7 Chapter 7
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Author :Ali_Ashter
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7 Chapter 7

After accepting mission he flew away. He was still relaxed because he doesn't have attack time limitations for completing mission. But what he didn't know was that his appearance has taken five great villages by a strom.


Hokage office

Counsil officials and third hokage huraizen are sitting there.

Huraizen can't forget that feeling. When that aura came he was sitting on his chair in hokage office. But when aura came he could feel nature energy trying to tell him to not disobey this, he could tell from its dread that the owner of aura can destroy the world and nature energy was trying to bind every single person to not anger this being and obey him.

Just then he was reverse summoned by monkey king Emma( dont know his name nor am I looking). when he appare in front him he was shaking, like his worst nightmare came true. huraizen asked Emma who was owner of that aura and what should we do and does he have any kind of information on this being. Thats when Emma finally spoke with trembling voice.

Emma: Huraizen THE DOOMS BRINGER has awaken, He is legend of past, DRAGON KING ACNOLOGIA!!!!!!!!!!€£!! Just be careful, we can't do anything against him. you should go and start meeting.

And he sent huraizen back. and they were having a meeting. everyone has different thoughts then others. And danzo was thinking of a way to take acnologia under his control. That's when huraizen said" call the Kage summit in 2 days"


Yagura has never experienced being called by 3 tails. But this time 3 tails was calling him and that too desperately. And it started after that aura came. he went in his mind scape. There he saw 3 tails in a jail. He went near 3 tails and 3 tail said something that he was sure he would never heard.

3 tail: let me out of this cage I need to call others tail beasts to confirm something and after that I'll go back. I am not lying, i can even promise to go back in cage in name of my father after I've confirmed it.

yagura: how can I believe what you said is true.

yagura saw 3 tails was becoming a little frantic. he has never seen 3 tails like this. so he agreed.

After he removed the seal, he watched as 3 tail came out. It didn't even bothered him and directly close his eyes after some time he opened then and looked afraid.Then he looked like he is thinking about and after some time it closed his eyes again. Then when opened them he looked toward me and spoke:"start packing we are going to Kage summit, start running now the early it is started the better and send letters to other villages to come with their jinchuriki. And tell them it is related to the aura and they need all tail beast there. now let's hurry go"


Same thing happened to killer bee, and he hurried to his brother who also trusted his brother sent the later to bring jinchuriki's and he also left in hurry with his brother and 2 tails jinchuriki.


Kazekage received the letter and started to run toward land of samurai with his son. he also wanted to know what happened and what was that aura.


Oniki received the letter and he also departed to land of samurai with the 4 and 5 tails jinchuriki's. He didn't trusted them but he doesn't have choice. He has to do this.

other tail beats have also told there containers to go to land samurai.

In this way 2 days went away.


Every village was there and also all jinchuriki's.

The first one to talk was killer bee. he told them that he is going to let 8 tails take over but he will be listening to every thing. as he said that 8 tails appeared in front of all the people's. First thing 8 tail said shocked them. he said: Let other tail beast take over the jinchuriki's.

after some consideration they agreed. as all the jinchuriki's opened the cages. they let tail beast take over. once it was over all they beasts look it each other and nodded. Then 9 tails spoke:" The aura you felt yesterday was aura of DRAGON KING ACNOLOGIA. You might think he is legend but he is not. Old man six path told us about him. According to the old man Acnologia has enough strength to destroy the whole world if he used his full powered attack. Like us tail beast he can also use energy attack but there's a difference. we mostly use our attack as bomb but his attack is his roar of chaos. And his fully powdered roar is enough to destroy the whole world. and it doesn't take him much time to charge it. My guess longest would be 3 seconds. I'll let other tell you about him a bit more"

2 tails spoke this time: according to father he is immune to all elements, and if this is not overpowered enough then there is one more thing you would like to listen. If you think you can defeat him with taijutsu then you are even more wrong. Why, because he is physically insanely strong, and he is immortal and no, not immortality like never ending lifespan. That's just a side perk. He is perfect immortal like us tail beasts. a being who can only be sealed but here comes a tricky part. He regenerate instantly. so even if by some way you destroy his body he will regenerate in 5 seconds max. He doesn't use chakra or natural energy, so it'll be even more difficult as you can't absorb his attack with rinnegan. So father told us not to provoke him and better obey him. what do u humans think.

All the people's here have there mind shattered. What can they even do to such a being. They can't seal him as he too powerful and regenerate too quickly. They can't use elemental attack because he is immune to elements. They can't use taijutsu to defeat him for the same reason, because he is too strong and as 2 tail said even if they some how destroy his body he will heal in less then 5 seconds.

For the first time they felt this helpless. They can't do anything but watch. Watch as this monster destroy everything they love, they care for, yet they can't do anything. They felt like a normal human in front of a strong Jonin who just can't be defeated. As they were lost in thoughts they heard a roar from far away.


They then felt the aura they felt two days before heading toward them. Although not the same amount of aura but nonetheless the same overbearing and dominating aura. If that is not enough proof, then the way natural energy is acting, like telling them to obey the being that is coming and kneel and pray for mercy from the being. It prove that THR DRAGON KING ACNOLOGIA is coming here.



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