Absolute Great Teacher
23 Great Teacher Halo, Ignorant and Incompeten
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Absolute Great Teacher
Author :Longing Washes Red Beans
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23 Great Teacher Halo, Ignorant and Incompeten

"The leaders of the school have already finished discussing, and they decide to permit intern teachers to recruit students. As long as an intern teacher has five students under them, they would be able to become substitute teachers and officially join the faculty."

After Ludi finished speaking, Yuan Feng jumped up agitatedly.

"This is too awesome!" Yuan Feng used his strength and waved his arms in excitement. "Getting a pay raise and promotion is just before our eyes."

"Don't be too happy. The title of an intern teacher holds no attraction toward new students."

Ludi poured a bucket of cold water down on Yuan Feng's head.

Just like how a fine bird would choose a good tree to rest in, acknowledging a master was an extremely major matter. All students would only acknowledge a teacher as their master and sincerely seek the chance to be a personal disciple after studying in the school for two to three years, or until they completely familiarized themselves with the teacher's situation.

Naturally, a great teacher was an exception. But how many students would truly be overflowing with enough talent that they would be recruited by a great teacher?

Teachers wouldn't casually accept disciples either. Once a student became their personal disciple, they had to treat the student like a half-son or a half-daughter and attentively guide them.

Similarly, the students would also treat their teachers as parents and show them respect and love. If they changed their mind half-way through and turned to other teachers, they would receive great condemnation and rejection from the majority of people.

But even a salted fish (trash) would have dreams! 

It wasn't easy to join the tutelage of a great teacher. Hence, many students would consider acknowledging teachers with many years of experience. As for intern teachers who just joined the school and wasn't even guaranteed that they could join the faculty? Truthfully speaking, unless one had a way with words or had some accomplishments, they would only then be able to attract maybe two...or three students.

When he thought of this, Yuan Feng sat back dejectedly. But after he saw Sun Mo, he became complacent again. "If I cannot make it, this 'soft-rice' guy would undoubtedly not have a chance."

Sun Mo lay on the bed. His left eye blinked twice as he opened up the storage cabinet.

The golden chest appeared, shining brilliantly.

"How can I increase the chance of getting good stuff? Should I go and find a 36E papaya girl and touch her chest to increase my luck?"

Opening treasure chests was a metaphysics study. But when he thought of the fact that papaya girls were rarely seen, Sun Mo gave up on the notion.


As Sun Mo mumbled, the golden treasure chest opened. A book emitting a dense golden light floated in the air, revolving slowly around.

"Ignorant and Incompetent?"

When he saw the name on the cover, Sun Mo rapidly sat up. In the end, he banged his head into the wooden plank above his bunk bed.


Sun Mo drew in a breath of cold air due to the pain. However, he couldn't bother to rub his bruise, his attention was completely attracted by the golden book.

'Ignorant and Incompetent, a great teacher halo. When students don't want to put in any effort or work hard, devolving into muddle-headed youngsters that only know how to idle their time away, becoming scums that only know how to play and enjoy themselves...You can use this great teacher halo to administer punishment, helping them back onto the proper path.'

'After a teacher uses this halo, the student being berated would experience a sensation of being hit in the head for the purpose of bringing about instant awakening. The student would instantly enter a dazed state and lose their ability to think.'


"Haha, it's actually a great teacher halo?"

Sun Mo involuntarily laughed out loud. "Could it be that by being together with that steel plate girl, it would increase my luck? Praise to Li Ziqi, Amen!"

Sun Mo decided that in the future when he received another golden treasure chest, he would chat with Li Ziqi for three days before opening it.

"Crazy fellow, you can't even become a teaching assistant, yet you can laugh out loud? You truly have no sense of shame."

Yuan Feng stared at the smiling Sun Mo with contempt. (When you are fired, I would definitely buy 1 kg of pig head's meat to send you away.)

Sun Mo couldn't do anything about the happiness he felt. This was a great teacher halo! One could only obtain one by gaining enlightenment and not through studies. If one wanted to become a great teacher, they had to comprehend three great teacher halos at the very least and have a secondary occupation.

The prerequisite to becoming a normal teacher was to comprehend the 'self-taught' halo. Because that was the basic, it couldn't be considered a great teacher halo.

The current Sun Mo possessed the 'Priceless Advice' and 'Ignorant and Incompetent' halo. It could be considered that he had taken a small step forward on the path of being a great teacher.

Sun Mo couldn't wait anymore. He quickly left his dorm and found a remote location with no one else. He then took out the golden book and placed it before his nose, inhaling deeply.

"How fragrant. This must be the smell of a great teacher."

Sun Mo mumbled. After that, he crushed the skill book.


The book crumbled apart, transforming into a ball of golden light that shot into the center of Sun Mo's brows. In Sun Mo's mind, some mysterious and profound secrets instantly appeared.

When he glanced at the great teacher halo's effect, Sun Mo wanted nothing more than to find someone to try it on.


In the resting room of the logistics department.

Li Gong stared at the teacup in front of him, and a conflicted look could be seen on his face. His face was currently scrunched up like an 'anus'.

"Constipation again?"

Chen Mu passed some pickled plums over.

Just when Li Gong wanted to reply, a fatty walked into the resting room. Li Gong hurriedly stood and squeezed out the most radiant-looking smile he could muster.

"Department Head Yang!"

Creak! Creak!

The grinding sound caused by the friction of chairs moving against the floor could be heard. Also, the sounds of greetings rang out together in unison.

"Mn, you guys can go out first!'

Yang Cai nodded in satisfaction after seeing that all the staff in the logistics department stood up. He placed his hands behind his back and walked toward Li Gong. The fat on his stomach was too much. When he walked, the flesh there trembled like waves.

The staff hurriedly bowed. They lowered their heads and left the resting room.

"Has it been settled?"

Yang Cai stood before Li Gong and casually lifted Li Gong's teacup.

"Al..almost done."

Li Gong's neck shrank.


Yang Cai threw the teacup right at Li Gong's nose, scolding, "Are you dumb? How many days has it been? Can't you even handle an easy matter like this?"

"Sun Mo is very cunning!"

Li Gong smiled bitterly.


Yang Cai took the teacup and threw it at Li Gong again.

"What do you mean by he is cunning? You only need to find trouble for him. When the matter becomes big, I will be the one to wrap things up."

Yang Cai coldly snorted. Sun Mo was merely an intern teacher while he was the logistics department head. As long as Sun Mo made a mistake, he would have an excuse to deal with him.

"I will do it immediately."

In order not to be hit again, Li Gong hurriedly guaranteed.

"I will give you three more days. If you cannot handle it, scram for me."

Yang Cai glared at Li Gong. He then walked past a few office desks and pulled their drawers out. Only after he did a rough check did he leave the department.

"Pui, how stupid."

Yang Cai spat out a mouthful of saliva on the flowers beside him. He was considering using other methods. The higher-ups said this was very urgent and were rushing him for results. If he didn't chase Sun Mo away quickly, he would have to be scolded again.

"What can I do? I'm also in despair!"

Li Gong sighed. He sat on the chair, seemingly devoid of strength. Blood flowed from his nose, but he didn't have any mood to wipe it away.


The sun gradually set.

Li Gong opened the door leading to Sun Mo's room.

"Who are you looking for?"

Ludi was holding a pig trotter while staring at Li Gong in puzzlement.

"I'm looking for Sun Mo, Teacher Sun."

Li Gong smiled.

"Sun Mo, someone is looking for you."

Ludi called out and then returned to the table, continuing to pluck away the fur on the pig trotter. However, his eyes involuntarily turned to Li Gong. This lame middle-aged man was clad in the uniform of a worker from the logistics department. Why was he looking for Sun Mo?

"Teacher Sun."

When Li Gong saw Sun Mo sitting at the side of his bed, reading a book, he laughed. He placed the bag of tea leaves that he had bought beside him. "This is the Tuanlong Tea from Ceylon Mountain. I've already kept it for twenty years."

Upon hearing the words 'Tuanlong Tea from Ceylon Mountain', Ludi's brows involuntarily twitched. This was a famous tea, 50 grams of the dried tea leaves could be sold for over 1,000 taels of silver. Unless one was a wealthy person or a government official, they wouldn't be able to afford it.

Ludi glanced over. Li Gong had brought a bag of roughly 250 grams of tea leaves. Although it might not be a lot, if these were truly Tuanlong Tea Leaves, that would mean that their value was about 5,000 taels of silver.

During these few years, the Tang Country enjoyed favorable weather. The country prospered and the people were at peace. However, the annual expenses of a family of three were at most about 100+ taels of silver.

"This fellow put so much thought in his present, what does he want to do?"

Ludi was incessantly shocked. However, what was even more shocking was the scene that followed. Sun Mo's eyes didn't even glance at the tea leaves. He couldn't even be bothered to acknowledge Li Gong's presence.

A hint of rage flashed on Li Gong's face, but he didn't dare to vent. He continued smiling and stood obediently at the side.

After over ten minutes, Li Gong finally couldn't bear it anymore. "I will go to boil some water to steep the tea!"

Li Gong took up the bronze kettle on a nearby table and went out of the dorm. The moment he got out, he couldn't help but begin to curse.

"You little brat, how dare you treat your daddy Li like this. When you fall into my hand, I'm going to make sure you die with pain."

After the water boiled, Li Gong, who was so angry, coughed twice intentionally. He then spat out a mouthful of yellow phlegm into the kettle. But when he returned to the dorm, his smile shone again.

Sun Mo was the only one who could cure his leg that had been lamed for over ten years. If he wanted to recover, he could only endure this.

"Tuanlong Tea's essence would only be fully brought out in the second infusion. You must definitely drink it while it's hot!"

As Li Gong introduced, he steeped the tea. A dense tea fragrance permeated the atmosphere of the dorm, causing one to salivate.


Ludi silently swallowed a mouthful of saliva. From the fragrance, these tea leaves should be the Tuanlong Tea from Ceylon Mountain.

"This teacher, why don't you come and try as well?"

Li Gong called out to Ludi.

"I won't stand on ceremony then."

Ludi walked over and lifted his teacup, blowing on it a few times. Then a sizzling sound could be heard as he pursed his mouth and drank a mouthful. At that moment, the fragrance immediately flowed into the bottom of his heart. He involuntarily called out 'good tea!' after he drank it.

"Hehe, Teacher Sun. Come and try it."

Li Gong smiled widely, but his heart was bleeding. This was the tea leaves he had kept for over ten years after all. It was wasted just like this.

Sun Mo glanced at the tea and activated his Divine Sight.

'Ceylon Mountain, Tuanlong Tea, good-grade. Upon consumption, one's mind would be cleared and one's fatigue would dissipate. It's healthy for the guts and digestion.'

The age of the tea leaves wasn't bad, but they couldn't be considered top-quality. Given Li Gong's status and his financial ability, being able to get 250 grams of them was already his limit.

"Sun Mo, come and taste it. It's very fragrant, really good."

Ludi urged. His EQ wasn't bad. He knew that Li Gong treated him to this tea not because he was generous. It was because Li Gong wanted his help in praising this tea.

Li Gong tactfully filled up another teacup and passed it over.

"You drink it!" Sun Mo spoke.

"Ah?" Li Gong was stunned.

"Drink up all of the tea, not even a drop is to be left." Sun Mo's tone was ice-cold. 

(Damn, how could this guy spit a mouthful of phlegm into the tea? Could he be more disgusting than this?)

"Sun Mo, he is kind-hearted enough to give you the tea leaves. Is your attitude not a little too vile?" Ludi spoke and drank another mouthful. The taste wasn't bad.

"Oh? You help him to drink it then!"

Sun Mo laughed lightly.

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    《Absolute Great Teacher》