Absolute Great Teacher
42 Soul Imprin
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Absolute Great Teacher
Author :Longing Washes Red Beans
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42 Soul Imprin

You can go back to your work for now.

An Xinhui deepened the tone of her voice and after Zhou Lin left, she picked up her brush and wrote the words, Sun Mo, while memories of their childhood flashed in her mind.

Other than talented students, schools also wanted students who came from wealthy families. Why? It was because these students came naturally with a tremendous amount of political resources.

An Xinhui wanted students like Li Ziqi, but she knew that the current state of the Central Province Academy wouldnt be able to win against the Myriad Daos Academy. Therefore, she didnt expect this surprise haul!

Zhou Lin was worried about Li Ziqis aunt, while An Xinhui was thinking that if things were handled properly, this could bring a lot of benefits for the school!

After all, if it wasnt for Sun Mo, there was a high chance that Li Ziqi would be going to the Myriad Daos Academy!

No matter how things are, my fiance is really amazing!

An Xinhui decided that after the student recruitment meet ended, she would go and take a look at Sun Mo, to meet this childhood sweetheart who had used to enjoy following behind her.

Right now, Sun Mo had two tails trailing behind him

Li Ziqi kept on trying to find out about Lu Zhiruos situation. Given her max intellect at 10 points, the papaya girl wasnt her match at all. It didnt take long for Lu Zhiruo to place great trust in her and say many things.

Very good. From today onward, Ill be your eldest martial sister. If theres any trouble, Ill protect you.

Li Ziqi took out a jade pendant and handed it to Lu Zhiruo. Here, this is eldest martial sisters gift for you.

Lu Zhiruo lowered her head and didnt take it.

Take it! Li Ziqi urged.

Iam teachers first disciple.

It was rare to see the cowardly Lu Zhiruo showing such persistence.

Li Ziqi pinched her forehead, explaining solemnly, Didnt I tell you? Ive done the teacher acknowledgment long ago. Teacher Sun, where is that scarf? Take it out and show her!

Sun Mo pretended as if he hadnt heard anything. He would let the kids deal with the matters between them, and he wouldnt help either of them.

The first disciple is the teachers image. While the person doesnt have to be the strongest, they must at least not be embarrassing. Youll suffer a lot given your weak character!

Li Ziqi rambled on, striking the papaya girls weakness.


Lu Zhiruo kept on stuttering I but eventually didnt finish her sentence. She was aware that her character was weak, and even when she met strangers, she would feel so scared that she wouldnt dare to breathe too loudly.

Alright, its decided.

Li Ziqi smiled proudly. Come on, call me eldest martial sister!

Lu Zhiruo struggled for a very long time but was eventually unable to win against Li Ziqis insistence. Eldest eldest martial sister!


Li Ziqi nodded solemnly and waved her little fist excitedly. From today onward, Im someone who has a junior martial sister.

And also a junior martial brother! Lu Zhiruo reminded her.

What? Li Ziqi was perplexed and looked at Lu Zhiruo. She realized that Lu Zhiruo spoke too slowly, so she decided to run up to Sun Mo and asked, Whats going on?

This is how it is. If you acknowledge me as your teacher, not only would you have an elder martial sister, but youll also have an elder martial brother.

Sun Mo teased. It ended up that Lu Zhiruo was still unable to win against Li Ziqi. This feeling was as if he was watching an endearing and naive little deer being fooled by a Little Red Riding Hood.

This is detestable!

Li Ziqi pouted her little lips and raised her foot to kick Sun Mos lower leg. It was only then did she realize that it was bad for her to be doing this, and she sneaked a glance toward him. Realizing he wasnt angry, she felt relieved and patted herself on the chest.

You You are being disrespectful toward teacher Sun!

Lu Zhiruo was shocked.

I Im just bringing our teacher-student relationship closer ! Li Ziqis eyes rolled as she immediately came up with an excuse. Thats right, bringing our relationship closer!


Lu Zhiruo nodded.

Seeing Lu Zhiruos naive expression flashing with an innocent aura like a harmless little deer, Li Ziqi suddenly felt a little conscience-stricken. She was hesitating if she should explain things when she saw Lu Zhiruo running over and catching up to Sun Mo.


Lu Zhiruo raised her right leg and kicked out hard.


Sun Mo stumbled a little from the sudden kick and almost knelt on the ground. He couldnt help but turn back and look at Lu Zhiruo, feeling puzzled.

This is to improve our relationship! Lu Zhiruo said seriously.

She felt that the greater the strength she exerted, the deeper their relationship would be. After saying that, she turned and looked at Li Ziqi.

(Hey, hey, dont look at me. It has nothing to do with me.) Although Li Ziqi was thinking this, she nodded seriously. Thats right, we both like Teacher Sun a lot.

Sun Mo had the feeling that his life wasnt going to be so easy in the future.

Who is that junior martial brother? Li Ziqi asked.

A battle maniac who likes to fight!

Sun Mo recalled Xuanyuan Pos data. It was true that itd be a waste of his body if he didnt battle.

Oh, that means that his head is filled with muscles!

Li Ziqi was assured. Simple-minded people who only had brawns were the easiest to deal with. Oh right, Teacher Sun, come over here!

Seeing that there was a large shaded area behind the library not far away and that there werent many people there, Li Ziqi immediately grabbed Sun Mos arm and ran over.

Lu Zhiruo wanted to follow after them.

Martial Junior Lu can wait here! Li Ziqi instructed.

The summer wind blew, causing the leaves to rustle, leaving behind the swaying trees.

After ensuring that Lu Zhiruo was unable to see her, Li Ziqi dropped to her knees while wearing a solemn expression.

Teacher Sun, please accept student Li Ziqi!

Li Ziqi did three proper kowtows, banging her head to the ground without trying any tricks.

Sun Mo couldnt help but look at her seriously, asking the question that was in his heart, Why is it me?

Why cant it be you?

Li Ziqi was puzzled and asked him back.

Neither of them said anything. They just quietly looked at each other. It was as if time had come to a stop and there was only the sound of the summer cicadas ringing out in the forest.

System, is she sincere about this? Sun Mo asked.

Make a guess?

The systems reply was as simple as usual.

Very long later, Sun Mo smiled. Li Ziqi smiled as well, showing off a pair of sweet dimples.

That was right. Why did he need an answer? Since Li Ziqi had chosen him, then he should guide her seriously and not let his mind wander recklessly.

Get up!

Sun Mo helped Li Ziqi up.

Teacher Sun Mo!

Li Ziqi smiled very sweetly, like the flower nectar that the bees had gathered early in the morning. She put her hand into her collar, took out a piece of teardrop-shaped jadestone, and removed it from her neck. She then handed it to Sun Mo, This is my teacher acknowledgment gift. It represents my determination!

This should be very precious to you, right?

Sun Mo didnt take it from her. After hearing what Li Ziqi said and considering that it was something she kept close to her, it was apparent that this jadestone must have a special meaning to her.

Li Ziqi stroked the jadestone, pursing her lips as she recalled back on a memory. That was in the past. Right now, its a gift for the teacher acknowledgment. Take it!

Li Ziqi put out her hand and stuffed the jadestone into Sun Mos hand. She then turned, planning to run away. However, she was immediately stunned because Lu Zhiruos small head had popped out from the side of a loquat tree not far away. She was hiding there and secretly watching like a little kitten.

Seeing that Li Ziqi had noticed her, Lu Zhiruo instantly hid behind the loquat tree, raising the branch in her hands.

Oh my, she must have seen the entire process of me going through with the teacher acknowledgment.

Li Ziqis eyes darted around, feeling a little nervous. However, she quickly boosted her own morale and tried hard to calm down. No matter what, the place of the first disciple must be mine!

Li Ziqi adjusted her emotions and then wore an extremely friendly smile as she walked toward Lu Zhiruo. On the other hand, the papaya girl was holding onto tree branches and slowly backing away.

Sun Mo couldnt help but smile. It seemed that their relationship would be very cordial.


Congratulations on taking Li Ziqi in as your disciple, completing the systems first mission. Rewarded with one mysterious treasure chest!

As the systems reminder rang out, a big treasure chest that flashed in a purple glow appeared before Sun Mo.

The divine skill, Immemorial Vairocana, was something that he had obtained from opening a mysterious chest. Therefore, Sun Mo felt a little agitated. It was the same feeling from when he was opening the first movie [1] he had downloaded in the past.

Open the chest!

Sun Mo regretted a little after saying that. He should have touched Lu Zhiruo before opening it. At the very least, he should go and stand next to her. After all, big boobs could increase ones luck.

The treasure chest opened and immediately disappeared, leaving behind a book that was shrouded in a platinum glow, spinning slowly.

Congratulations on obtaining an elementary-grade great teacher halo, Soul Imprint. Host exclusive

The systems calm voice was like plain water. It was giving the polite talk again, but Sun Mo didnt mind it. It was because he hadnt heard it clearly.

What imprint? Sun Mo blinked. Pregnancy?

Did your brain get damaged from playing too many er*tic games? The system said in despise, Its Soul Imprint!

You know er*tic games? Youre really not a serious system!

Sun Mo was testing the system. When he checked through the information, he found out that great teacher halos could only be gained through enlightenment and not from anywhere else. But in addition to the Ignorant and Incompetent, the system had contributed two great teacher halos for him.

Given Sun Mos capability of scoring 148 marks for his language in the college-entrance examinations, Sun Mo understood and was certain that Host exclusive meant that this was something only he knew.

The system fell silent.

Soul Imprint. After the host uses it, it would be possible for him to project information that includes but isnt restricted to martial arts moves, unique skills, as well as any knowledge, experience, memories, a certain condition, mood, and teachings into a targets mind, letting them receive instant comprehension.

Proficiency Index: Elementary-grade. The Soul Imprints effect can be sustained for at most ten minutes. When the proficiency index increases, the sustained duration will increase.

Looking at the skills introduction, Sun Mos expression gradually turned into that of shock. Given his comprehension ability, he could be certain that this great teacher halo was a divine skill to a teacher.

What annoyed teachers the most?

Explaining a certain knowledge for the entire day, yet the students still couldnt understand. With this halo, it meant that the teacher no longer had to verbalize things. They could project the knowledge directly into the students minds, letting them gain immediate comprehension.

This is amazing, my wonderful system!

All sorts of feelings welled up within Sun Mo and he subconsciously reached out to touch the book. This wasnt all to how powerful the Soul Imprint was. The host could even channel things that were hard to grasp, such as his feelings and condition into the students minds

Did you only just realize?

The system suddenly spoke up with a hint of proudness in its tone.

[1] Referring to p*rn movies.
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