Absolute Great Teacher
8 Expert-grade Circulation Technique
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Absolute Great Teacher
Author :Longing Washes Red Beans
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8 Expert-grade Circulation Technique

'Ancient massage technique'!

This was the skill book Sun Mo had just received. Upon hearing this name, everyone would feel an ambiguous feeling.

"In the past, was your name the Massage Master System, but you took an arrow to the knee and changed into the Absolute Great Teacher System?"

Sun Mo mocked.

The system remained silent.

"Are you planning on nurturing me into a young girl who massages customers' feet in a hair salon?"

Sun Mo had a suspicious attitude.

"You are a male."

The system replied, "Also, I discovered that you have quite the poisonous tongue."

"Clearly, the skill book you gave has a problem. You don't allow me to talk about it?"

Sun Mo furrowed his brows. "As a teacher, how can I curse at people? Let me tell you, if I begin cursing, I will be like a wild unleashed dog. I'm even afraid of myself."

"The ancient massage technique is a very effective massage technique from ancient times. With your hands, you can sense and understand every part of your target's body, achieving perfect control and allowing you to plan the logical cultivation path of the target."

The system explained.


Sun Mo had a colleague whose husband was a province-level athlete. Hence, he knew that body massage was a part of their training. Maintaining the conditions of their bodies and recovery was of utmost importance. The better the maintenance, the longer they would be able to compete in their career.

"However, isn't the name ancient massage technique a little too out of style? Can you change into something more impressive-sounding? For example, Ancient Dragon Capturing Hands?

Sun Mo's complaint was ignored by the system.

"Are you going to learn it or not?"

"Of course, I'm learning it!"

Sun Mo's reply was clean and clear-cut.


The skill book shattered, transforming into a ball of golden light that shot into Sun Mo's center of the brow. Some strange knowledge appeared in his mind.

"Congratulations, you obtained the expert-grade circulation technique. This technique is one of the four parts of the 'ancient massage technique'. It mainly targets the energy channels. Once the energy channels in one's body are cleared, the spirit qi would be able to flow through unobstructed."

Sun Mo's lips trembled and almost cursed the system's mother. After half-a-day, this was just a partial skill? How petty.

After breakfast, Sun Mo found a quiet storehouse. After locking the door, he began to cultivate the Grand Universe Formless Divine Art. Because of the presence of spirit qi, he discovered that his body was extremely strong. With just a casual leap, he could jump five to six meters.

"If I went to run a marathon and failed to give a psychological impact to the second-ranker, I would truly have let this body down."

Sun Mo fantasized. Everyone would thirst for a healthy body. In the past, he had been near-sighted and had had problems with his stomach and cervical vertebra. Now, they were completely fixed.

"Everything is good about cultivation other than the fact that it is too tiring."

Although he was grumbling, Sun Mo was close to stepping in the doorway of the first level of the Grand Universe Formless Divine Art.

The first level would allow him to unleash his potential and control his body, allowing it to erupt with strength at any moment, achieving perfect control of his strength.

The essence of the first level was one's control over their body. It was to dig out more of his potential.

This cultivation session lasted for a day. During this time, Sun Mo saw Li Gong who was looking all over for him. But since he was hidden, Li Gong didn't find him.

It wasn't that he was afraid of Li Gong. He just didn't have the mood to handle him temporarily. It felt like he just got a brand-new game and was fascinated by it. Let alone going to school, he didn't even have time to meet his girlfriend.

Sun Mo didn't like crowds. He waited until the peak-time was over before he headed to the canteen. 

He ordered a bowl of noodles that was extremely chewy. The broth was clear and satisfying, and he also ordered a few pieces of beef that were boiled for the whole night. It was so delicious to the extent where he could even swallow his tongue.

Intern teachers had subsidies, so Sun Mo only had to spend 5 coins. If he was officially employed, the subsidies would be even higher.

After leaving the canteen, Sun Mo headed to the Sorrowless Lake, wanting to take a walk after dinner.

Qi Shengjia followed 20 meters behind him, his heart was filled with hesitation. Earlier, he couldn't find Sun Mo. Then Wang Hao had an idea and told him to wait at the canteen's entrance. After all, everyone needed to eat.

"Sun...Teacher Sun!"

Qi Shengjia hastened his speed and chased after Sun Mo, which caused him to pull a few more muscles. It was so painful that his head was covered in sweat.

"Your leg is crippled?"

Sun Mo stopped and furrowed his brows.

"My right hand too."

Qi Shengjia revealed a tragic smile. He stared at Sun Mo's calm face and gritted his teeth before falling on his knees. The force was so great that during the contact between his knees and the pavement, a loud thud could be heard.

"Teacher Sun, please advise me!"

Qi Shengjia spoke and prostrated himself. This was his last hope.

"Get up!"

Sun Mo berated, "There's gold underneath the knee caps of a man. You should only kneel to the heavens, the earth, and your parents!"

Sun Mo hated those who didn't love themselves the most. Hence after saying this, his emotions flooded forth, activating his great teacher halo.


From Sun Mo, a golden light sprang forth like the fine rain, landing on Qi Shengjia's body.

Under the supportive effect of his 'priceless advice' halo, the sentence about having gold underneath a man's knee cap was like the chime of a giant bell, shaking Qi Shengjia's heart and mind. He subconsciously stood up.

"I was wrong!"

Qi Shengjia apologized. He lowered his head as all hesitation from before completely faded away. The emotions replacing it were deep respect as well as regrets.

He shouldn't have looked down on Teacher Sun. The effect of 'priceless advice' was truly powerful. He soon felt hope rising again in his heart. 


Favorable impression points from Qi Shengjia +3.

Prestige connection with Qi Shengjia unlocked. Current state: Neutral (3/100)!

"I can gain favorable impression points like this?"

Sun Mo activated Divine Sight and observed Qi Shengjia. The muscles of Qi Shengjia's right arm and left leg were injured seriously. This was especially so for his energy channels. They were a mess.

"Teacher, please guide me!"

Qi Shengjia once again implored with sincerity.

"You want me to cure your limbs? I apologize, I won't be able to do it."

Sun Mo rejected.

"Teacher Sun, you are my last hope."

Qi Shengjia forcefully held back his tears and didn't allow them to flow.

"You fell into this state because of excessive training. Over-training caused your muscles and energy channels to be damaged. As long as you stop training, you will slowly recover."

Sun Mo was very confident because this was the result Divine Sight told him. It was extremely accurate.

"How long...how long must I stop training for?"

Qi Shengjia had a look of hope on his face.

"One year at least."

When he heard this answer, Qi Shengjia's complexion turned pale. "No, the time is too long. I have to gain the qualifications to join the battle hall in this test. If not, I can only quit school."

The word 'quit school' caused Sun Mo to frown. He was frowning so hard that the tightness of his brows could crush a crab to death. As a teacher, these were the two words he didn't want to hear the most.

"Teacher Sun, you definitely have a solution. Can you please guide me on what to do?"

Qi Shengjia's knees bent. He wanted to kneel again, but he forcefully bore with the impulse.

Sun Mo fell silent.

Qi Shengjia didn't dare to speak and just stood quietly at the side, waiting for Sun Mo's judgment.

"The circulation technique should be able to cure his damaged energy channels, but I have no solutions for his muscles. But then, his main problem now is still his energy channels. At the very least, I can allow his arm and leg to not be so stiff."

Staring at the data from Qi Shengjia, Sun Mo contemplated and told him the truth.

"I can cure your arm and leg, but I don't have 100% confidence. An unexpected accident might exacerbate your condition or even cause you to become a true cripple. Do you still want to go ahead with the treatment?"

This was the first time Sun Mo would be using the circulation technique, who knew how the situation would turn out?

Qi Shengjia was in a daze.

Sun Mo wasn't in a hurry and silently waited. After five minutes, he turned and left.

"Teacher Sun!"

Qi Shengjia bowed. "I will leave everything to you."

The two of them went back to a storehouse. Sun Mo tidied the place a bit and took out a piece of a clean wooden plank. He then asked Qi Shengjia to remove his clothes and lie there.

Expert-grade. As the name implied, it meant that he was proficient in this, and his level of expertise was above 'good'. Although it wasn't at the 'grandmaster' level, it was at least at the elite standard.

The expert-grade circulation technique that Sun Mo grasped allowed him to know how to handle Qi Shengjia's condition the moment he touched his right arm and rubbed it for a bit.


An intense piercing pain could be felt from his arm, causing Qi Shengjia to scream in pain. He then hurriedly closed his mouth, afraid that he might disturb Teacher Sun's focus.

Sun Mo focused his mind. He gathered spirit qi in his fingers and performed Tuina (chinese massage therapy) for Qi Shengjia.

A feeling of being poked by needles could be felt from the places Sun Mo touched. About two minutes later, the pain transformed into itchiness, and after that, the itchiness transformed into currents of warmth that circulated around his arm.

Qi Shengjia comfortably closed his eyes. He felt as though he was floating on clouds and returned to his mother's embrace.

The first rays of the morning sun penetrated through the window and cascaded down on Qi Shengjia's face. When he woke up, it was already morning.

"Here, eat something!'

Sun Mo went to the canteen and bought some porridge, passing it to Qi Shengjia.

"I don't dare, I don't dare!'

Qi Shengjia hurriedly rose and waved his hand to reject. After that, he started. He discovered that the numbness of his right arm and left leg, as well as other parts of his body, had completely faded.

"Teacher Sun!"

Qi Shengjia abruptly inclined his head. Tears flashed in his eyes as he looked at Sun Mo. This current state of the body was something he hadn't felt for a long time.

"Let's eat."

Sun Mo passed a bowl to Qi Shengjia. Last night after this fellow had fallen asleep, Sun Mo decided to use Tuina to treat all the energy channels in Qi Shengjia's body. 

After using Divine Sight to observe, Sun Mo could confirm that the injuries to Qi Shengjia's energy channels had been greatly reduced. If he came for Tuina a few times more, he should be able to recover completely.

Truthfully speaking, Sun Mo really wanted to shout the words, 'Absolute Great Teacher System is Awesome!'. The ancient massage technique he got in a treasure chest was truly useful. If he had enough favorable impression points, he also wanted to buy the other parts of this technique.

Qi Shengjia placed down his bowl and had a solemn look on his face as he knelt. He kowtowed heavily three times, causing three thudding sounds to ring out. Even the dust on the ground flew up from the impact.

"Teacher Sun, I have no words to express my gratitude toward you!"

As Qi Shengjia kowtowed to convey his thanks, the system notification sound rang out in Sun Mo's ear.


Favorable impression points from Qi Shengjia +15.

Prestige connection with Qi Shengjia. Current state: Neutral (18/100)!

Sun Mo nodded in satisfaction, not because of Qi Shengjia's respectful attitude, but rather because his favorable impression points were now in double digits.

Adding on Li Ziqi's 4 points and Li Gong's 1 point, he now had a total of 23 favorable impression points. However, he still had a long way to go. The price for a Starmoon Fruit was 1,000 points.

Since he could increase his realm after consuming the Starmoon Fruit, if he bought a bunch of them to eat, didn't that mean he would no longer need to cultivate?

Qi Shengjia was still very agitated. He had looked for Sun Mo because he had been desperate. However, the effect was much better than he had imagined.

"Such an awesome intern teacher is tossed into the logistics department. Is the school's management blind?"

Qi Shengjia felt that it was an injustice for Sun Mo.

"Alright, let's eat!"

Just when Sun Mo ate a mouthful of porridge, he froze. The voice of the system hadn't stopped.

"Ding! New mission unlocked. Help Qi Shengjia pass the battle hall's test. Reward: A golden treasure chest!"


After the system finished speaking, Sun Mo swept the bowl to the ground.

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