting this chance cuz I just felt like it nothing more nothing less. Now tell me your wishes

The god reply while sipping his tea.

???: are there any limitations on my wishes and can I think about it for sometime.

God: sure u can take your time and no there are not much limitations but u can't wish to be my equal or anything.

???: ok

He began to think what he wants. He doesn't want to go back to earth cuz he was a orphan and a lowest in society, so he doesn't have much to leave there. After thinking about it for sometime he decided what he wants.

???: I have decided what I want but can I ask a question before that.

God: sure go ahead

???: Are anime worlds real and if they are can I travel to different anime or novel worlds?

God: yes they are real and yes u can travel to different worlds.

???: okey my wishes are

1: I want to be a dragon. u know acnologia from fairytail but with some modifications like, I want my dragon form to be more majestic and beautiful. I want my wings to look like igneel. And I want my dragon slaying magic to be chaos and at last I want my body to be immune to all elements. For my human body just make my skin colour from tan to white.

God: ok I can do it but someone more powerful than u can bypass your immunity from a little bit to completely ignoring it. Depends on how strong he is from u. Now your other wishes

???: my second wish is to be perfect immortal,like no one even if million times stronger then me can kill me. I want my immortality to be not just in my body but in soul as well so no one can destroy my soul or body they'll just go back to as they were

God: okey but u can still be sealed but it'll break after sometime cuz no seal can keep perfect immortal.

???: My third wish is to have sayains zenkai boost. but improve it like for every injury I heal I get a little bit stronger depending on my injury.

God: okey done but since u cant die u wont be getting 10 times strong after someone destroy your body at most you'll get 2 times stronger l.

???: that's alright my last wish is to have a simple system which can guide me to different world, show me my status and give some quest that I can reject without plenty and every quest reward would be enhancing my body. ENHANCEMENT depends on the level of quest I do.

God: very well. now which world do u want to go to.

??? starts thinking which world he should go to first and after sometime he decides it

??? I would like to go to naruto world before kaguya came there and I would like to in my human form. I dont want any parents or anything.

God: Okey. Be safe on your journey

Then ??? starts to light up and disappear from there

( for finding out what happens next plz stay with us on A.I.M)


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