Absolute Great Teacher
34 The Place of Belonging for a Genius
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Absolute Great Teacher
Author :Longing Washes Red Beans
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34 The Place of Belonging for a Genius

"This kid is really arrogant."

When Yuan Feng, who was amongst the crowd, saw this scene, he felt displeased.

"Well, geniuses tend to be different from other people."

Ludi sighed. Teachers tended to have more patience and be more tolerant toward geniuses. If an ordinary student were to ask the same question, Liu Mubai would have swung his sleeves back and left.

Zhang Sheng didn't say anything but stared at Xuanyuan Po, wanting to see how he was different from other people. This guy should be a genius considering that Liu Mubai had taken the initiative to speak up to him.

"If only I could learn the way Liu Mubai discerns students!"

Zhang Sheng felt envious.

"I excel in eight types of weapons, especially in the sword. I have plenty of insights."

Liu Mubai's tone remained calm, but the people around him started to gasp. It required great capabilities for one to be able to master so many weapons.

When a teacher implied that they excelled in something, it meant that they were at a level in which they could teach students.

Xuanyuan Po clearly knew this as well, so his expression became a lot more solemn. He stared at Liu Mubai seriously. "Can you make me the best spear-wielder in the world?"


The moment he said this, a commotion broke out. All the students looked at Xuanyuan Po with wide-open eyes and mouth, wanting to ask him, (Are you a fool? Young man, everyone has the dream of becoming a sword saint or spear saint!) 

However, no one would voice it out because the possibility of achieving it was close to zero. Everyone could only think about it.

To think that this Xuanyuan Po had asked this question so solemnly, they felt so ashamed about this. Of course, all of them thought that he was being too full of himself.

Liu Mubai fell silent.

"I understand!"

Xuanyuan Po turned and left.

People started talking amongst themselves, and some teachers who had initially thought well of Xuanyuan Po couldn't help but shake their heads as well. This kid was talented, but his emotional intelligence was too low.

Questions like this were quite difficult to answer. Even secondary saints wouldn't dare to assure that their disciples would become the best in one aspect, let alone great teachers.

"Teacher Liu, there's no need to take this to heart. Once a student like him suffers a few times and grows up, he'll know how foolish his question was."

Lian Zheng was afraid that this matter might affect Liu Mubai's mood.

"Teacher Lian, you're overthinking things. We should be happy if the youngsters have great ambitions."

Liu Mubai smiled, giving off a sunshine vibe and dazzling all of the girls present until they felt like screaming.


Zhang Sheng felt happy inside. It felt very exhilarating that someone else couldn't get what he wanted to get!

"You aren't going to give it a try?"

Yue Rongbo teased.

"We'll see if we have an affinity later."

Sun Mo scanned through the place, wanting to find the student with 'extremely high potential value', which he had seen earlier. However, that student was nowhere to be found. 

Many teachers had their eyes on Xuanyuan Po since Liu Mubai viewed him in high regard. However, Sun Mo wasn't going to go in the scramble as it would make him appear more inferior.

"The way you're composing yourself has the demeanor of a great teacher."

Yue Rongbo gave Sun Mo a thumbs up.

"Aren't you going to treat me to a meal?"

Sun Mo felt curious. Given Yue Rongbo's status as a 4-star great teacher, the chances of him successfully recruiting Xuanyuan Po would be very high. However, Yue Rongbo clearly wasn't intending on doing so.

"Shouldn't you be the one to play host?" Yue Rongbo countered. However, he still treated Sun Mo to a meal.

Seeing Yue Rongbo's departing view after they bade goodbye, Sun Mo reminded Lu Zhiruo, "Didn't you want to be the student of a great teacher? He is a 4-star great teacher."


Lu Zhiruo gasped.

"Go on, it's a rare opportunity."

After saying that, Sun Mo planned to head to the library to take a look. All of the school's facilities were opened today, and he felt that students who would go to the library should be those who loved to study.

Sun Mo walked for about ten or so meters when Lu Zhiruo came running after him and then continued to stay by his side.


Sun Mo was perplexed.

"I'm so stupid, he'd definitely not want me."

Lu Zhiruo wore a self-ridiculing smile. If she had an outstanding aptitude, then he'd have asked her some questions long ago. Since they hadn't spoken for the entire morning, it was clear that he didn't care for her.

"Don't think too much about it."

Sun Mo rubbed Lu Zhiruo's hair.


Sensing Sun Mo's concern, Lu Zhiruo felt a lot better.


Evening came, but Sun Mo still didn't manage to get any student. Instead, Lu Zhiruo was the one who was feeling very anxious.

"We'll see how it goes tomorrow."

Sun Mo sent Lu Zhiruo back to the warehouse where she was temporarily residing. After walking over, he saw a group of students having a private fight here.


A student was sent flying by a silver spear, smashing against the wall and bringing up a lot of dust.


Xuanyuan Po's gaze was that of despise.

"I'll have a go!"

A muscular-looking student who was wielding a saber jumped in. As he didn't want to let Xuanyuan Po recover his stamina, he immediately launched his attack.

After Liu Mubai's attempt to recruit him, Xuanyuan Po's reputation rose rapidly. Some students couldn't accept this, and some of them wanted to prove that they were better than him by defeating him. They felt that they'd then be able to be viewed by the great teachers in high regard. Therefore, there had been a ceaseless line of people challenging Xuanyuan Po to a private battle.

In order not to be discovered, everyone hid in a secluded warehouse area.

Xuanyuan Po didn't care. He felt happy as long as he could battle.

After 36 moves, Xuanyuan Po swept out his silver spear, pushing back the muscular student's saber and then lashing the back of his spear on his lower leg.


The muscular student immediately dropped to his knees. When he saw the silver spear rapidly sweeping toward him, he cried out for mercy, "I've lost!"


The silver spear stopped right in front of the muscular student's face, and Xuanyuan Po broke into a smile. "Let me tell you, even if I don't have any stamina, it won't be an issue to take care of you. Alright, next."

The muscular student's countenance turned a little grim when his scheme was noticed. When the other students saw Xuanyuan Po, they started to fear him and didn't dare to challenge him anymore.


Xuanyuan Po shouted out again, but no one answered him. Looking at the sky and seeing that it was a little late, he took out a piece of cotton cloth and wiped his silver spear carefully.

"What are you guys doing?" Sun Mo frowned. "Who allowed you to have private battles here?"

"There's a teacher!"

Someone shouted out, and all the students scattered off. The only ones left behind were three young intern teachers. Qin Fen was one of them.

Everyone's gazes met for a moment then turned away.

After carefully wiping his beloved silver spear and putting the cover back on it, Xuanyuan Po sat under the roof, took out a plain bun from his bag, and started eating.

Two of the intern teachers wanted to approach him but were hesitant and lacked confidence. Qin Fen, on the other hand, walked over after tidying out his clothes. He sat down next to Xuanyuan Po.

"Can you make me the best spear master in the world?"

Xuanyuan Po went straight to the point with the same question.

"Hehe, even if a secondary saint was here, they won't be able to answer this question. There are too many factors to consider in order for one to become a spear saint."

Qin Fen didn't falter but started chatting with Xuanyuan Po like a like-minded elder brother.

The atmosphere was very amicable.

The other two intern teachers instantly felt nervous. It couldn't be that Qin Fen was going to succeed, right? They wanted to go up and interrupt their talk, but Qin Fen immediately glared at them. His vicious gaze caused them to stop in their footsteps.


Lu Zhiruo tugged at Sun Mo's sleeve, also feeling worried.

Sun Mo didn't disturb them. He stood there and looked at Xuanyuan Po.


14 years old, 5th-level of the body-refinement realm.

Strength: 8. Valiant.

Intellect: 5. It's a little low.

Agility: 8. If the opponent thinks that you're a strength-type fighter, they'd definitely suffer big time. 

Endurance: 9. A steel person who won't die from running.

Will: 5. This is your shortcoming.


Potential Value: Extremely High!

Remark: He only thinks about martial arts and battles, so he has lower emotional intelligence. He is a little one-track minded and doesn't know how to be flexible!

What terrifying statistics and potential! This was what a real genius was like, being a rare find even amongst 10,000! He was unlike Qi Shengjia, someone who could be found everywhere on the streets.

In this world where martial prowess was revered, a seed like Xuanyuan Po was someone that any great teacher would crave to have as their disciple. As long as given proper guidance, he'd definitely be able to shine.

Qin Fen graduated from Jixia Learning Palace and had both high intelligence and emotional quotients. It only took him a few words to draw his relationship closer to Xuanyuan Po.

(It's too easy to deal with a hotheaded person like this.)

Qin Fen felt proud to see Xuanyuan Po smiling.

"Then how do you think I'm lacking in my spear art?"

Xuanyuan Po asked.

"This is bad!"

The two intern teachers felt very anxious, but there was nothing they could do. The feeling was as if they were watching a peach of immortality that they had been keeping their eyes on being plucked by someone else.

If they didn't need to take any responsibility for killing Qin Fen, they would have done that long ago.

"Your spear arts are excellent. You should continue training in the same manner and gain more battle experience."

Qin Fen smiled. In his eyes, the other intern teachers weren't even worthy of being his opponent.

Xuanyuan Po fell silent. This wasn't the answer he was looking for.

"I'm a student of the Jixia Learning Palace. I'll return to my alma mater and search for spear arts manuals, then I'll study them carefully and seek help from my teacher. I'll definitely not waste your talent!"

Qin Fen looked straight at Xuanyuan Po, sounding very sincere.

"How shameless!"

The two intern teachers felt a strong sense of defeat. People who graduated from famous schools had great connections.

Xuanyuan Po hesitated. No matter how low his emotional intelligence was, he knew the benefits of following a teacher who had graduated from a famous school.

"Liu Mubai is very strong, but because of this, he will definitely have a lot of personal disciples in the future, and the amount of effort and resources he'll give you wouldn't be much then. As for me, I can guarantee that you'll be my first personal disciple and I'll place greater emphasis on nurturing you."

This was his assurance.

Seeing that Xuanyuan Po seemed to be wavering, the corners of Qin Fen's lips curled up uncontrollably. (Who said that intern teachers wouldn't be able to recruit geniuses? I'll show you guys!)

(Liu Mubai, I'll prove that I'm no weaker than you!)

Just as Qin Fen was about to elaborate on the benefits he could offer, Sun Mo spoke up, "There's a problem with your spear art!"


Xuanyuan Po immediately looked over as he was greatly infatuated in spear arts. "What problem do I have?"

"Ha, you want to join in the competition?"

Although Qin Fen continued to maintain a humble appearance, he clearly looked down on this intern teacher. His name seemed to be Sun Mo? If it wasn't because this guy was An Xinhui's fiancé, Qin Fen wouldn't have remembered his name amongst over 210 intern teachers.

The two intern teachers were also extremely surprised.

"Can't I?"

Sun Mo asked.

"No, please start your performance!"

Qin Fen appeared very magnanimous.

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    《Absolute Great Teacher》