3 Chapter 3
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Author :Ali_Ashter
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3 Chapter 3

kaguya pov

I ate the fruit. I felt power rush into my body. it was like unlimited energy was running through me. I also awakened some third eye on my forehead. I instinctively knew its name and its ability. Then in rage I killed every person in the army.

when I was done killing i was crying. Then my heart went cold. I decided I will rule this world and make it peaceful.

It's been a year since I ate the fruit. I know every thing about my ability and unlimited energy. I named it chakra. I had two sons I named hagrumo and himura õkatsuki. I built a village where everything was peaceful.

every thing was going good until I heard a roar. It wasn't something I have heard before but i felt like doom was coming to us.


Acnologia pov

after talking to system and having heartfelt meal I slept. Just i slept for a bit too long around 3 years.

Acnologia: system how long was I asleep

system: host u were taking nap for 3 years

acnologia: system are u joking with me?!!! How can I take a nap of near 3 years?!!!!

system: host u are a dragon. Dragon tends to take a nap for 3 to 5 years and sleep for hundreds of years

system answered frustrated me. so I roared


Acnologia: system show me the way to kaguya

I asked system to which it showed me the way. I quickly followed the way and after flying for a min I saw a village.

kaguya pov

after hearing the roar I ran out to see what is it that's coming. After waiting for min I saw something. It was a dragon. it was a black and blue dragon. It look majestic and beautiful at the same time. I watched it getting closer to over village. Then I saw the dragon looked at me and started to come towards me. I was panicking. I know I'm powerful and my body does now die. I'm immortal but standing in front of this dragon felt like how a normal human would feel in front of me completely helpless.

It landed near my house then it looked around for bit then it looked toward me. Then its body flasked in blue and he started to shrink.

Than I saw a guy standing in its place. The man gave me savage feeling. He was wearing baggy pants with blue design, he was shoeless, he wore a gray Cape, he had a necklace of teeths around his neck and he has gold arm ring on his right arm. He had blue tribal marking around his body and he was watching me.

Then he started walking towards me. and come I front of me. and said: hey, my name is acnologia what is your name.

acnologia pov

after saying it I was waiting for some response.

kaguya: My name is kaguya, why are u here acnologia

I was genuinely surprised that she doesn't have any pride. so I asked her

acnologia: u r quite powerful so why dont u have pride.

kaguya was surprised hearing this but still answered bitterly

Kaguya: what pride of being strong, I'm just seen as a monster.

acnologia: I was here to kill u but I like u how bout being frnds

kaguya hearing this hide away her bitter expression and instead went full cold while answering even more coldly

kaguya: why should I believe u that u r not after my powers and want a real friendship. I had a husband who wanted to kill me cuz I was an alien

acnologia replied: why would I want your pathetic powers. I wanted u as friend cuz just being this powerful and living a long time you'll eventually get bored. so I thought why not live with u for sometime.

kaguya thought for a sec and realized he was far stronger then her. he doesn't need to lie so she thought about it and accepted him as frnd and told him he can stay here

plz stay tuned if u wanna know what happened next in A.I.M


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