Absolute Great Teacher
19 When I’m Teaching Someone a Lesson, How Are You Qualified to Interrupt Me?
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Absolute Great Teacher
Author :Longing Washes Red Beans
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19 When I’m Teaching Someone a Lesson, How Are You Qualified to Interrupt Me?

When the host completed the missions, the system would give out treasure chests according to the mission's difficulty. From low to high, the grades were black-iron, bronze, silver, gold, and diamond treasure chest.

When opening a treasure chest, the host would have a chance to gain a reward. The higher the grade of the treasure chest, the better the rewards would be.

Other than this, there was another type of treasure chest named lucky treasure chest. This was what the host could get every midnight when the timer refreshed. This same type of treasure chest was also sold in the system shopping store for 10 favorable impression points each.

Although the chances of getting good items were very low, this treasure chest was like the last life-saving straw in the hand of a drowning person. Although they knew it was useless, the presence of hope would still bring about great comfort to their hearts.

"System, how many favorable impression points do I have now?" Sun Mo silently asked.

"170," the system answered in a concise and comprehensive manner.

"I'll buy 10 lucky treasure chests."

Actually, Sun Mo knew the answer. His question was to test the system, but sadly, there were no loopholes he could take advantage of.

The system's actions were extremely clean, not giving Sun Mo any chance to regret his words.

"Why do I still have to open the storage cabinet? Just bring them all out, I want to open them."

After Sun Mo spoke, a treasure chest before his eyes. He didn't do anything superstitious like praying for good luck or washing hands to wash away bad luck. He simply mumbled the word 'open' silently.

The chest opened; there was nothing in it. There wasn't even a consolation note that stated 'Please try again the next time!'

Sun Mo continued.

He opened another chest again but didn't receive anything. It was so for all the ten chests.


Sun Mo felt like cursing the system's mother. He really wanted to curse out loud. 100 favorable impression points for ten lucky treasure chests, yet he didn't receive anything at all.

"You are an extremely unlucky person, why are you trying to gamble on your luck? Does your family own a mine? Do you think it's so easy to gain favorable impression points?" Sun Mo silently mumbled to himself.

Sun Mo slapped his left hand.



Li Ziqi called out, feeling a little afraid. However, when Teacher Sun was serious, he also looked quite handsome.

"System, give me another sev...forget it!"

As Sun Mo spoke halfway, he thought about the lucky treasure chests he would get every midnight. During these few days, he hadn't been opening them, so he did a quick check and realized that he had five.

"Open them all!"

Sun Mo was too lazy to open them one by one.

Swish, swish, swish~

A bright light flashed. All of a sudden, a book emitting a dense golden light flew out from one of the lucky treasure chests and floated before Sun Mo.

"Congratulations, you obtained the grandmaster-level 'Muscleforge Technique'. This was one of the four branch techniques of the ancient massage technique.

"Using the muscleforge technique on a target can increase the target's cell vitality, enhance the strength of the target's muscle, rejuvenate muscle damage, increase strength, and upgrade spirit qi storage."

"You are determined to make me get on the path of a masseur, right?!"

Sun Mo was speechless. The things he wanted most were peak-grade medicine, which could be used to directly upgrade one's combat strength. However, the muscleforge technique wasn't bad. It was still better compared to some random stuff.

"Qi Shengjia, come back here!" Sun Mo spoke.

Qi Shengjia turned, having a look of despair. "Teacher Sun, I won't be able to win."

Sun Mo's expression was ice-cold as he walked in front of Qi Shengjia. He lifted his hand and slapped his face.


The clear sound of a slap rang out, causing a female teacher who was walking by to jump in shock. She couldn't help but turn her gaze in this direction.

"Say that again!" Sun Mo berated.

Qi Shengjia felt that there was nothing sadder than this. What could the pain of this slap count for? "Peng Wanli's ranking is #106…"


Sun Mo's slap interrupted Qi Shengjia's words.

"Say that again!"

"Peng Wanli's ranking…"


Sun Mo launched another slap.

"Say that again!"

"Peng Wan…"


This time, even before Qi Shengjia finished saying Peng Wanli's name, all his latter words were smacked back into his throat by the slap.

Li Ziqi watched on as her heart trembled.


Qi Shengjia didn't understand why he was slapped.

"You haven't even gotten on the stage, how do you know you will lose for sure?"

Sun Mo was very angry. From the time he had taught students until now, he had never hit anyone before. But this Qi Shengjia was too soft and weak. "As a man, you can lose. But you cannot choose to flee even before the battle. Do you know that you look like a pathetic dog?"

The female teacher involuntarily nodded when she heard this. Her beautiful eyes turned toward Sun Mo as she surveyed him.

"Teacher Sun, even if he went up to the stage, he won't be able to win. And if he is injured, he still needs to spend money on treatment after that," Zhou Xu spoke in support of Qi Shengjia.

"Shut up!"

Sun Mo turned and shot a ruthless glare over. "When I'm teaching someone a lesson, how are you qualified to interrupt?"


Zhou Xu hurriedly lowered his head after seeing how fierce Sun Mo was. However, his heart didn't accept Sun Mo's words as correct. Although Qi Shengjia's current actions were very embarrassing, would it be different if he went up the stage?

"Even if you cannot win, you cannot allow your opponent to win too easily. Treat yourself as a mad dog, go and bite him, bite him ruthlessly. Make sure that the next time he meets you, his first reaction isn't to think of you as a soft and weak dog, but a mad dog that could take a few bites out of him."

Sun Mo lectured.


The female teacher couldn't help but laugh out loud when she heard this. 

(This unfamiliar-looking fellow, is he an intern teacher from this year? How interesting.) Just when she was preparing to leave, a buzzing sound rang out. Sun Mo's body began to emit a layer of golden light.

After that, the golden light scattered outward, landing on Qi Shengjia's body and also enveloping others.

Qi Shengjia suddenly felt an abundance of battle intent.

"Great teacher halo!"

A student cried out in shock as all of them turned their heads over.

"Teacher Sun's words make sense!"

Li Ziqi's beautiful melon face was golden when the rays of the sun fell on her. The education she had received told her that Sun Mo's words were extremely impolite. But when she thought carefully about it, it did seem to make sense.

If Qi Shengjia fled this time around like a pathetic dog, in the future, when his opponent encountered him again, he would definitely mock him and wouldn't be afraid to fight again. But if Qi Shengjia was determined to take bites out of his opponent, even if his opponent was the victor, he would most probably change his route to avoid him the next time they met. After all, no one would want to be bitten by a mad dog twice.

"Are these the words of wisdom from Teacher Sun?"


Favorable impression from Li Ziqi +1.

Prestige connection with Li Ziqi. State: Neutral (5/100)

Sun Mo, who was encouraging Qi Shengjia, suddenly jumped in shock when he heard the system's notification. He involuntarily turned and glanced at Li Ziqi.

A young woman clad in men's clothes. When she saw Sun Mo glancing over, she waved her fist with force to cheer him on.

"What? What did I do? I can even receive favorable impression points like this?"

Sun Mo was speechless. However, the top priority was to hurry up and boost Qi Shengjia's morale, giving him confidence.

"It's time I use my ultimate technique. Qi Shengjia, come with me."

Sun Mo took the lead and walked toward the battle hall, preparing to borrow a resting room. He wanted to use his ancient massage technique on Qi Shengjia, as he couldn't possibly use that in this small public square, right? If that was the case, the title of a masseur would probably be stuck with him forever and there was nothing he could do to cleanse himself of it.

Upon hearing the words 'ultimate technique', not only did Qi Shengjia's eyes brighten, but Wang Hao and Zhou Xu also hurriedly followed him. Li Ziqi didn't say anything. It was like she was wagging her little tail like an obedient puppy and silently followed behind Sun Mo.

Since today was the day of the test, various jobs needed to be done. But since the battle hall's reputation was so great, it was extremely easy for them to find students who volunteered to help.

Staring at the red armbands the volunteers had around their arms, Sun Mo reckoned that their authority shouldn't be great. Hence, he directly looked for Zhu Ting, the student who had presided over the drawing of lots earlier.

"Borrowing a resting room?"

Zhu Ting frowned and surveyed Sun Mo. Yet, his tone was one of rejection. "Sorry, the resting rooms of the Battle Hall have never been borrowed to outsiders before."

"I will only use it for 20 minutes at most."

If it wasn't for Qi Shengjia, Sun Mo wouldn't have said this. He then continued, "I can pay money for it."

"Hehe, the resting rooms of our Battle Hall aren't something you can borrow just by spending money."

Zhu Ting laughed, his voice was filled with a hint of superiority. Even the few students beside him had similar expressions on their faces.

Sun Mo turned his head and left while noting down Zhu Ting's name in the small notebook of his heart. Were students from the Battle Hall so impressive? When he formally became a teacher, he would enter the Battle Hall as their consultant and make them call him 'teacher' every day.

"He should be an intern teacher!" a student reminded Zhu Ting.

"So what?"

Zhu Ting's lips twitched. "It's still not confirmed whether he can join the faculty or not!"

If it was a teacher of the school asking, Zhu Ting might have agreed. But an intern teacher? Who would care about them?

Speaking of status, Zhu Ting as the 5th-ranker of the Battle Hall was highly regarded by many teachers, belonging to the category of students that had a bright future. Quite a few teachers had openly expressed their intentions to accept him as a personal disciple, but they were all rejected by Zhu Ting.

'A fine bird chooses a tree to nest in.' Zhu Ting was also waiting for a good offer. After all, with a good teacher to protect him from the wind and rain, his future path would be much more relaxed.

"Zhu Ting!"

Zhu Ting—who was currently acting like a big boss, instructing the volunteers—instantly smiled radiantly before turning his head. At the same time, he sucked in his stomach and pushed out his chest, adopting a perfect posture.

"Teacher Jin!"

Zhu Ting called out. His voice was filled with respect and even a hint of amiability. Don't look down on the words 'Teacher Jin', he had privately practiced calling these words out, infusing them with his emotions.

"Why was that intern teacher looking for you earlier?"

Jin Mujie was dressed in a moon-white long robe. There were three strands of golden threads being embroidered on the cuff and the bottom of the robe. This was an indication of a 3-star great teacher.

Zhu Ting didn't dare to hide anything.

"Oh, give him a resting room."

After Jin Mujie finished speaking, she turned and departed.

The students merely glanced at each other before hurriedly lowering their heads.

The consequence of offending a great teacher was an immediate expulsion.


After Jin Mujie left, Zhu Ting chased after Sun Mo. At the same time, he was frowning. Could it be that Teacher Jin was acquainted with this intern teacher? If this was the case, would his earlier attitude cause the intern teacher to feel hatred in his heart?

"There's a resting room now?"

Li Ziqi happily spoke when Zhu Ting appeared and spoke to them.

"Yes, I will bring everyone over."

Although Zhu Ting's smile wasn't radiant, his expression was much better compared to his earlier dead-fish look.

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    《Absolute Great Teacher》