Absolute Great Teacher
39 I’m Here to Acknowledge You as My Master!
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Absolute Great Teacher
Author :Longing Washes Red Beans
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39 I’m Here to Acknowledge You as My Master!

Sun Mo was talking to Lu Zhiruo when he heard the yell. When he turned his head, he saw Li Ziqi running toward them.

She was wearing a long pink skirt, and her black silky hair was tied with a pink ribbon. As she ran, her ponytail bounced up and down. She was full of vitality.

When Lu Zhiruo saw that a stranger was jogging over, she shut her mouth and cowered behind Sun Mo's back.

(Oh? A female student? Who is she? And what relationship does she have with Teacher Sun?)

Li Ziqi looked at Lu Zhiruo's slim fingers. The former couldn't help but feel some unhappiness when she saw the latter holding onto Sun Mo's clothes.

"Teacher Sun, is she... Ah!"

Li Ziqi was about to question Sun Mo. But because she was distracted, she didn't notice a bump on the road and stumbled. She lost her balance and fell straight toward the ground.

"It's over!"

Li Ziqi closed her eyes, thinking that she would be disfigured this time. Luckily, with Sun Mo's sharp eyes and agile hands, he held her elbow in time.

"Be careful!"

Sun Mo helped Li Ziqi up and stared at her with Divine Sight on. Rows and rows of data jumped out in that instant.

Potential value: Extremely high!

Remark, athletic ability: extremely low.


Sun Mo ignored the remark straight away as he knew that it was normal for a genius to have a few shortcomings.

"My shoes, my shoes don't fit well!"

Li Ziqi made an excuse to cover up the fact that her motoric senses were bad. At the same time, she quickly diverted the topic. "How was it? Did you get a little excited when I called you Teacher Sun?"

Sun Mo shook his head.

"Hmph!" Li Ziqi pouted and looked at Lu Zhiruo. "Who is she? Do you intend to take her as your personal disciple? How's her aptitude?"

Before Sun Mo could answer, Zhang Sheng and Yuan Feng had walked over.

"Hey, Sun Mo!"

Zhang Sheng greeted Sun Mo with a friendly look. In front of an outsider, he had to hide his arrogance toward fellow teachers.

Yuan Feng nodded, but his eyes couldn't look away from Lu Zhiruo's breasts. He had no choice; they were so big that he couldn't control his eyes.

"Sun Mo, could you guess what I brought you?"

Li Ziqi called his name directly, wanting to say it a few more times. After all, she would have no more chance to do so in the future.

"Hehe, I must have heard it wrongly!"

Zhang Sheng heaved a sigh of relief upon hearing this salutation. He was happy he still had a chance. "Do student Li and Sun Mo know each other?"


Sun Mo was curious and looked at the calf leather satchel hanging on Li Ziqi's waist.

"It's students' information!"

Li Ziqi tossed out a thick booklet and passed it to Sun Mo. "You don't have to waste your time anymore; you can recruit students more effectively with this booklet."

Yuan Feng gulped as he looked at the information booklet and subconsciously reached his hands out to take it. He remembered someone promoting this to him before, but he couldn't bear to buy it as it was too expensive.

"Tsk, this information booklet is very expensive, how much did student Li spend?"

Zhang Sheng tried to interrupt. "Sun Mo, you better remember student Li's kind intentions!"

"Quickly open it, I have marked the good students with a red-inked brush!"

Li Ziqi moved next to Sun Mo, helping him to flip the pages and starting to recommend each student.

"How much did you spend? I'll pay you back."

Sun Mo frowned. He had never taken advantage of any student; hence, he was prepared to return the money to her.

"Oh well, it's not that expensive!"

Li Ziqi didn't seem to bother.

"I recall it now. It should have cost you around one thousand taels of silver, right?"

Zhang Sheng continued to interrupt, but Li Ziqi's peripheral vision didn't even land on him. He felt extremely angry and awkward.

He couldn't even join in their conversation. Li Ziqi pretended not to hear his question, but once Sun Mo asked something, she replied immediately.

He thought to himself, why would she treat him with such double standards? He couldn't have been any worse than Sun Mo.

Even Yuan Feng, who was beside them, could feel the awkwardness. Zhang Sheng had always been proud of himself and looked down on others, but he was being ignored now.

Normally, Yuan Feng would have walked away after seeing all these. He didn't like to receive cold shoulders. However, when facing Li Ziqi, he couldn't bear to leave even if he had to receive cold treatment.

Sun Mo was indeed very lucky to have a girl buy an information booklet worth a thousand silver taels for him.

Yuan Feng looked at Li Ziqi who was innocent and cute. Seeing her quick-witted eyes and an oval-shaped face full of charming grace, Yuan Feng was drowned by gushes of envy and hatred.

"How could it be Sun Mo?"

Yuan Feng couldn't help but feel angry.

Lu Zhiruo was not tall. She had to tiptoe and hold onto Sun Mo's elbow to look at the information booklet.

"Sun Mo, who is she?"

Li Ziqi saw how Lu Zhiruo's breasts were squeezed against Sun Mo's elbows. It had formed an exaggerated curve on her green clothing. She thought to herself, 'Lu Zhiruo must have done this on purpose!'

"She's my student!"

Sun Mo replied casually, but Li Ziqi's smile froze in that instant. Her heart was filled with frustration, and she tightened her fists.

She was crying in her head and couldn't help but blame her uncle. She had gone to meet a great teacher and that had delayed her arrival by a day. Her title of first personal disciple was gone now.

(No, I must not give up.)

Li Ziqi gritted her teeth and smiled after cheering herself on. "Oh? Then I must congratulate Teacher Sun. Hey, have you acknowledged him as your master?"

The second half of the sentence was clearly directed at Lu Zhiruo.

Lu Zhiruo was startled as she could feel a strange sense of hostility. She cowered behind Sun Mo like a little kitten, his body acting as a barrier between her and Li Ziqi.

"Yes…..yes I have!"

Lu Zhiruo stuttered.

"To acknowledge one as your master, you must have prepared a ceremony and chosen an auspicious date!"

Just by looking at Lu Zhiruo's clothes, Li Ziqi knew that she didn't have much money. She was certain Lu Zhiruo had completed the ceremony with just 3 kowtows. This was her only chance to seize back the status of the first disciple; hence, she had intentionally described the ceremony as a serious affair.

(Li Ziqi, you're truly a genius!)

Li Ziqi knew she had a perfect plan, and her brows raised in delight.

"I don't do such ceremonies. It's fine with me as long as I know the student's intentions."

Sun Mo hated these unnecessary and over-elaborate formalities.

"This wouldn't do, acknowledging one as a master is no child's play!"

Li Ziqi insisted.

(I'm done for! I'm done for!)

Zhang Sheng was so heartbroken that he couldn't breathe. He knew he wasn't overthinking it. Li Ziqi was here to acknowledge Sun Mo as her master. Moreover, her way of seizing the title of first disciple showed that she had planned this.

Yuan Feng looked at Sun Mo and Lu Zhiruo, and he couldn't hide the shock on his face. All he could think of was how this big-breasted girl said, 'yes I have'.

"How could you have acknowledged him as your master? D*** it, Sun Mo has a student already? Did you cheat? Yes, you must have cheated!"

Yuan Feng yelled out without thinking.


Li Ziqi looked at Yuan Feng unhappily. Just when she was about to berate him, she held back her words. She figured she could make use of this guy to make the big-breasted girl leave.

Lu Zhiruo got a scare and quickly explained, "No, Teacher Sun didn't cheat. I acknowledged him willingly."

Don't believe him, he has a shady history."

Yuan Feng became even braver when he saw that Li Ziqi was reactionless.

'My student'?

Hearing those words from Sun Mo, Yuan Feng murmured. How cool! He wished he had the chance to say those words too.

Sun Mo was upset and rested his left hand on the wooden blade's handle.

"Why? Do you want to fight now after being angered by Yuan Feng's words?"

Zhang Sheng spoke as well. He could use this chance to kick Sun Mo while he was down.

"Who wants to fight?"

A sudden clear and lucid voice interrupted Zhang Sheng's words. When he turned his head, his expression became serious once he saw Gu Xiuxun and Liu Mubai.

His chances of recruiting Li Ziqi became non-existent.

"Tea...Teacher Gu."

Yuan Feng couldn't even speak clearly anymore after smelling Gu Xiuxun's fragrance. This was his first time being so close to her.

"Hi, student Li Ziqi. I am Liu Mubai, I believe you have heard my name before."

Liu Mubai didn't even bother to greet the rest and spoke to Li Ziqi straight away. His attitude was extremely arrogant, but Zhang Sheng and Yuan Feng didn't dare to complain. They were afraid of offending him and tried their best to let out a smile.

If this was in the past, Li Ziqi wouldn't even bother. But since she was unhappy to see how Sun Mo was being treated, she spoke mercilessly, "Sorry, I haven't heard of you."

Zhang Sheng and Yuan Feng had almost laughed out loud when they saw Liu Mubai's countenance, but they managed to hold it back. On the other hand, Lu Zhiruo started laughing.


Then, Lu Zhiruo slowly realized that the atmosphere wasn't right. She quickly cowered and hid behind Sun Mo's back.

"Student Li, I am Gu Xiuxun, this year's honor graduate of Myriad Daos Academy!"

Gu Xiuxun introduced herself with much confidence and charm.

(She's actually a masochist!)

In his heart, Sun Mo added a description for Gu Xiuxun. He hadn't thought the magnanimous and strong-looking Gu Xiuxun would have a different side of her.

"Teacher Gu, are you competing with me?"

Liu Mubai turned his head slightly. Sharpness penetrated from the narrow corner of his eyes.

"I dare not! I'm just a passer-by joining in the fun."

Gu Xiuxun knew that many great teachers were waiting to recruit students like Li Ziqi.

She came over only because she wanted to see Liu Mubai face a rejection.

Of course, she would never let people know of her intention.

"Student Li Ziqi, please allow me to introduce myself?"

Under usual circumstances, the proud Liu Mubai would have left after being angered, but he couldn't leave this time around. He knew that his future would be positively influenced if he were to recruit Li Ziqi as his student; hence, he tolerated his unhappiness.

He knew that life's journey would not be smooth-sailing, and this must be heaven's test for him!

After figuring out his thoughts, Liu Mubai's mood basked under the summer day's sunlight and improved greatly.

"There's no need to. I know your purpose for coming, but I already have a teacher in mind."

Li Ziqi rejected him. She was already very frustrated, having to deal with all kinds of teachers recently.

Liu Mubai's words were all stuck at his throat. His expression was a mix of anger and awkwardness after being rejected so directly.

Instead of sunshine, Liu Mubai felt as though a big pouring rain was drenching him from head to toe.

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    《Absolute Great Teacher》