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Absolute Great Teacher
Author :Longing Washes Red Beans
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6 Reward

Sun Mo spent another day in the library. The book collections were simply too rich, and they allowed his understanding of the nine provinces of Middle-Earth to become even more detailed.

When it was almost midnight, Sun Mo closed the book he was reading and rested for a while, waiting for the notification from the system.

"Ding! Midnight has passed. The chance to draw one lucky treasure chest is refreshed!"

The Absolute Great Teacher System caused him to feel joy punctually every midnight. Without much expectation, Sun Mo told the system to open the chest.

Unfortunately, there were still no cool effects. The red-colored treasure chest with the word 'fortune' opened up, showing Sun Mo that he got another clump of soil.

"Are you asking me to eat soil?"

Sun Mo muttered. The system naturally didn't bother to reply.

In any case, Sun Mo, who didn't harbor any high hopes, went back to his reading. Time flowed by, and it was only until morning did his stomach tap out, feeling hungry.

"Let's go and have a taste of breakfast in Jinling City!"

Sun Mo stood up, placing [A Basic Outline of Pill Alchemy] back onto the shelf and preparing to leave. But before he walked out of the entrance, he saw Li Gong's limping figure waiting for him there.

The school had clear rules that the library was a place students could learn and read. Therefore, maintaining absolute silence was a must. If someone shouted, created a disturbance, or did something that had no relationship with learning here, they would be forcefully evicted and punished. For a year, they wouldn't be allowed to enter the library again.

Li Gong naturally didn't dare to berate Sun Mo in the library. Hence, he could only wait at the entrance.

Sun Mo halted his steps and stared at Li Gong.

Numerous rows of data appeared before his eyes.

Sun Mo glanced at these basic data, only looking at those he could use. Very soon, a smile appeared on his lips.

"Divine Sight is too awesome." 

Sun Mo sighed silently in admiration.

"Stop hiding here, scram out!"

Seeing that Sun Mo had noticed him and stopped there, Li Gong panicked. He immediately cursed silently. Would this brat be like a cowardly turtle and hide here? He shouldn't have waited at the entrance but hid at some other spots to find a chance and catch Sun Mo.

The department head of the logistics department didn't have a good temper. If someone didn't do the thing he had instructed to do, they would definitely be out of luck.

Just when Li Gong was contemplating how he should get Sun Mo to leave the library, Sun Mo strode toward him and walked out. He didn't hesitate at all.

After being in a daze for a while, Li Gong's expression turned ashen. Was Sun Mo looking down on him? Did Sun Mo feel that because he was an intern teacher, a staff of the logistics department couldn't offend him?

"Hmph. I will 'fix' you soon until you become autistic and scram out of this school yourself."

Li Gong laughed malevolently and lunged over, preparing to let Sun Mo know how many teeth this old dog had left.

"Your leg was crippled 12 years ago."

Sun Mo's lips curled into a smile. The first rays of the morning sun cascaded down on his sharply contoured face, adding to his handsomeness.


Li Gong had an expression as though he just saw a ghost. He wanted to curse, but all his words were stuck in his throat. Why? Because Sun Mo was right. His leg had been indeed crippled 12 years ago.

"Your leg was crippled by the Cloudpush Palm!"

Sun Mo was enjoying the shocked look on Li Gong's face.


Li Gong gasped in shock.

"The Cloudpush Palm is truly impressive. It took only three palm strikes to make your leg lame for over ten years. It hasn't recovered until now!"

Sun Mo mocked.

"You investigated me?"

Li Gong ruthlessly stared at Sun Mo. His expression was as sinister as an infuriated wild dog. Having a crippled leg was the greatest shame of his life.

"Investigate you? Are you qualified?"

Sun Mo chortled.

Li Gong raged, but he regained his senses in the blink of an eye. He was just a small character, so who would care about him? Although one could purchase this information if one went to the black market, how much would someone have to spend? From what Li Gong understood, Sun Mo was extremely poor.

Alright then, even if Sun Mo had the money, he had only been in the logistics department for a few days and met him less than five times. In such a short time, even if it was the greatest information broker, they wouldn't be able to gather such accurate information.

"How did he know that my leg was crippled by three palm strikes from the Cloudpush Palm?!"

Li Gong's mind was filled with question marks. One must know that he had never mentioned it to anyone before.


Sun Mo berated.

Li Gong's heart wavered. He subconsciously opened up a path, but after that, he felt something was amiss and hurriedly took a big stride forward, blocking Sun Mo. Just when he was about to open his mouth to curse...

"There's still hope for recovery for your lame leg!"

Sun Mo's voice was relaxed. His tone was bright, and it was very melodious. However, to Li Gong, it was like the sound of a thunderclap, jolting him so much that he froze on spot.

The word 'recovery' was like a magical spell that kept echoing in his ears. It caused him to feel agitated. It made him timid, it made him hesitate!


Sun Mo's right hand pushed out, slamming into his waist.

Li Gong subconsciously retreated two steps. His expression was complex as he looked at Sun Mo's departing back. He no longer dared to obstruct Sun Mo.

To a man whose leg had been lamed for over 12 years, there was nothing more attractive to him than being able to walk normally again.

For this, Li Gong would spare no expense.

"Is he playing me? Wrong, since he could tell that I was injured by the Cloudpush Palm and could even accurately say out the number of palm strikes, he should have a solution, right?"

Li Gong was conflicted. "But he is only an intern teacher. Would he have such good judgment?"


Favorable impression from Li Gong +1.

The prestige connection with Li Gong is unlocked. Current status, neutral (1/100)!

The notification caused Sun Mo to be bewildered. "He had a favorable impression of me just like that?"

"When the host provides a guiding act toward a target, the target will generate feelings of good-will, intimacy, awe, and worship. After all these factors are combined, a favorable impression would be formed."

The system became a caring elder sister again.

"I understand!"

Sun Mo accurately said the reason behind Li Gong's lame leg, causing him to feel impressed. Also, he wanted to seek guidance from Sun Mo to ask how he should cure his leg. This was why a favorable impression was generated.

Naturally, Li Gong still had a suspicious attitude toward Sun Mo. If not, he wouldn't have generated the lowest number of favorable impression points at 1 point.

Sun Mo glanced at the system's shopping store. He didn't expect that other than the Starmoon Fruit, an emblem that was emitting a dense golden-colored light could be found here.

"Ten-years time emblem. After using it, it will give you ten years of experience in a certain skill or technique. Your proficiency level of that skill or technique would be increased by one level."

"Price: 1,000 favorable impression points."

Time emblems were good stuff. Sadly, it was so expensive that Sun Mo could only gaze at it from afar. Now, he only had a total of 5 favorable impression points.

"It seems like I have to think of a method to become a teaching assistant quickly."

Sun Mo was planning for the future. Only after becoming a teaching assistant would his chances to interact with students increased. He could then give lectures to guide them and harvest favorable impression points.

In the nine provinces of Middle-Earth, there were a hundred schools of thought and every kind of study material. Among them, martial arts were the basics. All cultivators were chasing after the extreme pinnacle of the martial dao, so naturally, great teachers who taught and provided guidance about cultivation would have the most respectable statuses.

With the Grand Universe Formless Divine Art, how would Sun Mo still look up to the Overflow Rain Sword that he used to practice? He directly abandoned that and started his cultivation on the peerless-grade saint-tier cultivation art.

Because he had never come in contact with cultivation before, Sun Mo was exceptionally excited. His feelings were like he had just bought a limited-edition game and couldn't wait to clear the game on the day itself.

Male building, dorm #557.

Qi Shengjia who was sleeping under a blanket opened his eyes. When he saw the strong rays of sunlight already streaming in, he felt a little vexed. He wasted some time again.

He pulled the blanket off and wanted to get up from the bed. However, half of his body had no reactions at all; he was dumbstruck for a moment. After that, he felt waves of great terror drowning him in like the ocean waves.

"Shengjia, it's rare to see you sleeping so late!"

As he yawned, Wang Hao from the upper bunk jumped down. When he saw Qi Shengjia still lying in bed, he couldn't help being greatly startled. Qi Shengjia was famous for being hard-working. Ever since he joined the school three years ago, Qi Shengjia would wake up before dawn and start his practice.

Drip! Drip!

Qi Shengjia bit his lips, and his tears involuntarily flowed, wetting his pillow.

"Ai, how could it be so easy to enter the battle hall? You don't have to feel bad about it," consoled Wang Hao.

There were quite a lot of clubs in the school with experienced teachers as consultants. This was to make it convenient for students to exchange information, interact, and ask questions after their lessons for the day ended.

The battle hall was the most popular club, mainly established for combat. Students could spar against each other in the battle hall and compare their skills.

Naturally, it was very popular, making students rush to join it like a duck rushing to water. It was because a 1-star great teacher was acting as the consultant there. The teacher would provide free public guidance every week.

On Middle-Earth, the status of a great teacher was very respected, and they were also very busy. They held an office or post in the various large schools. Other than guiding their personal disciples, they would also hold a fixed number of public lessons every period.

If the great teacher had a position in the school, he or she would be able to give more lessons. But if it was those who held positions in a few schools, they would basically leave straight after their lessons. Students wouldn't even have the chance to ask questions.

There was no solution to it. A great teacher was simply too busy, and there were too many students wanting to ask questions. They definitely didn't have the time to care for each and every student so deeply.

If one wanted to get the guidance of a great teacher, there were two ways. One was to have outstanding individual talent and gained recognition from the great teacher. The great teacher then would accept the individual as a personal disciple and put his heart into guiding them. The second way was to go and attend public lectures.

The effect of the latter was definitely inferior to the former. But in this world, talented people were ultimately a minority.

For people like Qi Shengjia, he only managed to enter the Central Province Academy due to the decline happening after the calamity 300 years ago. If not, given his aptitude, he wouldn't even have the chance to step past the school gate.

For any famous school, they regarded the aptitude and quality of their students very highly.

To Qi Shengjia, entering the battle hall was the only way to raise his strength.


Qi Shengjia finally couldn't bear it anymore. He bit on his blanket and cried out. Right now, his body couldn't move, and he would soon lose his only chance. How could he not despair?

"Something is wrong."

Zhou Xu, who was lying on the lower bunk on the opposite side, instantly sat up as he looked at Qi Shengjia. "What's wrong with you?"

"I...I can't move any more!" Qi Shengjia's voice was mournful.

"Ah? I will go and call the doctor!" Wang Hao was badly frightened.


Upon hearing this, Qi Shengjia's reaction was even greater than Wang Hao.

"What situation is it now? You still want to save money!?"

Zhou Xu was speechless. He knew that Qi Shengjia wasn't from a wealthy background.

"No...No. Wait. Maybe my body has gone numb due to sleep paralysis. I will be fine just by resting for a while longer."

Qi Shengjia's face was pale, and his lips trembled. Right now, he could only pray.

Wang Hao and Zhou Xu exchanged a mutual glance. There were no solutions for it. They then glanced at Yan Li who was seated on another bed. Yan Li shrugged and put on an 'unable to help despite how much he wanted to' expression before continuing to lower his head and read his novel.

From his point of view, this poor bumpkin from the countryside should have scrammed long ago. Qi Shengjia would always disturb his beauty sleep by heading out early in the morning to practice. Now that he was paralyzed, it was truly too wonderful.

"He must have damaged his body because of overtraining!"

Yan Li silently gloated in glee.

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