8 Chapter 8
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Author :Ali_Ashter
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8 Chapter 8

2 days before

After killing acnologia flew toward madara. He was thinking of killing him but after thinking of mission that system gave him, he changed his mind. It took him 2 minute to reach madara. When acnologia reached him, he was shaking in fear.

Acnologia: you are too slow, let me help you catch the tail beasts.

Madara: yes my lord. But we have to wait for sometime.

Acnologia: why? I can just go to villages and take them away.

Madara: lord if I'm not wrong, villages will do kage summit. We can go there at kage summit and threat them to hand over tail beasts or you will destroy there villages. what do you think, it'll be more faster and easier. And if by any chance they ignore your threat and go against you. You can always destroy them.

After hearing madara acnologia started thinking. After a few moments of thinking he agrees with madara and secretly praise him as well for being so smart and sly. This guy had already predicted Kage's next move.

Acnologia starts to change into his human form. After changing into his human form, acnologia start doing a little bit of exercise to adjust to this form. it's been centuries and he hasn't used this form so he needed time to adjust to this form. After adjust to his human form Acnologia starts to walk toward madara.

Acnologia: take me to your hide out. We will go to kage summit when it begins.

Acnologia followed madara into the base. It was simple underground room. He sat crossleged on the ground. And starterd mediate. He asked system to show status.

system: Yes host

NAME: Acnologia

AGE : 1290

RACE: Dragon

MAGIC: Chaos

STRENGTH: (5,000)30,000






Acnologia was surprised with the change in his status so he asked system about it.

System: it is because host is in human form. host human form can't take his full power but hoat human form will grow stronger as host grow stronger as well but there will always be a difference. For example if host STRENGTH reaches 50,000 in Dragon form host human form will be able to use 8,000 strength for host full strength.

Acnologia was surprised to hear it. but he asked system.

Acnologia: I thought human form will be more stronger and faster because it is smaller then my dragon form and my dragon form muscle strength would be compressed to my human form. And as human are much smaller so it'll be much stronger because of compressed strength. tell me system why am I wrong because i think all my theories are correct.

system: your theory would have been correct if it were not for human beings being a low level species and dragon being a high level species. and because of dragon being a high level specie your human form can't handle the burden your dragon form can.

Now Acnologia understood why it was like this. As he was chatting with system madara came. Acnologia opened his eyes asked how long was he out for. madara reply it's been a day.

Madara: Lord I have found that this time kage summit will also have all jinchuriki's. I think this is best opportunity to collect all tail beasts.

Acnologia agreed. He really want to meet kaguya. it's been such a long time since he last saw her. He miss her. so he asked madara when will kage summit start . madara answered that it will start tomorrow. Acnologia said to madara that wake me up when it's time and then closed his eyes.

As it is not that far till he collects tail beasts and unseal kaguya so he asked system.

Acnologia: system can I bring kaguya with me to other worlds. and how do I travel to other worlds.

System: host can indeed bring kaguya with him to other worlds but host need to make her his mate. And if host is not aware, host should know that host can only have one mate and no more. and host should also be aware of that host can only bring host mate and his blood related child with him to other worlds. And host can travel via telling system about which world host wants to go but host needs a ticket. And tickets come are also categorized into low, middle, high, and god. Host can't use a middle level world ticket to travel to a high level world similarly host can't use a high level world ticket to travel to a middle level world.

Acnologia: system are world also categorized into something more then just low level.

System: Yes host worlds are also categorized. for example, low(low), low(mid), low(high), low(peak). host right now is in a low(low) world. if you want a power scale then it can be scaled as F, FF, FFF, E, EE, EEE, D, DD, DDD, C, CC, CCC, B, BB, BBB, A, AA, AAA ,S, SS, SSS, SSS+, EXX??. SSS+ can be categorized as limit of world of the said world and EXX?? Can be categorized as surpassing the limit. if your power is given a ranking for the world you are in it will be EXX??. And seven deadly sins is also a low level world but it's a low(peak) and your power rank will be SS or around 450,000 in numbers.

Acnologia: you mean to say I am weak and I can't go to middle level world or I'll die without even knowing how.

System: yes host but you can get stronger extremely fast. but you need sometime so it is best to go into hiding before making some major move into new world.

Acnologia began thinking about getting stronger. As he was about to start destroying his body to get zenkai he smelled someone coming. he opened his eyes to see madara coming. Madara told him it's time. and that all tail beasts are there and are out in there original form not in jinchurikis. Acnologia went out and changed into his dragon form. He controlled his aura to not fully leak and He flew into sky and let out a roar.


And flapped his wing with full force and broke sound barrier many times and flew at extreme speed. it took him a minute and he could see tail beasts and some humans. He landed near them.

He could feel there fear. Tail beasts were bowing there heads. and humans were standing there with grave faces. He changed into his human form. He ordered one tail to make him a throne. one tail used sand to make him a throne and he sat on it.

Acnologia: You have two choices. one, hand over all tail beasts to me. second, get destroy by me.

as he said this every human there changed there face. there faces turn ugly. after sometime one of human came forward.

Raikage: I would fight you then hand over my brother to you.

after he said that every human there said same thing.

Acnologia: HAHA HAHAHA HAAAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHHAHA. I will give you a week to prepare and choose a place for the so called fight you want. HAHAHAHAHAHA. What a time has come that a weak ant want to fight me. HAHAHAHAHAHA. Well then get ready to be destroyed in a week time.

after saying that acnologia jumped high in the air and transform into his dragon form and flew away.

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