Absolute Great Teacher
22 Reaping a Wave of Favorable Impression Points
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Absolute Great Teacher
Author :Longing Washes Red Beans
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22 Reaping a Wave of Favorable Impression Points

"Well fought!" Jin Mujie praised.


Qi Shengjia was so emotional that he couldn't manage to talk. This was praise from a great teacher, something that he had never received before!

The other students were so jealous that their eyes almost turned red. Jin Mujie who had the air of a young married woman was not only beautiful, but her figure was great as well. Her teaching ability could be considered among the top in the Central Province Academy. Being able to be praised by her was something many guys yearned for even in their dreams.

"Peng Wanli, your aptitude isn't bad. Sadly, your will is too weak and your combat experience is lacking, resulting in your mind being shaken in the psychological battle. Otherwise, given your strength, the battle wouldn't be this one-sided."

Jin Mujie listed the reasons for Peng Wanli's defeat.

Peng Wanli bitterly laughed. He stood up straight, and his hands were at the sides of his legs as he bowed. "This student has benefited from your advice."

"Qi Shengjia, your acting skills are too bad. If you were facing geniuses like Zhu Ting, they would definitely not be fooled," Jin Mujie commented.

"This student has benefited from your advice."

Qi Shengjia gulped down a mouthful of saliva. He had simply followed Sun Mo's instructions to the letter, totally not expecting them to be so effective. But when had he ever waged a psychological battle? He was a direct and pure guy. Honestly, he would forgive his wife-to-be even if she turned out to be unfaithful on their wedding day. 

"Your aptitude is bad, but you shouldn't undervalue yourself. Your execution of the Skywolf Fist is extremely good!"

After pausing for a moment, she added one more sentence. "Out of all the students in the Central Province Academy, the number of people whose attainments in the Skywolf Fist are higher than you can be counted on two hands!"


After hearing Jin Mujie's words, everyone was in an uproar. 

This country bumpkin was so powerful? This was an evaluation given by a 3-star great teacher, so it shouldn't be wrong.

For a time, Qi Shengjia became the target of envy of the crowd. Many students, who also cultivated the Skywolf Fist, were prepared to bring some gifts over to seek guidance from Qi Shengjia about it.

"It's fake, right? This must be a dream," Zhou Xu muttered. He was so jealous that he was about to go crazy. Qi Shengjia had received a great evaluation from Teacher Jin Mujie. Why did he qualify to get such an evaluation?

"It's too incredible, Shengjia actually won?"

Wang Hao clicked his tongue.

"Alright, you guys can leave now. The next battle will begin shortly!"

Jin Mujie sat back down. Given the aptitude Qi Shengjia displayed, it was evident that he didn't comprehend the Skywolf Fist by himself. Since that was the case, someone must be teaching him.

"Was it that intern teacher?"

Jin Mujie suddenly felt some interest in the young man with the sunshine-like smile. If it wasn't for her having seen the scene of Sun Mo berating Qi Shengjia earlier, she basically wouldn't have given an evaluation at all.


Two rows of tall chinese parasol trees, which were planted at both sides of the road, cast down their shadows onto the limestone pathway.

Sun Mo leisurely walked over, simultaneously admiring the beautiful scenery of the campus while listening to the notifications from the system. A smile could be seen on his face, making him appear like a fisherman who had just returned with a full haul.


Favorable impression points from Qi Shengjia +50, this was the worship that Qi Shengjia felt after he obtained victory by blasting Peng Wanli off the stage.


Favorable impression points from Qi Shengjia +50, this was the eruption of his emotions after receiving the evaluation from great teacher Jin Mujie. Without Sun Mo's guidance, he wouldn't have been able to receive praise from a great teacher in his lifetime.


Favorable impression points from Qi Shengjia +50. The sense of worship in Qi Shengjia's heart was growing after he had heard the praise of great teacher Jin Mujie regarding his Skywolf Fist. 

Without Sun Mo's guidance, his Skywolf Fist wouldn't have improved by so much. By receiving a positive evaluation from a 3-star great teacher, it also could prove Sun Mo's teaching ability.


Favorable impression points from Qi Shengjia +50. Without Sun Mo, Qi Shengjia would have to quit school for sure. But now, everything was different.


Prestige connection with Qi Shengjia. Friendly (358/1,000).

"Seems like one could only generate a max of 50 favorable impression points at any given time."

Sun Mo was very satisfied.

'Ding! The host helped Qi Shengjia to pass the battle hall's test. Mission completed. Reward: one golden treasure chest.'

As the system notification rang out, a shiny golden treasure chest appeared in front of Sun Mo.


A golden treasure chest had a very high probability of containing some peak-grade items. Just when he was about to open it, a voice rang out in his ears.

"Teacher Sun, he won!"

Li Ziqi jogged over. Because she hurriedly tried to stop, when she got near Sun Mo, she tripped and fell forward.

Luckily, Sun Mo's reactions were fast. He stretched his arms up and supported this girl that only had 1 point in the agility stat.


Li Ziqi felt extremely embarrassed. She lowered her head and pretended to be a turtle that pulled its head in.

"Everyone has different things they are proficient in. Don't be too bothered."

Sun Mo laughed. Under the sunlight, he looked even more handsome.

"Your guidance is too useful!"

Being with Sun Mo this whole time, Li Ziqi had experienced how Sun Mo orchestrated the whole battle. One could say that Qi Shengjia had won because of Sun Mo's excellent guidance, which had led him step by step in this 'tempo-battle'.


Favorable impression points from Li Ziqi +30.

"It's normal!"

Earlier, when Sun Mo had seen Peng Wanli standing on the stage, he had immediately activated Divine Sight and looked through Peng Wanli's data. If Sun Mo hadn't seized the advantage and used it to the fullest, he would have let the spell 'Divine Sight' down.

"You are too humble!" Li Ziqi spoke. This was most probably the effect of a good teacher who could change the fates of students. If it wasn't for Sun Mo, Qi Shengjia could only quit school and be a normal worker forever.

"Don't need to be so polite, or I will take it as you treating me as an outsider." Sun Mo smiled. He then gave an open indication. "I'm in a good mood today, so I will treat you to a meal. You can order anything as long as the food cost is below one tael of silver."

"Teacher, you are so petty. Just one tael of silver? It isn't even enough to order a flask of cool grape wine."

Li Ziqi was only joking. She was like a happy little chick following beside Sun Mo. She didn't know why, but she always felt very happy when she was together with him.


Qi Shengjia didn't see Sun Mo after his battle ended. Feeling a little anxious, he was prepared to look for him, but he was stopped by Wang Hao and Zhou Xu.

"How did you win? Quickly tell us what's going on!"

Zhou Xu jumped over. His right hand directly hung over Qi Shengjia's neck. "Let's go. I will treat you for today's lunch. We will have a feast at the Drunken Immortal Inn!"

"It's all Teacher Sun's credit."

When speaking of Sun Mo, Qi Shengjia became even more respectful.

"How did you break through to the 5th-level of the body refinement realm?"

Wang Hao's eyes flashed. From the strength unleashed by Qi Shengjia in the earlier fight, there was no doubt that he was at the 5th-level.

"Teacher Sun used the Ancient Dragon Capturing Hands on me. Oh right, he even used an extremely expensive bottle of whale oil. When he opened it, the fragrance permeated the entire resting room."

When he thought back to that fragrance, Qi Shengjia had a look of intoxication on his face.

Wang Hao and Zhou Xu exchanged mutual glances, feeling extremely shocked in their hearts. Then what followed was the feeling of regret. They should have been more respectful to him.

At this moment, Sun Mo received two notifications from the system.


Favorable impression from Wang Hao +30.

Prestige connection with Wang Hao. Neutral (63/100).


Favorable impression from Zhou Xu +35.

Prestige connection with Zhou Xu. Neutral (50/100).

Sun Mo furrowed his brows, feeling as though he had just picked up a ten-dollar coin from the road. He knew that these must have occurred because Qi Shengjia had explained the reason for his victory to Zhou Xu and Wang Hao.


"Do you think he will use his Ancient Dragon Capturing Hands to help me level up if I go and beg him now?"

Zhou Xu had an extravagant hope.

"Are you dreaming? It's such a powerful method, how could it be displayed so easily?"

Wang Hao felt extremely regretful. He had eyes but couldn't see Mt. Tai, missing the chance to get into Sun Mo's good books. He also didn't know what he could do to make up for this. 

"Student Qi Shengjia, please wait!"

Peng Wanli rushed over.

"What's the matter?"

Zhou Xu's tone was unfriendly. He thought Peng Wanli was here to look for trouble.

Qi Shengjia also grew nervous.

"Don't misunderstand. I just want to know how you could tell that my right shoulder was injured."

Peng Wanli stared at Qi Shengjia. Regarding this matter, no one should have known about it, and he had concealed it very well. Why was it exposed? If he didn't make things clear, he would feel hard to rest or eat in peace.

"It was Teacher Sun Mo who told me," Qi Shengjia spoke bluntly.

Wang Hao wanted to roll his eyes when he heard this. (Do you have to be so honest?)


Peng Wanli thought he heard wrongly. "Sun Mo? Headmaster An's fiance? The 'soft-rice' guy?"

"Correct!" Qi Shengjia nodded.

"Hmph. Student Qi Shengjia. Even if you don't wish to tell me, there's no need for you to trick me like this!"

Peng Wanli coldly snorted as he turned to leave. The name 'Sun Mo', due to the connection with An Xinhui, was extremely well-known in the Central Province Academy. If he had such good judgment, why wasn't he qualified enough to be a teaching assistant?


Sun Mo and Li Ziqi ate some fried dishes in the canteen, and their total expenses were below half-a-tael of silver. The steel plate girl (flat) Li Ziqi wanted to treat him. But as a man, how could Sun Mo permit it?

"Teacher Sun, goodbye!"

After their meal, Li Ziqi waved her hand. She had been hesitating but after experiencing the matters today and seeing the joy that Qi Shengjia felt after winning against his opponent, she made a decision.

"Sun Mo is a teacher worthy of my trust!"

Li Ziqi muttered to herself. Her hands were placed behind her back as she skipped while walking, staring at the Sorrowless Lake in the distance. "In addition, I like the scenery of the Central Province Academy very much!"

After Sun Mo returned to his dorm, he heard the discussion between Ludi and Yuan Feng.

"Gu Xiuxun is so awesome. Although she's just an intern teacher, there's already a student that wants her to be his master."

Yuan Feng's words were filled with envy.

"That student is named Zhang Yanzong, right? I heard that this fellow defeated the #10 ranked Cai Tan in the battle hall's battle today. He became famous after a single battle."

Ludi clicked his tongue and continued, "After he won, he even praised Gu Xiuxun and her guidance. Sigh, Gu Xiuxun can be considered to be in the limelight today."

Qi Shengjia merely won against Peng Wanli who was ranked #108. This incident was so small that it was like a pebble tossed into the water. And as for the top ten rankers of the battle hall, they were all publicly acknowledged geniuses of the school. When one of them was defeated, it would cause a huge commotion.

"Cai Tan is so miserable. No matter what, he is one of the representative characters of the fourth-year students, but he could only become a stepping stone to a first-year."

Yuan Feng felt a little joy and delight in Cai Tang's misfortune. There was nothing he loved more than watching these geniuses suffer a setback.

"I heard that Gu Xiuxun used the momentum of her student's victory to come up with a condition. She wanted the intern teachers to have the qualifications to recruit personal students in the upcoming student recruitment meet." Ludi praised.

Gu Xiuxun's ambitions were truly great. If the school agreed, with the gratitude of all the intern teachers and her own capabilities, she would become the leading character of this batch of intern teachers.

"Has the school agreed?"

Yuan Feng opened his eyes wide and had a nervous look on his face. The thing intern teachers sought after the most was to become a substitute teacher. This would mean that they had officially joined the faculty and became a real teacher that could teach students and give lectures boldly on the rostrum.

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    《Absolute Great Teacher》