Absolute Great Teacher
2 Favorable Impression +1
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Absolute Great Teacher
Author :Longing Washes Red Beans
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2 Favorable Impression +1

The night was already late, the bonfire swayed gently in the wind.

Li Ziqi, who was a budding beauty, emitted a dense air of innocence only teenage girls would have. This was especially so for her melon-shaped face. It was beautiful and adorable.

Although she wasn't an adult yet, she already possessed the immature charm of one. A few years later, she would definitely rank among the top ranks of beauties and become famous throughout the world.

Yet, Sun Mo had no time to admire her beauty. His brain was busy searching through the Great Absolute Teacher System.

"The system can help the host to become a great absolute teacher. The host can gain an increase in favorable impressions through the system guidance and targets set.

"Favorable impressions can be transformed into gold coins and be used as the currency to purchase items from the system shopping store.

"Merchandise sold includes but is not limited to various spells, secret treasures, alchemical pills, absolute arts, and blueprints…"

Sun Mo read silently and chose to open up the system shopping store. A shop's shelf made of sandalwood appeared before his eyes. However, nothing was on it other than a glowing dark-red fruit at the right corner.

"Starmoon Fruit, price 1,000 favorable impression points. After consuming it, it will increase your level."

Sun Mo's expression became unsightly.

"Are you kidding me? Where's the bunch of good stuff promised? Why is there only one item? Do you believe that I'll smack your face?"

In the continent of nine provinces, spirit qi was in abundance, and some distinguished sages had created various cultivation methods. If one trained their cultivation to the extreme, they could achieve eternal life and shatter the void. Up until now, tens of thousands of years had already passed in this world, and it had become a mature system.

The first realm for cultivators was known as the body-refinement realm. Next was the spirit-refining realm.

Energy was stored in your pores, transforming into spirit. When all 108 acupoints were cleared, the cultivator would step into the blood-ignition realm followed by the divine force realm. As the name implied, cultivators at the divine force realm had the strength that surpassed mortals.

Sun Mo felt like the cultivation realms were the same as learning; both could grow based on cultivating oneself through the system. No matter what, he was still a postgraduate student. He didn't feel that cultivation would be difficult. Hence, compared to the Starmoon Fruit that could be used to increase his level and realm, he wanted an absolute art more.

"Don't need to be in a rush. The other items would gradually be unlocked!"

The tone of the system wasn't fast nor slow.

"Is there something like the Art of Nine Negations? How about the Six-Meridians Divine Sword?"

Sun Mo was a cultured youth. Usually, he would be reading novels on his phone in his idle time. When he had the feeling, he would even write some stories himself.


The system was as calm as ever. "But there are better absolute arts than that."

Sun Mo and the system were squabbling, neglecting Li Ziqi at the side. However, she wasn't impatient and was staring at Sun Mo in interest.

"He is quite good-looking!"

Li Ziqi bit her lips. Usually, people would always smile after looking at her. They would use all sorts of topics, trying to compliment her. But this young man didn't even glance at her directly.


Favorable impression from Li Ziqi +1.

Prestige connection with Li Ziqi. Current state, neutral (5/100)!

"Don't be nervous, I won't bite."

Sun Mo squeezed out a smile, feeling puzzled in his heart. Why did her favorable impression of him increase? According to the system's explanation, he thought that he needed to provide teachings and guidance before the target's favorable impression of him would increase?

"That's a great teacher's words and actions. The way they sit and walk can be considered role models. Your demeanor can also stir the hearts of students, causing them to generate respect and worship."

The system's explanation was very detailed. It felt a little like a caring older sister.

"What is a prestige connection then?"

Sun Mo asked.

"Host's level is too low. Unable to reveal the information."

The system rejected him.

Sun Mo continued to explore the system's functions as he felt his headache growing increasingly painful. When he first arrived, the memories in his brain were in chaos. Also, because he went into the water to save someone earlier, he expended quite a large amount of strength. He was incomparably weary and soon fell asleep involuntarily.


Kua! Kua!

A frog jumped onto Sun Mo's face without any regard for him. After leaving two wet prints, it leaped off again.

"The dream last night was so long. But that girl was quite beautiful."

The slightly cool dewdrops wetted his body, making him extremely uncomfortable. Sun Mo casually wiped his face and when he turned, he directly knocked his head into a locust tree next to him.


The sensation of pain drifted over.

"It wasn't a dream!"

Sun Mo rubbed his forehead and searched for Li Ziqi. However, at the bonfire that was already extinguished, there was no one at all. Even so, there was a pink-color handkerchief tied around his left wrist.

"Ten days later, see you at the student recruitment meet."

The beautiful-looking words exuded the gentle aura of a girl from a wealthy family.

When Sun Mo thought of his terrible situation, he couldn't help but smile bitterly. If he was to let this girl know that he was just a logistic staff, wouldn't her disappointment shoot through the roof?

He went to the lake's side to wash his face first. This face of his was 80% similar to him in his previous world, but it was slightly more good-looking with a few hints of delicateness and immaturity to be seen. On his countenance, no confidence was emitted, there was only trepidation.

"No way!"

Sun Mo was very satisfied. Everyone wanted to be more good-looking. In his past world, his handsome face had added some impression points for him before the vice headmaster. After all, there would always be more opportunities for good-looking people.


The Jinling City was the ancient capital of the Six Dynasties. Although its bricks and tiles were covered with moss, the city had a rich historical background.

He walked to the end of Hongwu Street, which was the location of the Central Province Academy. A majestic and gigantic stone gate exuded a feeling of tyranny and solemnness as it stood there.

Sun Mo rushed back based on his memories. It was already close to noon.

"Where did you go?"

Mister Qin who was guarding the gate immediately stretched his head out when he saw Sun Mo.

Sun Mo nodded and then quickly entered the campus.

"Li Gong wanted you to go to the logistics department and look for him straight."

Mister Qin had a very loud voice. No matter how he listened, Sun Mo could hear a gloating tone over his misfortune in his voice.

The passing students also began to mumble to themselves as they pointed at Sun Mo. He was probably the most famous person in the school now. It was just that rather than fame, it was infamy.

After he went up the office building and pushed open the logistics department door, a smell of cigarette smoke assailed his nose. Sun Mo hadn't seen anyone yet, but a scolding voice already rang out.

"Where have you gone to? Do you know that during lesson times, you are not allowed to leave the campus for no reason? Do you think you are a great teacher?"

A middle-aged man sitting at the corner stood up and limped over. He pointed at Sun Mo and began cursing at him.

"He isn't a teacher, but he is the fiance of the headmaster. So what even if he skipped work? Do you dare to interfere?"

A taunting voice that was exceptionally ear-piercing rang out.

Sun Mo swept his gaze over; this voice belonged to a short-haired middle-aged man. He had a teapot in his right hand and would occasionally throw a few taunts over. Sun Mo remembered that this man was named Liu Tong.

"I don't care whose fiance you are. If there's a next time, you will immediately be fired!"

Li Gong scolded and his tone was filled with violent anger. "Now, scram and go clean up the storehouses. I will do a check tomorrow morning."

Sun Mo then retreated.

"Wait a minute. Your salary for this month will be reduced by half."

Li Gong added. After that, he impatiently waved his hand like he was trying to chase a fly away.

"You guys bully him so much. What if this brat really resigns?"

Chen Mu who had a headful of white-hair felt some worry. He was afraid that they might be implicated. "I heard that Headmaster An personally wrote a letter of appointment to hire him."

"Oi, he is just someone who lives behind a woman's backing. What are you afraid of?"

Li Gong was filled with disdain. In any case, if the headmaster came down on them, there would be people above the headmaster protecting them. Besides, the faster Sun Mo was fired, the quicker he would be promoted.

After an intern came to the school, they would be assigned to an experienced teacher. They would start from a teaching assistant and learn from the teacher. However, Sun Mo's situation was terrible. He was assigned to Li Gong.

Li Gong wasn't a teacher. He was a foreman in the logistics department, and he did odd jobs for the school like repairing the tables and chairs. Basically, those with judgment could already tell that the chance of Sun Mo becoming a teacher wasn't great.

"Hmph, with me around, forget about being a great teacher, he won't even be able to be a teacher in his life. If my mood is good, I can still teach him woodwork. At the very least, he would be able to fill his stomach."

Li Gong drank a mouthful of tea and had a complacent look on his face. To him, he didn't have many chances to 'fix' intern teachers.

Chen Mu opened his mouth, but he swallowed back the words he was about to speak. Forget it, he didn't want to interfere. Currently, many worrying matters were affecting the school, bringing plenty of troubles. It was best for him to protect himself and idle away while receiving his salary!

Standing in the corridor, Sun Mo's expression was gloomy. He was never a person to turn the other cheek after being slapped. If it wasn't for him still not being familiar with this body and not understanding the concept of spirit qi, he would have definitely sent a punch over and taught the lame Li Gong why the flowers were red.

"Li Gong? I'll let you boss around for now!"

Sun Mo made a note about this lame cripple in the notebook of his heart. "Also that fiancee of mine? She seemed to be very fickle with this relationship."

Three years ago, the old headmaster of the Central Province Academy had failed to obtain the laurel of a Saint. Although he didn't die, he was still unconscious now.

His son wasn't filial and had escaped his responsibility. Thus, his granddaughter An Xinhui had no choice but to step up temporarily and bear the headmaster's role.

An Xinhui had peerless looks and a pure heart. She had graduated from the Heavenly Mystery Academy of Cloud Province. That academy was different from this 'famous school' that had long since fallen to the 'D' grade. It was one of the nine top famous schools in the world.

Even in the Heavenly Mystery Academy of Cloud Province, An Xinhui was still the cream of the crop and had obtained an outstanding reputation. During her first year, she had already made her way into the Devastatingly Beauty Rankings.

However, being a headmaster and a student was two different things. In these three years, An Xinhui worked her heart out but was still unable to prevent the Central Province Academy's decline.

After Sun Mo arrived at the school, he merely saw An Xinhui from afar during a meeting. In fact, they didn't even have any private communication.

His past-self had come to the Central Province Academy after graduation because he wanted to help this fiancee of his who was childhood sweethearts with him. His goal was to let the Central Province Academy return to the top nine famous schools in the world. However, all of a sudden, people started labeling him as a 'soft-rice guy'. Also, he was tossed into the logistics department. Leaving aside getting a good position, he didn't even manage to become a normal teaching assistant.

"As a soft-rice guy, didn't I lose out too much?"

Sun Mo was speechless.

"Ding, new mission available. Please become a teaching assistant in one month. Reward: One silver chest."

The system's voice rang out with no prior signs.


Art of Nine Negations and Six-Meridians Divine Sword are both ultimate-level martial arts in Jinyong Novels.

Soft-rice guy: A guy that lived off a woman.

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    《Absolute Great Teacher》