Absolute Great Teacher
40 Apologize to Teacher Sun!
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Absolute Great Teacher
Author :Longing Washes Red Beans
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40 Apologize to Teacher Sun!

The scene now was extremely awkward!

Ever since Liu Mubai got into the Greencloud Rankings and became a dazzling genius, to say nothing of being a graduate from the Black-White Academy with the third-best results, all he enjoyed was praise. When had he ever been treated like this before?

For a while, Liu Mubais heart was filled with anger. If the truth was that his skill was inferior to others, he could forget about it. However, he hadnt even displayed his talent yet.

Might I ask an impudent question? Which of you is Student Lis teacher?

Liu Mubai swept his gaze over at the three of them.

How would Zhang Sheng and Yuan Feng dare to offend Liu Mubai? When they saw that his eyes were like fire, like branding iron capable of scorching their skin, they were so afraid that they hurriedly clarified things.

It isnt me!

Its also not me!

Their nervous appearances made it seem as though they almost wanted to strip their pants to prove their innocence.

Liu Mubais gaze landed on Sun Mo.

Its me then?

Sun Mos EQ was ordinary. But now that things had reached such an extent, if he still couldnt discern Li Ziqis intent, that would truly be too foolish of him.

(You are showing off after getting the benefits? You are definitely doing so! Damn, I really want to smack your face rotten!)

It was as though there was an angry bull roaring in Zhang Shengs heart.

Teacher Sun, you saved me in the Yunting Lake. From that time on, I am already your disciple, Li Ziqi explained.

However, the truth was naturally not like this.

Li Ziqi had encountered many annoying matters recently. This was especially so when her father used all his connections and paid out a huge sum of money to find a secondary saint as a teacher for her. But in the end, because her energy circulation was bad, she got rejected.

This had caused her to blame herself. She felt inferior because she had let down her fathers expectations. Hence, she went to Yunting Lake to relax.

Because of misunderstanding, Li Ziqi had jumped into the lake to save Sun Mo but had ended up being saved instead. She felt some gratitude for Sun Mo. However, it was still that sentence of Sun Mo If your heart is clear, theres no need to fear any wind and rain! that caused her favorable impression of him to greatly increase. He allowed her to see a ray of hope in her life that was not going that smoothly.

At that time, Li Ziqi did think of acknowledging Sun Mo as her master. Hence, after seeing how Sun Mo guided Qi Shengjia, she made a resolution in her heart.

Naturally, Li Ziqi wouldnt tell anyone about these. She kept insisting that after she had met Sun Mo back then, she already wanted to take him as a master. If not, the identity of his number one personal disciple would fly away.

When she thought of this, Li Ziqi couldnt help but glance at Lu Zhiruo. (Hmph, are you that impressive just because you have large breasts? The position of the eldest martial sister definitely belongs to me!)


Sun Mo furrowed his brows slightly.

Yes, I even tied a handkerchief on your wrist. That was my token of sincerity!

When she dived into the water, all the valuable stuff on her was washed away. Other than a satchel that was filled with water, she only had a handkerchief left. Hence, she chose to give him the handkerchief.

Sun Mo observed Li Ziqi. Although the system had given him a mission to make Li Ziqi wholeheartedly acknowledge him as her master, now that it was completed, Sun Mo wanted to ask her reason. He wanted to ask this even though it might offend Li Ziqi.

There were too many people in the surroundings, and Sun Mo didnt wish to let people like Gu Xiuxun feel that Li Ziqi was losing out on this. Hence, he controlled himself and didnt ask.

Student Li Ziqi, you might be mistaken. Sun Mo lives in the same dorm as me, and Im very clear about his standard. He doesnt even have the qualifications to be a teacher and is merely a staff in the logistics department, said Zhang Sheng.

He was so jealous at the moment that he felt like he was about to explode. He would rather help Liu Mubai than to let Sun Mo succeed.

His character is also problematic. He even hired students to act and boost his reputation. You must have been swindled by him, chortled Yuan Feng who had just regained his senses. Regardless of whether it worked or not, Liu Mubai would definitely remember this favor.

He naturally had to grab hold of such a good opportunity.

Upon hearing the words hired students to act, Zhang Shengs eyelids twitched. However, he was also a scheming individual and immediately pointed the arrowhead at Lu Zhiruo.

This student, why do you want to be his disciple?

From Zhang Shengs point of view, Sun Mo didnt have any ability. He must have used some methods to swindle this cowardly little girl over. As long as she said the process, Sun Mos ugly deeds would be exposed here.

Thats right, dont be afraid. Bravely say everything! Yuan Feng encouraged her.


Upon being stared at by everyone, Lu Zhiruo was like a frightened rabbit. She hurriedly shrank back and hid behind Sun Mo. However, she extended her head out an instant later and courageously shouted, Teacher Sun is a good person!

You must have been swindled. Yuan Feng felt bitter and hateful.

Shut up! Li Ziqi couldnt bear to listen on any longer. She was so angry that her steel plate-like chest was shaking. Apologize!


Yuan Feng was badly frightened.

Apologize to Teacher Sun right now!

Li Ziqi glared at Yuan Feng, feeling extreme loathing for this person. This persons words no longer targeted Sun Mos teaching capabilities but his character. If this was to spread out, it would destroy Sun Mos image.


Yuan Feng stuttered. This was especially so when he thought of Li Ziqis identity. All of a sudden, he felt regret for shooting his mouth off.


Li Ziqi persisted.

Being glared at by Li Ziqis large eyes, Yuan Feng couldnt withstand the pressure. He lowered his head. So..sorry!

And you!

Li Ziqi glared at Zhang Sheng.

Im helping you!

Zhang Sheng explained, staring at Li Ziqi with a look of lament on his face, like he was looking at a lost sheep.

What qualifications do you have to help me? Li Ziqi counter-asked.

Just apologize. Your ways of speaking could cause harm to a teacher! Gu Xiuxun spoke.

If even the teachers couldnt be a good example, how could students adore and respect them? There were no problems if they wanted to vie over students, but using such a method was truly disgusting.

Zhang Shengs expression was unsightly to the extreme. He wanted to avoid the problem by leaving, but he didnt dare to. If Li Ziqi reported this matter to the higher-ups in the school, he would definitely be fired.

(Why does she want to protect Sun Mo!?)

Zhang Sheng roared in his heart. After that, he lowered his head. Im sorry!

These three words were like thorns that pierced his pride. What extraordinary shame and humiliation was this?!

Gu Xiuxun curiously stared at Sun Mo, also having no idea how he had convinced Li Ziqi. But from the looks of things, this girl seemed to have a very favorable opinion of him.

What are you all arguing about?

A middle-aged man walked over, imposing without being angry. Two strands of golden thread could be seen on his collar and cuff.

This was the sign of a 2-star teacher.

Teacher Xu!

Even Liu Mubai was also respectfully greeting the newcomer at this moment. He was named Xu Shaoyuan, a 2-star teacher.

Ziqi, hows your aunt recently?

Actually, Xu Shaoyuan had only met Li Ziqis aunt once or twice. But by asking like this, it could make it seem that he had a close relationship with her aunt.

You are? Li Ziqi asked.

He is Teacher Xu Shaoyuan! Zhang Sheng hurriedly introduced.

Joy was rising in his heart, and he couldnt help but glance at Sun Mo. (Wanting to accept Li Ziqi as your disciple? Go and continue dreaming. Now, with the appearance of a 2-star teacher, you better scram as far as you can!)

Teacher Xu, you also want to recruit me as your personal disciple? Im sorry, Ive already acknowledged a master!

Li Ziqi didnt wish to play these games. It was so tiring.

Xu Shaoyuans lips twitched. He felt a little unhappy. However, given his self-restraint, he wouldnt display it. On the contrary, he was smiling instead.

Oh, it must be Mubai, right? Congratulations! Xu Shaoyuan pretended not to know and laughed.

Its not me!

Liu Mubai shook his head.


Xu Shaoyuan glanced toward Gu Xiuxin.

Teacher Xu, its Sun Mo!

Gu Xiuxun had made some inquiries about Xu Shaoyuans character. He was extremely narrow-minded. Hence, she didnt want to inspire jealousy and hatred from such a person.

(Whats going on with this Li Ziqi? She doesnt even want to consider a 2-star teacher. Was her brain spoiled?)

Zhang Shengs gaze was sluggish. Yuan Feng, who was at the side, couldnt understand this as well. What sort of bewildering soup did Sun Mo give this girl?

Sun Mo?

Xu Shaoyuan followed the gazes of everyone and turned to Sun Mo. He had an impression of this name. Are you An Xinhuis fiance?

Thats me.

Sun Mo didnt expect Li Ziqi to attract a 2-star great teacher over. It seemed like he had underestimated her.

You are still an intern teacher, right?

Xu Shaoyuans attitude was like someone lofty speaking down to a subordinate. Leaving aside the fact that Sun Mo was an intern teacher, even if he was a teacher with tens of years of experience, Xu Shaoyuan would still dare to scold him. Student Ziqi is a good seedling. You wont be able to teach her well with your ability. You would only waste her talent!

These words were enough. He wanted Sun Mo to give up.

Zhang Sheng and Yuan Feng suddenly felt joy in Sun Mos calamity when they heard these words. (Show me what you will do now!)

(Do you dare to defy the words of a 2-star great teacher? If you dare to, just wait for the consequences then!)

Gu Xiuxun shook her head silently. She held Xu Shaoyuans actions in contempt.

Sun Mo, our schools current situation isnt too good. We need to raise a few good students, so our school can pull through. A genius like Ziqi needs to be nurtured heavily, and you are not qualified yet!

When Xu Shaoyuan said the last five words, he purposely emphasized on them.

Gu Xiuxun sighed in her heart. These words werent pleasant to hear, but he did have the qualifications to say them. After all, Xu Shaoyuan was a 2-star great teacher.

Teacher Xu

Li Ziqi couldnt bear to continue listening. Just when she wanted to speak, someone held her back. She turned her head and saw Sun Mo looking straight at her.

The two of them didnt say anything. But at that instant where their gazes locked, it was as though a thousand messages were transmitted between them.

LI Ziqi came to the Central Province Academy precisely because she wanted to acknowledge Sun Mo as her master.

If not, given her family background, she would have countless better choices.

I understand!

Sun Mo smiled. He used some strength and pulled Li Ziqi behind him. After that, he looked straight at Xu Shaoyuan. Sorry, whether my teaching ability is good or bad, thats not up to you. That would only be determined after a test!

These words were so tyrannical!

Liu Mubai stared at Sun Mo in amazement, not understanding how Sun Mo had the courage to argue head-on against a 2-star teacher. Did he not understand the consequences of his action?

Zhang Sheng and Yuan Feng were in a daze. Had Sun Mo gone crazy? Why did he use such an attitude to speak to a 2-star great teacher? But after that, wild joy filled their hearts.

Sun Mo was finished. His teaching career was absolutely finished!

(Ze, you are quite manly!)

Gu Xiuxun was astonished. After that, she couldnt help but silently praise Sun Mo. She could tell that Li Ziqi wasnt willing to acknowledge Xu Shaoyuan as her master, but if this girl rejected him directly, even if Xu Shaoyuan didnt dare to say anything due to Li Ziqis status, he would definitely slander her from the shadows. If these words were to circulate out, it would be very bad for Li Ziqi. And now, Sun Mos action was actually to protect Li Ziqi.

This also meant that Sun Mo had to endure all the pressure and hostility from Xu Shaoyuan.
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    《Absolute Great Teacher》