4 Chapter 4
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Author :Ali_Ashter
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4 Chapter 4

Acnologia has been staying with kaguya for last 20 years. During this time he got attached with kaguya. kaguya told him about her clan. He already knew that she hated her clan and was afraid of someone from her clan. But after listening to kaguya he knew why she was afraid. Her clan was a bunch who considered themselves gods. they stole world's life nurture god tree and then ate its fruit to gain its power.

She ruled this world. But eventually everything must come to end. haguromo found out about divine tree rituals and with toad sage went to toad land.

There toad sage told them about what is divine tree ritual is and that its sucking this world of natural energy. And told that after this world natural energy is completely depleted it will become a waste land. So he must fight his mother and save the world.

So haguromo started learning how to be come sage. Kaguya and I were talking in evening when haguromo came and started talking with kaguya.

haguromo: Mother, Stop the ritual.

kaguya: You don't know anything about me and my clan. They will come here . I need this ritual to save this world from them.

haguromo: Who are these people.

kaguya: you dont need to know. I gave you that power now I'll take it back. HAMURA!!!

Then hamura came at the speed invisible to human eye and punched haguromo. who dodged it. he said"brother why are you fighting with me we need to defeat our mother. Stop this right now.

but was disappointed because hamura didn't replied him instead kicked toward his face he dodged it again. hamura was on offense he punched and kicked and haguromo defended against it. He couldn't fight his brother. But he knew if this went like this he will be defeated so he covered his right hand with immense lightning chakra and blocked hamura fist with his left hand and punched with his right hand toward hamura heart.He tore his way from his heart to his back.

Doing this broke him of kaguya control. hamura was back to him self. and haguromo eyes changed to rinnegan.

hamura: brother?

haguromo: brother dont worry. mother was controlling you. I'll save you now.

then haguromo used a talisman with sage written on it in kanji. and said: SAGE!!!

Hamura started to heal and was back on his feet. He looked at his mother and me. Then haguromo spoke while looking at me

Haguromo: Acnologia you should go away this is not a fight u can interfere with. I know your relationship with my mother is good but she is not human like u and she is sacrificing other human. so go away.

I was baffled for a minute. Did he say I was a human and I cant fight in this level of fight??. who does he think he is!! but let's play a game with him.

Acnologia: Little kid call that sage of yours. I wanna talk to him.

haguromo was baffled. He thought how does he know him but he still called toad sage.

Toad sage pov( Gamamaru)

Oh haguromo is summoning me. let's check what it is. with a puff of white smoke I was in front of haguromo.

gamamaru: what is it haguromo. You summoned me? kaguya I want to ask, why do you want to feed this tree on natural energy. you are already so strong, so why must you do this.

I was watching kaguya. Then I heard a voice coming from behind her. when I saw who it was I started trembling.

???: Hey frog, am I seeing you turning a son against his mother??

gamamaru: ACNOLOGIA


haguromo pov

after calling gamamaru. I saw him asking my mother why is she doing this. mother kept quite. Then I heard acnologia speak with gamamaru

acnologia:Hey frog, am I seeing you turning a son against his mother??

Gamamaru looked shocked, then he started trembling with fear, as if facing something beyond the mind could think. He was trembling but he calm down after a bit and said.

gamamaru: Are you with kaguya? do you want to fight with brothers as well acnologia.

I was watching this play and knew something was wrong. he wasn't afraid when talking with mother he was calm but he lost his cool with this guy. so I asked him:" gamamaru, He cant fight us , he is just a human with no power. why are you so afraid of him

It was then gamamaru looked toward me and said" He is not human. He is a dragon. He has many names but I'll tell you his most famous ones. some people call his Dragon king, some call his Dragon of Doom, some call him Dragon of chaos and his name is acnologia. Haguromo you say he has no power then let me give you an idea of his power. If you are a mountain and your mother mt.tia. Then he is sky. He doesn't need to rely on devine tree to destroy this world he can do that with his roar. He is beyond what we can think of.

I started thinking if that's true then he can defeat mother. But why can't I sense any power from him.

Haguromo: Acnologia will u help us defeat our mother?

Then I saw him smirk The he started laughing hysterically. When he calmed down, he look toward my mother and said: do u want me to kill these guys?

I saw my mother look toward him then us and said something which shook me to core. I saw her shaking her head and then said: I cant allow u to kill them after all they are my sons. you wont interfere with it even if I an killed.

he looked toward her then us and shook his head. and started to walk toward our gate and said to my mom: Be safe kaguya.

Then I saw him jumping toward the sky and transform into a majestic and beautiful black and blue dragon. He looked toward my mother.

Acnologia: Kaguya I'll go wait for next 250 years and after that if you are not there then I'll destroy the WHOLE DAMN WORLD?!!!!

He stared at me then he released his power, which was so immense that world started to shake and sky started to crack but he took it back and flew away.

haguromo: gamamaru what should we do we can't kill mother or seal her for more then 250 years. if we do he will destroy the whole world.

gamamaru looked toward me and said: Just do as we planned, we will see what we can do after 250 years.

we started to fight my mother but she awakened Devine tree which turned into a beast with ten tails and fought with us. Ten tail threw his tail beast bomb we have to avoid them. I was able to punch mother and hamura kicked her to ground I used my Rinnegan deva path and pulled her toward me. Then used all mighty push to throw her toward hamura. then I teleported to ward him and we both used seal to seal her in a mass of ground we watched as she started to glow and earth around us started to move towards her and surrounded her in a sphere which went out of earth I named it moon. my brother moved to moon.

I split ten tails into nine beast with 1 to 9 nine tails. I will rise them as humans so they can help them when in need

pov End

( stay with me on A.I.M)


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