Absolute Great Teacher
25 Sun Mo“s Value!
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Absolute Great Teacher
Author :Longing Washes Red Beans
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25 Sun Mo“s Value!

The summer wind blew against the lotus leaves, producing light ripples.

Sun Mo was holding onto two books in his left hand and an umbrella with his right. He walked along the pebbled path by the Sorrowless Lake, taking a stroll.

He was wearing a light blue long robe, his long black hair tied up into a bun. As he wasn't used to such a hairstyle, he didn't do a good job of tying his hair up. A few tufts of hair escaped the knot and came falling down.

Sun Mo felt irritated and wanted to cut them off. However, Jin Mujie felt as if it gave the handsome Sun Mo an additional hint of unconstrained and relaxed disposition.

"It's so relaxing. It's a pity that I didn't bring along my drawing tools with me!"

Jin Mujie sighed. What a waste of such good scenery!

Sun Mo looked up and saw that a young married lady was sitting at the pavilion by the lake. Her limpid eyes that were like that of the autumn water happened to land on him.

The rain was getting heavier, and Sun Mo entered the pavilion. He took the furthest seat from the lady and sat down.

The scenery here wasn't good, but it was far away from the lady. This would save others from saying that he had ill-intentions and wanted to hit up on her.

Sun Mo had taken a few glances at the young lady and couldn't help but notice that she was very beautiful and had a curvy figure. Although she was in her thirties, there weren't many traces of time on her face. She wore light makeup, but brought out an elegant disposition.

"What's your name?" Jin Mujie spoke up. As a 3-star great teacher, she wielded great authority in the Central Province Academy.

There were plenty of teachers who came to the lakeside to enjoy the scenery in the rain. However, when they saw Jin Mujie, they avoided the pavilion. They were worried that they'd disturb and displease her.

Sun Mo was the only guy who had the guts to come over.

"What about you?" Sun Mo asked.

Jin Mujie smiled faintly, not replying. With just this alone, she could tell that this elegant-looking guy was extremely aggressive.

She didn't reply, so the atmosphere in the pavilion turned awkward.

"You think that I don't know just because you aren't saying it?"

Sun Mo's lips curled up as he looked at her.

The words 'Jin Mujie' immediately appeared above her head.

"30 years old, likes sweet food. Has the hobby of collecting bones. As she has been working too much in the office, her cervical vertebrae is feeling a little uncomfortable."

"3-star great teacher."

"Potential Value: Extremely High."

"Remark, she hasn't had a taste of love for three years. If this goes on, she'll wither."

The rows of information appeared next to Jin Mujie. When Sun Mo saw the words 'collecting bones', his brows couldn't help but raise.

"What the hell?"

Sun Mo was quite a courageous person, but he'd definitely avoid contact with bones. Therefore, his gaze became a lot more indifferent when he looked toward Jin Mujie again.

Seeing Sun Mo looking at her, Jin Mujie felt a little displeased. This was offensive to any lady. She had wanted to reprimand him but then noticed that he shifted back a little and turned his gaze away.

"What's the meaning of this?"

Jin Mujie was perplexed. She could feel some repulsion from Sun Mo's subconscious action.

Yes, repulsion. This was too unbelievable to Jin Mujie. Putting aside her dignified status as a 3-star great teacher, given her beauty and figure, she had seen too many men who had strong yearnings for her. There was a reason why there tended to be more guys in her public classes than there were girls.

"Could it be that he likes guys?"

Jin Mujie was curious.

"Sister, it isn't that nice for you to be staring at me like this, right?"

When Sun Mo brushed his teeth every morning, he would practice smiling. This made him more approachable before his students.

Sun Mo didn't continue the conversation and only stared at Jin Mujie while smiling.

Although Sun Mo didn't have a girlfriend and had been a single man who had devoted all his leisure time to games, he wouldn't jump out just because he saw a beautiful lady.

The reason he spoke up was because of her title as a '3-star great teacher'.

Having been a teacher for six years at No.2 High School, Sun Mo understood how helpful it was to his career to be able to cling onto someone influential.

Since ancient times, having connections would make it easier to get things done.

From day one, the higher-ups of the academy had thrown Sun Mo to the logistics department instead of giving him the position of an intern teacher. From this, it was clear that although he was said to be someone sponging off a woman, that An Xinhui, who wasn't in a good position herself, probably couldn't be of much help to him. However, given Sun Mo's character, he wouldn't mind this.

Sun Mo had always been someone who liked to prepare for the rainy weather. Now that he had met a 3-star great teacher by chance, it'd be a waste of the many years of reading the Thick Black Theory [1] if he didn't try to forge a connection and cling onto her.

In Middle-Earth, a place where great teachers held the greatest statuses, a 3-star great teacher had higher status and prestige as compared to a Logistics Department Head.

Of course, Sun Mo had his bottom line as a person, and he wouldn't just cling to anyone. 

At the thought of this, Sun Mo turned his gaze toward Jin Mujie.

Today was a rest day, so Jin Mujie was wearing casual clothes. She wore a long dress made from brocade, and it looked resplendent and expensive.

Jin Mujie felt uncomfortable from being stared at by Sun Mo and couldn't help but raise her hand to cover her collar. She spoke out in a slightly angered tone, "What are you looking at?"

"Looking at your cervical vertebrae. There's a problem with it. If you don't seek treatment earlier, the lines of your neck won't look good in the future."

Sun Mo intentionally exaggerated things. Women loved to look beautiful, so he should be able to make a move from this point.

"People who work at the desk for a prolonged period would end up like this."

Recently, Jin Mujie's neck would feel stiff and there would be a piercing pain if she were to sit for too long. She had looked for a female doctor to help give her Tuina, but it didn't help.

"I can cure it!"

Sun Mo felt so confident as he had the grand-master grade 'Muscleforge Technique'.


Jin Mujie didn't believe him, wanting to say, (bastard, you want to take advantage of me? No way.)

Sun Mo stood up and walked toward Jin Mujie.

Jin Mujie wasn't scared. How would an intern teacher dare to offend her? But as she looked at Sun Mo with a challenging gaze, about to reprimand him, he suddenly grabbed the back of her neck.

An astonished look appeared on Jin Mujie's face instantly. Although Sun Mo's wasn't rough, it was a man's hand after all. 

There hadn't been a man who dared to be so rude toward her.

"I'm going to break his hand!"

Jin Mujie was instantly filled with rage and stood up. However, the words of reprimand she was going to say instantly turned into a low scream.


When Sun Mo's hand pressed onto the back of Jin Mujie's neck, even though there was a slight piercing pain, it still felt comfortable for her. It was the feeling of liberation.

That feeling was indescribably good.


Jin Mujie forgot about the reprimands and let out a soft moan without realizing it. She closed her eyes slightly and sat back down, behaving like a cat master who was enjoying the stroking from its servant.

"It's a success."

Sun Mo had broken out into cold sweat. A 3-star great teacher was at least at the divine force realm. If she were to slap out and kill him, he wouldn't be able to retaliate.

Thankfully, Jin Mujie's hostility plunged.

"Your pain started about nine months ago."

Sun Mo tried to display his value the best he could.

Jin Mujie was very surprised. "You're able to find that out just from touching it a few times?"


Sun Mo nodded and let go of his hand, returning to his seat. He could resolve Jin Mujie's neck problem in one sitting, but he mustn't do that. Otherwise, he wouldn't have any other excuse to approach her in the future.

Jin Mujie moved her fair neck, yearning for more of the massage and feeling a little dejected. She wanted to experience that comfortable feeling for a little longer, but her dignity as a great teacher wouldn't let her make this request.

"Try not to work at the desk for a prolonged period. If you must work, remember to get up and move your neck every once in a while."

Sun Mo then picked up his umbrella and wanted to leave.

"Thank you!"

Jin Mujie stood up. From this action alone, it was clear that her impression of Sun Mo had gotten a little bit better. "I'm called Jin Mujie. If you have any trouble in the future, you can come to look for me."

Jin Mujie didn't mention anything about money, but these words of hers were even more precious than gold.

Sun Mo didn't look back, only waving his hand. He then stepped onto the pebbled path and disappeared in the rain.

"Interesting. He dares to plot against me. He's quite daring."

Jin Mujie thought of how this kid had instructed Qi Shengjia the other day, and it piqued a little interest in her.


+1 favorable impression points from Jin Mujie.

Prestige connection with Jin Mujie initiated. Current state, neutral (1/100)

Hearing the system's reminder, Sun Mo was speechless. As expected, it wasn't easy to cling onto a great teacher. Jin Mujie had clearly enjoyed the experience, but it ended up only giving him one favorable impression point.

It was hard for ordinary people to obtain the recognition and favorable impression from important characters like Jin Mujie.

However, Sun Mo didn't mind that. Even if Jin Mujie's cervical vertebrae was fine, there'd still be ways in which the ancient massage technique would benefit her. After all, this was a nurturing technique. Which woman didn't like to look good? Who wouldn't want to enjoy eternal youth? 


[1] https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Thick_Black_Theory

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    《Absolute Great Teacher》