Absolute Great Teacher
36 Rare Monster Snatched by a Newbie Player!
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Absolute Great Teacher
Author :Longing Washes Red Beans
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36 Rare Monster Snatched by a Newbie Player!

No matter where a great beauty like Gu Xiuxun went to, she would always be the center of attention.

The two intern teachers straightened their postures and looked more energized. Behaving as if they were cocks in heat that were fighting for the right to mate, they instantly brought out their most perfect posture.

"Teacher Gu!"

"Teacher Gu!"

The two intern teachers went up, greeting her enthusiastically. Even the angered Qin Fen also took a deep breath and calmed the annoyance and anger in his heart.

Gu Xiuxun nodded, greeting everyone in turn. She gave off a very good feeling.

"Teacher Gu is here for Xuanyuan Po?"

Qin Fen knew that he had no hope, but he didn't wish for trash like Sun Mo to get his hands on Xuanyuan Po either. Seeing Gu Xiuxun's arrival, he immediately schemed in his mind.

"That's right."

Gu Xiuxun might seem calm on the surface, but she was secretly gloating. Qin Fen must have failed because of how angry he looked. This was why they said that the recruitment of a student wasn't determined by the order of appearance, but by one's strength.

"Then you've come late. He has already acknowledged a teacher."

The uglier intern teacher took this chance to get close to Gu Xiuxun, trying to get into her good books. He could smell the fragrance coming from Gu Xiuxun and had a strong urge to take a deep whiff.


Gu Xiuxun lost her cool and was no longer smiling. She stared at Qin Fen. In her opinion, the other three weren't considered a threat, and her only enemy was Qin Fen who came from the Jixia Learning Palace.

"There's no need to stare like that. It's not me!"

Qin Fen shrugged.

"Then who is it?"

Gu Xiuxun first looked toward the uglier intern teacher and then turned toward the ordinarily ugly-looking intern teacher. She then smiled. "I don't like such jokes."

Gu Xiuxun was someone of ambition. She wanted to help Headmaster An Xinhui, whom she admired, to get the Central Province Academy back up. After entering the school, she immediately devoted herself entirely to her work.

She had already gained some slight achievements.

As a female teacher, and a beautiful one at that, Gu Xiuxun had a very big advantage. Almost all of the students whom she had guided while working as a teaching assistant fell to her charm.

In order to get ten genius students from the student recruitment meet and break a new record, Gu Xiuxun had made many preparations a long time ago. When she noticed Xuanyuan Po this morning, she arranged for five students to follow him, and they would report his situation in half an hour intervals.

Gu Xiuxun was in no hurry. It was because a student would be very careful when acknowledging a teacher. After all, their future was on the line. Moreover, she also had a few fixed targets to recruit and mustn't waste her time.

Geniuses like Xuanyuan Po, who was highly regarded by Liu Mubai, must have many teachers coming to recruit him. Gu Xiuxun didn't wish to fight with those people since it'd make her appear as if she was lacking in class. Therefore, she only came in the evening when there were fewer teachers.

According to Gu Xiuxun's plan, Xuanyuan Po would definitely come into contact with many teachers throughout the day. He would also listen to many guidances, promises, and self-recommendations. Gu Xiuxun believed that her performance would definitely be able to win against those other teachers, giving Xuanyuan Po a stark comparison. He would know that she, Gu Xiuxun, was the most outstanding out of them all.

Of course, after being surrounded and bombarded for the entire day, Xuanyuan Po would be feeling mentally fatigued. Therefore, his ability to consider things would naturally drop, which would also increase her chances of winning.

After putting in so much effort, she was told that this guy had been recruited by someone when she had just met him and hadn't done anything yet? If it wasn't because she had to maintain her image, Gu Xiuxun would definitely smash the heads of these two intern teachers.

"I'm not joking."

The uglier one of them quickly explained, worried that he'd offend Gu Xiuxun.

Sun Mo felt like laughing when he saw the uglier and ugly intern teachers hanging around Gu Xiuxun, currying up to her, worried that they'd anger her. He looked at Gu Xiuxun and some data appeared.

"Then who has he been recruited by? You?"

Gu Xiuxun's tone sounded a little cold. She was thinking that if someone like this ugly guy could recruit Xuanyuan Po, then she'd kneel and lick his shoes.

"It's him!"

The ugly intern teacher pointed at Sun Mo.


Gu Xiuxun turned and looked toward Sun Mo dubiously.

"That's right." Qin Fen chipped in, sharing the entire story of what had happened earlier. In the end, he put out both his hands and shrugged. "I'm not as eloquent and can't win against him in words."

"That's right. I feel that such guidance sounds more like sophistry."

The ugly intern teacher didn't wish for Sun Mo to stand out before Gu Xiuxun and thus vilified him.

"It's a hoax, isn't it?"

The uglier one sounded even more hostile.

Gu Xiuxun fell silent, assessing Sun Mo with a hostile gaze. How could she not feel angry when her prey had been snatched away? However, most of what she felt was helpless gloominess.

She had thought that her competitors would be Liu Mubai and the other full-time teachers. Some of them could even be great teachers. Thus, she hadn't expected Sun Mo to succeed.

This felt as if she had been sharpening her blade, preparing to snatch a rare monster from a group of elite players. However, the rare monster ended up being killed by a newbie player...

"Why is it him?"

At this moment, Gu Xiuxun, who had always maintained her disposition of a graceful lady, felt like cursing. She couldn't accept a loss like this.

"That's right, why is it him?"

The two ugly intern teachers agreed. They wouldn't mind if they had lost to Liu Mubai or even Qin Fen. However, it felt really bad that they had lost to Sun Mo!

"The kid had been duped. If you were to step in, there might be a chance of salvaging things." Qin Fen wore a pained expression. "Xuanyuan Po's aptitude isn't bad, but he'd probably be a goner if he were to land in Sun Mo's hands."

Gu Xiuxun looked at Qin Fen and then followed him to walk up to Sun Mo.

Lu Zhiruo immediately felt nervous and shrank to hide behind Sun Mo.

Gu Xiuxun didn't say anything. She went on her tiptoes and inclined her body forward, staring into Sun Mo's eyes. It was as if she was a feline that was confronting its opponent in order to fight for the prey.

Gu Xiuxun wanted to see through him, and she recalled her encounter with him at the battle hall. Could this guy have some capabilities?

"Are you hoping that I'll kiss you?"

Sun Mo spoke up.


The two ugly intern teachers gasped, and Qin Fen's lips twitched, wanting to scold Sun Mo and ask if he was a fool. Gu Xiuxun clearly wanted to bite him to death.


Gu Xiuxun, who had appeared aggressive, became like a punctured leather ball, losing her disposition. This was especially so after she saw Sun Mo inclining his body forward, as if wanting to kiss her. She quickly backed off in surprise, keeping her distance away from him.


Sun Mo was amused. Gu Xiuxun's anxious expression was a little cute.


Gu Xiuxun knew that she had been fooled and was very angry. She hadn't been taken advantage of like this over so many years. But after Sun Mo's teasing, her hostility had dissipated by a lot.

"You won't be so lucky next time."

Gu Xiuxun left, taking graceful steps. Her fair neck made her look like a swan.

"She has finally left."

Lu Zhiruo patted her chest. Gu Xiuxun's disposition earlier was scary.

"Teacher Gu..."

Qin Fen frowned. This wasn't the outcome that he wanted.

Gu Xiuxun didn't bother to turn back. (Want to make use of me? Dream on!)

Unable to get Xuanyuan Po, Qin Fen wanted Gu Xiuxun to seize the student. Even if she didn't succeed, it'd at least make Sun Mo feel upset.

"I won't fall for the trick!"

Gu Xiuxun was someone with a baseline. She wouldn't do something like snatching someone else's student. Moreover, she had her own consideration as well. After Xuanyuan Po followed Sun Mo for a while and found out that he was unable to perform as a teacher, Xuanyuan Po would want to leave. The chances of her success would be higher if she waited until then to make a move.

"That's right. I can look for Xuanyuan Po at a suitable time, to talk about mundane matters and increase his good impression of me."

Gu Xiuxun quickly came up with a plan in her mind.

Qin Fen didn't wish to see Sun Mo's face and swung his sleeve, leaving. The two ugly intern teachers both looked at Gu Xiuxun's back and then went after her. Even if they couldn't talk to her, it would be good if they could admire 'the view' for a little longer.

Even salted fish had dreams. Maybe there'd come a day where they'd be able to touch her!

The surroundings finally turned quiet.

Just like someone who had managed to get good equipment in the game and couldn't help but take it out to admire it, Sun Mo activated his Divine Sight and marveled at Xuanyuan Po's data.

(Oh, compared to earlier, his will has strengthened slightly. Now it's 6.)

'Remark, the target's mental state has grown and his will naturally increased.'

"Is this thanks to me?"

Sun Mo felt a little agitated.

"That's right. This is the effect of a teacher. Please continue to work hard and nurture Xuanyuan Po well."

The system cheered for Sun Mo.

Sun Mo heaved out a long exhale. Although he had successfully taken Xuanyuan Po as his disciple, he was a little worried that he might not be capable enough and waste this seed's future. Seeing that his will had increased by one, Sun Mo now felt a lot more confident.


"Congratulations, you've finally gained your first personal disciple, taking a big stride on the great teacher path. You're rewarded with a mysterious treasure chest. I hope that you'll obtain greater achievements from now on."

As the system's notification rang out, a big treasure chest that was shrouded in purple light appeared before Sun Mo.

"Oh, there's also a reward?"

This was a pleasant surprise. The big treasure chest emitted a mysterious yet magnificent aura. It was clearly different from the bitchy lucky treasure chest.

"Do you want to open it?"

The system asked.

"Of course!"

Sun Mo patted the papaya girl's head. He should continue to ride on his wave of great luck today. He might just end up with something amazing.

Lu Zhiruo tilted her head and blinked her big eyes as she looked at Sun Mo, not understanding why he was suddenly patting her head. However, she didn't dislike the feeling. On the contrary, she did enjoy it a little.

The purple mysterious treasure chest opened upon command, and a tremendous amount of fog spewed out in all directions, like the steam coming from China's green train from the past. The treasure chest was then gradually revealed.

A book that was glowing in purple light quietly floated in the air, like a bride waiting to get married, waiting for Sun Mo to touch it.

"I'm done!"

Xuanyuan Po jumped up and pounded his chest hard. He felt that his condition was amazing, and he had a strong urge to have a fight immediately. No, he couldn't wait.

"Teacher Sun, you guys can go and have your meal. I'll go and fight!"

Xuanyuan Po picked up his spear, jumping up onto the warehouse's roof and disappearing without a trace before Sun Mo could say anything.

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    《Absolute Great Teacher》