Absolute Great Teacher
37 Why Is It Him?
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Absolute Great Teacher
Author :Longing Washes Red Beans
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37 Why Is It Him?

Qin Fen felt that it was a humiliation to have failed to recruit Xuanyuan Po as his student and thus wouldn't speak of it to others. However, the two ugly intern teachers didn't have the same concerns. The process in which Sun Mo had convinced Xuanyuan Po made them speechless. It was like a toad having gotten to eat swan meat [1], and it was far too surprising. Therefore, after they returned to the dorm, they couldn't wait to share this matter to their dorm mates, and then the news spread wider and wider.

On the second day of the student recruitment meet, the school continued to be swarming with people.

Seated in the canteen, Zhang Sheng stirred the watery porridge in front of him, wearing a dim expression. His legs had almost broken from all the running around yesterday, and he had spoken so much that his voice was hoarse now. However, he hadn't even managed to recruit a single student.

"Don't be feeling down. This is how difficult it is for an intern teacher to recruit a student. I've been rejected over 20 times yesterday."

Yuan Feng bite on his bun, only able to vent his frustrations on food.

Zhang Sheng couldn't be bothered to care about Yuan Feng. However, at the thought of how he had been rejected for over 30 times as well, his countenance turned grim.

"They are all fools, having no idea what they're missing out on."

Zhang Sheng felt that the students who had rejected him didn't know what was good for them.

Ludi ate his rice porridge. After finishing this, he would still have to rush back to braise pig trotters. He knew his worth and thus hadn't thought of recruiting students.

"As long as I can get Teacher Zhou to write good ratings about me, I will have the right to stay in school."

Ludi didn't have high expectations. He wanted to first stay in the school and then slowly climb up.

"Have you guys heard? Sun Mo managed to dupe Xuanyuan Po to be his student!"

"That can't be true, right? Xuanyuan Po didn't even care for Liu Mubai. How could he possibly accept Sun Mo?"

"Didn't Sun Mo go to the logistics department? Does he have the right to take in disciples?"

The intern teachers from the next table were talking amongst themselves as they ate.

Yuan Feng was curious and got closer to them. After hearing some of their talks, he was extremely astonished. "Are you guys joking? Where did you hear this from? Someone like Sun Mo can manage to recruit Xuanyuan Po?"

"Someone saw it with their own eyes. Moreover, Qin Fen and Gu Xiuxun were present at that time as well..."

Before this intern teacher could finish his words, he heard a loud bang that gave him a big fright. He turned and saw that it was Zhang Sheng who had slammed his chopsticks onto the table.

"Bullshit!" Zhang Sheng bellowed furiously. "How is that Sun Mo worthy?"

"That's right. If Gu Xiuxun and Qin Fen were present, then it'd be even more impossible for Xuanyuan Po to pick Sun Mo." Yuan Feng sat back and continued to eat his breakfast. "Don't spread false rumors. Sun Mo must have gotten people to disseminate the rumors in order to spread his name and make it easier for him to recruit students."

Hearing Yuan Feng said that, the intern teachers started to feel dubious about the matter. After all, the chances of Sun Mo recruiting Xuanyuan Po were definitely zero.

"So that's how it is!"

Zhang Sheng, who was feeling angry, was struck by a realization. (I knew it. If it's something I can't do, it'd be impossible for Sun Mo to do it either!)


In an office in the teaching building.

There weren't any classes during these few days, but the full-time teachers weren't slacking either. Putting aside the fact that they were also choosing students, classes would start officially after the student recruitment meet ended. They would need to prepare the lesson plans and other documents in advance.

Zhou Lin pushed the door and entered, smiling before she said anything. "Teachers, do you guys have any hauls?"

"It's Assistant Lin." Teacher Zhou Shanyi, who was a little fat, patted his stomach and said, "Why? Are you here to find out news for Headmaster An?"

"I'm also very concerned about you guys!"

Zhou Lin pretended to be angry and rolled her eyes. However, teacher Zhou wasn't infuriated but enjoyed it instead. No matter what beautiful women did, it could be tolerated.

"Didn't the school gather some information about those outstanding students and gave it to us? I've gone around and saw quite a few of them, so I have quite a haul."

Teacher Jiang Yongnian, who always had his hair tidied neatly, picked up his teacup and took a sip, wearing a relaxed expression. He had just reached 30 years old and thus was quite competitive.

Strong teaching capabilities weren't dependent on talk but the results! What were the results? To see if a teacher could produce outstanding students! And the first step of doing so was to recruit students.

Although the school didn't provide any rewards, the teachers would all be competing both in the open and in the dark during the annual student recruitment meet, fighting for the outstanding students.

"Oh, then I'll have to congratulate Teacher Jiang."

Zhou Lin congratulated.

"Liu Mubai, with his high expectations, had taken a liking to a young man called Xuanyuan Po. But what did you think happened?"

Jiang Yongnian stroked the teacup, wearing a smile on his face.

"What happened?"

Zhou Lin asked.

"The guy rejected him."

Although Jiang Yongnian was a 1-star great teacher, he knew that Liu Mubai, who hadn't gotten the '1-star great teacher' title, was a strong opponent. Therefore, he felt very happy to see Liu Mubai being defeated.

"The youngsters these days are too prideful. They'll only realize what a precious opportunity they've lost after encountering setbacks!"

Lian Zheng viewed Liu Mubai in high regard and was very angry toward Xuanyuan Po.

"Was it because a great teacher with stars had made a move?"

Zhou Lin wasn't surprised. Even An Xinhui had high expectations of Liu Mubai. However, the students didn't know that.


Jiang Yongnian kept them in suspense. "Why don't you make a guess?"

"Could it be a teacher amongst you all?"

Zhou Lin looked around, thinking of good things and praises she could say.

"That's not it either."

Jiang Yongnian shook his head.

Zhou Lin fell silent, her countenance turning grim. Her intelligence and emotional quotient weren't bad. Since Jiang Yongnian kept on denying her guesses, it meant that the teacher who had gotten Xuanyuan Po must be very special. Then, a thought struck her. 

"Could it be Gu Xiuxun?"

That was it. It would only be a surprise if an intern teacher managed to recruit a genius.

"Try again!" Jiang Yongnian chuckled. "By the way, it's not those three graduates from the nine famous schools either."

Zhou Lin frowned. She had gone through those intern teachers' information herself and had memorized them. There wasn't anyone who stood out amongst them.

"What's there to guess? It's Sun Mo!"

Lian Zheng was displeased. The reason Jiang Yongnian was saying this was to taunt Liu Mubai. He was telling everyone indirectly that Liu Mubai had lost to an intern teacher. 


Zhou Lin instantly stretched her neck up, like a fighting cock that had encountered an enemy.

"It's Sun Mo." Jiang Yongnian fueled the conversation, sharing what he had heard. "But this kid is really sly. To think that he knew how to play with words."

The teachers in the office didn't say anything, but they shared similar sentiments, feeling that Sun Mo had tricked the naive Xuanyuan Po with his words.

"I feel that Sun Mo's status as Headmaster An's fiancé has a greater effect."

Lian Zheng felt that Sun Mo was taking advantage of Headmaster An's authority. If he were to bring out this identity, even adults who didn't know of the story would be scammed, let alone students.

"No matter what it is, Xuanyuan Po, who has good potential, is probably going to be wasted."

Jiang Yongnian sighed. If he was the one teaching Xuanyuan Po, he would definitely gain a position in the Greencloud Rankings.

Zhou Lin chatted with them for a little longer before leaving. She then headed straight to the Headmaster's office.

"What's the matter?"

An Xinhui heard the sound of Zhou Lin's anxious footsteps and thought that something serious had happened.

"Xuanyuan Po has acknowledged Sun Mo as his teacher." Zhou Lin quickly shared the news she had heard earlier. "It's still not too late now. Quickly get Sun Mo to give up on Xuanyuan Po and pass him to Liu Mubai."

"Calm down first!"

An Xinhui passed a cup of water to Zhou Lin.

"How am I supposed to calm down? If this carries on, that Xuanyuan Po will be wasted!"

Zhou Lin was very anxious. To the current Central Province Academy, all students with good potential mustn't be wasted. It was only by producing outstanding students would they have the right to be one of the nine Aristocratic Schools again. 

The summer wind blew in, causing An Xinhui's hair to flutter.

"Eldest Miss, that guy is definitely scamming people using his status of being your fiancé. He must be warned. Otherwise, many students with good potential would be held back by him!"

Zhou Lin was infuriated.

"That won't happen!" An Xinhui shook her head as she recalled distant memories. "Sun Mo isn't that kind of person."

"My dear Eldest Miss, people change. You always see others in such a positive light."

Zhou Lin felt gloomy.

"I believe in Sun Mo."

An Xinhui insisted.

"Alright. Even if Sun Mo didn't use his status to dupe others, what will happen in the future? He is just a graduate from Songyang Academy. Will he be able to teach Xuanyuan Po?"

Zhou Lin snuffed. "I've heard that this young man was highly regarded by Liu Mubai, and even a few great teachers had their eyes on him. He must be a genius. What kind of joke is this?"

An Xinhui continued with her work.

"Eldest Miss, quickly think of a solution. It'd be fine even if it's Gu Xiuxun and Qin Fen who gets Xuanyuan Po. But Sun Mo? Why is it him?"

Zhou Lin was unhappy. It was like seeing a beautiful bride being slept by a smelly, dirty man from next door. Just the thought of it was disgusting.

"Why can't it be him?"

An Xinhui countered.

"It's because..."

Zhou Lin had a whole bunch of reasons, but before she could list them out, An Xinhui interrupted her.

"That's enough. Go back to work."

An Xinhui's tone was very stern.

Although Eldest Miss treated people very well, she would give off a very imposing feeling whenever she got angry. Zhou Lin didn't dare to defy An Xinhui, so she pouted her lips and then left unwillingly.

An Xinhui continued with her work, but there was an additional distraction in her mind now. She put down her brush and walked to the window, looking down at the school ground.

"Little Momo, it's fine if you can't help me, but I hope that you'll be able to prove yourself and not be belittled by those people."

An Xinhui stroked the carvings on the window sill, looking at the plants in the school. She seemed to be able to see a little boy who was always trailing behind her like a small cat, calling her 'elder sister, elder sister'. Her lips curled up uncontrollably into a smile.

This school held beautiful memories from her childhood, and she must protect them. If they wanted to remove this school's qualification rights, they could only do that over her dead body!


Sun Mo sat in a corner of the canteen, having porridge while admiring the beautiful book in front of him. It was shrouded in a purple glow, feeling both magnificent and mysterious.

"System, say it again!"

Sun Mo requested.

"Congratulations on obtaining the elementary-grade divine-tier skill, 'Immemorial Vairocana!" 

[1] A reference to the saying, a toad lusting after a swan's flesh, suggesting that someone craves for another person they aren't worthy of.

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    《Absolute Great Teacher》