Absolute Great Teacher
3 Divine Sigh
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Absolute Great Teacher
Author :Longing Washes Red Beans
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3 Divine Sigh

Sun Mo wanted to curse.

Becoming a teaching assistant? How could things be so easy? Right now, his job at the logistics department was insecure. No matter what, he had been a teacher-in-charge for six years and had experienced office politics before.

If there was no one instructing Li Gong to do this, a logistics supervisor like him wouldn't constantly target Sun Mo without any benefits. Unless, of course, he was so idle that his balls hurt.

"So someone is hiding in the shadows, targeting me? I will find out who you are and chase you out of the school."

Sun Mo vowed. After heading down, his expression returned to normal. The old headmaster had once said that even if one was so frantic that their heart chilled, they must not allow anyone to see it from their external expressions.

After passing by the martial lecture hall, he continued forward and walked through the field. He then saw a stretch of storerooms northwest from here. These storehouses were used to store junk.

Sun Mo walked for a bit and knew that Li Gong was purposely making things difficult for him. These storerooms were in a state of half-broken for many years. Rust mottled their doors. Clearly, it had been a very long time since anyone had used them.

He casually chose a storehouse and opened the door. The smell of dust particles lying on molded timber assaulted his nostrils.

"Clean up everything by tomorrow morning? It's impossible even if the time limit was a week."

Sun Mo rubbed his nose. There was no need to ask, he would definitely be cursed at by Li Gong tomorrow morning.

He casually picked a few items up. They were either damaged tables or tattered sofas. He would occasionally see a few rusted arrows on the ground too.

Sun Mo instantly lost all interest in tidying this place up. He found a table designed for the game of Go and casually wiped it twice before sitting on it. As he basked in the sun's rays, he began to analyze the Divine Sight spell he had obtained from the Absolute Great Teacher System yesterday.

"When the user focuses his attention at the target, the user will be able to see each and every data of the target. The targets include but aren't limited to humans, animals, cultivation arts, and items. However, it had the best effect on humans!"

"Note: The higher your proficiency, the more details you would be able to see."

The system gave him a timely reminder.

"Even cultivation arts and items can be seen through? This is awesome then!"

Sun Mo was shocked. Even an ordinary teacher would understand how powerful this spell was even if they used their knees to think.

What did a teacher need the most? It was naturally a comprehensive understanding of each student. Now, he would be able to read their data, as well as their potential value just by focusing on them. How terrifying was this?

The system didn't reply, but Sun Mo could fantasize silently. If the system had a face, it would definitely have a reserved yet filled with superiority smile.

"The grandmaster-grade is the proficiency index, right?"

Sun Mo speculated.

"That's right, the proficiency index is a unique method of the Absolute Great Teacher System to evaluate the standards and grades of skills and techniques."

The system acted like a caring elder sister. "Proficiency index can be categorized as elementary, good, expert, grandmaster, ancestor, and legend grade!"

His Divine Sight was now at the elementary grade. The amount of details he can obtain is just barely satisfactory. At the good-grade, it would automatically show more basic data of the target. At the expert-grade, he would then be able to see the target's potential value.

And at the grandmaster-grade, Divine Sight would show the target's strength, weaknesses, talent, recent body condition, etc. In any case, the data obtained would be extremely thorough and detailed.

"Haha, getting a grandmaster-grade Divine Sight Spell...the newbie gift pack is truly generous."

After reading the detailed introduction, Sun Mo had a wide smile on his face. He looked like a fox that had succeeded in stealing grapes from an orchard.

"That's only natural. If you completely master the grandmaster-grade Divine Sight, even if it was a young girl who got hemorrhoids, she wouldn't be able to hide it from your eyes."

The system was complacent.

"How do I level it up to the ancestor-grade?"

Sun Mo licked his lips and impatiently focused his sight as he stared at the junk in his surroundings.

[A desk, made from poplar wood. Damage degree over 70%, impossible to repair.]

[Rusted arrow, during creation, the intensity of the fire wasn't high enough. This is considered an inferior product.]

[Wall, constructed using stone materials from Wuman Mountain. The creator put in a lot of effort when grinding it, it can be reused.]


Before Sun Mo's eyes, dense streams of data instantly floated up, almost causing him to be blinded. However, he couldn't bear to close his eyes. The feeling of instantly getting the data was too satisfying. It was like anything before his eyes would transform into beauties who took off all their clothes, allowing him to view everything about them.

"Truly a panoramic view!"

Sun Mo continued turning his head. He glanced at an abandoned book, a torn and tattered love letter, and paint sprayed on a wall by teenagers who just experienced their first awakening of love two days ago.

The system didn't reply, but Sun Mo didn't care. He was having fun playing. After looking through everything in the storeroom, he turned his attention to the next storeroom.

Suddenly, a stream of red words appeared among the complicated data.

[Wooden blade, made of black sandalwood. A great master in smithing spent a total of three years of his efforts to create this weapon in the Liang Province.]

[This timber's quality is tough and unyielding, comparable to steel. It would also emit a weak fragrance that could persist for tens of years. It has the miraculous effect of calming one's mind and heart and dispelling nightmares.]

This was a spirit weapon and would definitely cost a lot. However, what caused Sun Mo to feel shocked was the description written in red.

[On this wooden blade, the Grand Universe Formless Divine Art is inscribed. It's a peerless-grade saint-tier product.]

"Is this real or not?"

Sun Mo found this a little hard to believe. Through the memories he got after fusing with this body, he knew that the cultivation arts in Middle-Earth were divided into three tiers - Saint, Heaven, and Earth. Each tier was further divided into inferior, average, superior, and peerless grades.

Peerless-grade saint-tier cultivation art was considered a pinnacle cultivation art in Middle-Earth.

"Such a powerful art was engraved onto a wooden blade?"

Sun Mo immediately checked it. On the handle, tiny words like flies were carved in flamboyant calligraphy. The words were extremely graceful and elegant. From this, one could tell that the writer had very high attainments in calligraphy.

"It's night, the dark clouds are lowered. I fought against my good friend in chess for three months plus and have not suffered a single defeat. Due to my joyous mood, I hereby carve the Formless Divine Art onto the wooden blade and bequeath it to a fated person."

Sun Mo was speechless. From the words, he could tell that the writer was a passionate person. If it was him in the writer's stead, he would also be so happy that he would head to a KTV to sing until the place exploded.

What Sun Mo didn't know was that the unlucky person who had lost throughout the three months went into seclusion for three years after that event. After he exited seclusion, he continuously defeated tens of national experts from countless countries in the nine provinces. Everyone then gave him the title of 'Chess Saint'. He had not lost a single chess battle from then on until now.

After reading carefully, Sun Mo exclaimed loudly.


Leaving aside how good the divine art was, just the words alone were sufficient for him to take it out and admire it once every day.

Although Sun Mo had already fused with the memories of this body and understood the concept of spirit qi and some basic cultivation methods, he didn't hastily cultivate the Grand Universe Formless Divine Art. He locked the storeroom door and went to the library to check on some information, wanting to understand this country in detail first.

This was something Sun Mo had planned to do since the beginning. As a man who loved to plan and react, Sun Mo's good look wasn't the only thing that secured him the position of a teacher-in-charge not long after he graduated.

The library of the Central Province Academy was very large. There were also many people. However, the atmosphere was so quiet that one could hear if a pin dropped. Every student would do their utmost to lighten their footsteps even if they were walking.

"The mood of learning is excellent!"

Sun Mo stood before some wooden bookshelves and stared at these students who seemed as though they just came out from ancient era dramas. When he inhaled deeply, he could smell a mixture of ink and incense.

Reading history was undoubtedly the shortcut to understanding a country and its people.

There were nine provinces on Middle-Earth namely, Liang Province, Xia Province, Barbarian Province, Jing Province, Central Province, Serene Province, Cloud Province, and Sea Province.

Sun Mo was part of the Tang People in Central Province. He was now living in Jinling, a place that was close to China's ancient eras. There were emperors and concubines, subjects and generals, and also bandits and refugees. However, the greatest difference was that this world was filled with dense amounts of spirit qi.

Breathing spirit qi in and out could strengthen one's physique. Hence, cultivators were born. The weak ones had punching strength reaching 500kg, and they could break stone and iron easily. The strong ones could even shift mountains and overturn seas, including summoning the wind and rain.

Who didn't wish to be immune to a hundred diseases or have a longevity of 1,000 years? Hence, during this golden period, these cultivation academies were growing like the spring bamboo after the rain, popping up one after another.

Each province had a peak-level academy. The Central Province Academy had once been the top-ranked academy in Central Province, and this was why it managed to have the words 'Central Province' in its name, indicating the school's glory and honor. However, right now, it had fallen from one of the top nine ranks to the 'D' grade. If it wasn't able to pass the league tournament at the end of the year, it would be removed from the system and forced to become an abandoned school.

"Sigh, so tragic!"

Sun Mo also felt a headache for his fiancee whom he hadn't met yet. Return to the top nine rankings? This was basically an impossible mission.

There were several manuals of cultivation arts in the library, and the students could flip through them casually. The cultivation art that the past Sun Mo had practiced was the Overflow Rain Sword, and it could also be found here. This art was extremely common and its might was ordinary.

There were much fewer heaven-tier and zero saint-tier cultivation arts in the world. Hence, Sun Mo treated the Grand Universe Formless Divine Art he had obtained by chance as a supreme treasure. He began to seriously read it.

This cultivation art could be split into nine levels. The essence was using the formless to triumph over the myriad manifestations and the shapeless to win against the myriad of shapes. Simply speaking, it could copy all types of moves from the opponents and was able to produce a stronger level of might than them.


As a teacher, Sun Mo was very sensitive toward words like 'copy'. But this cultivation art could be used to 'feed' moves to students.

Regardless of doing questions, playing chess, or battling, the more opponents he encountered, the more experience he would gain. If he did focused training in one of those areas, he would have already won 30% of the fight before they even fought.

"If my student is going to face an enemy, I can 'feed' the moves of his enemy to them. Wouldn't that be equivalent to winning?"

Sun Mo was unable to restrain a smile. It seemed that he was truly fated with the teaching job. As this place was a school, the person who had left behind the Grand Universe Formless Divine Art should be an extremely famous great teacher with high prestige.


Sun Mo expressed his gratitude softly. He had initially been worrying about his livelihood. But with this cultivation art, leaving aside an ordinary school, even if he was here in Central Province Academy, he was confident that he would stand out among his peers.

He then stretched his body before leaning against a chair.

"Becoming a teaching assistant in a month? I will accomplish that for you in half-a-month!"

Sun Mo was currently feeling a little arrogant. However, his happiness soon turned into sadness.

"As you wish!"

The voice of the system rang out. This time, the tone wasn't like a caring elder sister, but rather like the evil step-mom that abused cinderella. "Ding! The duration of the mission has changed. Please become a teaching assistant in half-a-month. If you fail, there will be severe punishment!"


Sun Mo wanted to cry but no tears were coming out. "I was just speaking randomly. You wouldn't take my words for real, right?"


A flash of golden light suddenly spread throughout the library. Sun Mo's mind was fatigued from checking the information all morning. But now, he instantly felt refreshed and inspired. It was like he had just been injected with stimulants.

"A great teacher halo!"

Some students exclaimed in shock.

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