Absolute Great Teacher
43 My Aptitude Is Definitely Number One under the Heavens!
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Absolute Great Teacher
Author :Longing Washes Red Beans
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43 My Aptitude Is Definitely Number One under the Heavens!

Sadly, the duration is too short.

Sun Mos lips twitched.

After he admired the skill book again, he lifted his hand and shattered it.


The skill book transformed into a golden facula. It resembled a firefly as it flew into Sun Mos mind.

A sense of enlightenment immediately spread through his whole body. It felt like he effortlessly learned all the third-year knowledge during the first day of high school. It also felt like he could do all the exam questions with ease, like he could solve any difficult problems.

This feeling was simply too pleasurable!

Teacher, what are you doing? Quickly come over!

From afar, Li Ziqis shout could be heard.

Sun Mo pursed his lips slightly as he walked over.

The effect of Soul Imprint was very strong. However, the prerequisite was that the user had to be strong enough. If the teacher was an idiot, there wouldnt be anything of value that could enter the students mind.

On the campus, the young and inexperienced youths brushed past each other. They were like pieces of unpolished jades that had yet to be refined.

Sun Mo, who was in a joyous mood, activated Divine Sight and searched for those students who didnt even know that they were geniuses.

Teacher Sun, what do you think about that guy? I feel that his aptitude isnt bad.

Li Ziqi pointed to a male student who was almost 2 meters tall.

Isnt that bad? Which part of him isnt? We are selecting students with the potential for future development; we are not looking for laborers!

Sun Mo was speechless. The data showed that the bone quality of that fellow was a little bad. His physique belonged to the injury-prone type. Leaving aside cultivation, he would even fail to qualify for hard physical labor in a construction site.

How about that girl beside the flowers? Her breasts are small, and I can tell that shes good at cultivation just by looking at her! Li Ziqi solemnly spoke.

Sun Mo glanced at Li Ziqi. (Are you praising yourself after going in a circle? You are definitely doing so, right? Alright, I know you are small, but I wont discriminate against you.)

Lu Zhiruo heard these words, and she was like a startled little deer. She hurriedly hugged her chest and snuck a few glances at Sun Mo, as though she was afraid of being abandoned.

Ones aptitude isnt measured by the size of their that!

Sun Mo laughed.

Oh? Comparing my aptitude and Zhiruo, whose aptitude is better?

Li Ziqis eyes glowed as she stared at Sun Mo.


Sun Mo chose to remain silent.


Li Ziqi put her hands on her hips and snorted complacently. (I dont need you to say it, but I, the steel-plate girl, my aptitude is definitely number one under the heavens!)


Lu Zhiruo squatted on the ground, covering her head as she sobbed. So it turned out that the reason why her aptitude wasnt good was because of her huge papayas. This situation was terrible then. She wouldnt have any opportunity to improve her aptitude in this lifetime.

Stop crying. Aptitude only plays a part, and it cannot represent achievement. Your achievements still depend on your own learning and hard work!

Sun Mo consoled Lu Zhiruo. He wasnt a teacher that only focused on genius students.


Lu Zhiruo lifted her head. Her eyes were filled with tears as she looked at Sun Mo.


Sun Mo rubbed the papaya girl on her head.

I dont know whose aptitude is better, but that male student who just passed us is definitely not a good catch.

Li Ziqi glanced around the surroundings, and her vision landed on a young man not far away. That young man was extremely skinny and was dressed in white. There was a cotton handkerchief in his hand, and he would occasionally cover his mouth as he coughed.

Sun Mo initially wasnt bothered. He took a casual glance but soon started to frown.

Tantai Yutang, 14 years old. 1st-level of the body refinement realm.

Strength: 3. You are an invalid, you lack the strength to even truss a chicken!

Intellect: 10. You have the qualifications to call many people monkeys.

Agility: 3. If you are ill, you should just lie down.

Endurance: 3. Trash.

Will: 9. Compared to the standard of youths, your will is indestructible.

Potential value: Extremely high!

Note: Do not use the gaze you use to look at a child on him, or you will be extremely unlucky.

Note: This is a time bomb. Suggestion: Be as far away from him as possible.

The polarization of the data was extremely serious. This was the first youth whereby the system had two notes about.

I think that might not be the case.

Lu Zhiruo doubted.

Che, he looks so sickly. I can tell he isnt cultivation material. Lets go, we will go look for more geniuses!

Li Ziqi urged.

That might not be the case. Sun Mo went over while asking in his heart. System, will there be a danger if I accept him as my disciple?

Didnt you read the note? Please just follow the systems suggestion, the system reminded him.

Hehe! Sun Mo laughed softly. He went over to Tantai Yutang. Yo, young man. Are you preparing to join the school?

Ah? Teacher couldnt possibly want to recruit him, right?

Li Ziqi was puzzled. She wanted to follow them but was stopped by Lu Zhiruo.

The papaya girl was afraid that Li Ziqis appearance might affect Sun Mos performance.

Cough cough! Tantai Yutang didnt say anything but started smiling after he coughed. Hello, teacher. I came to this place on account of its reputation, and Im filled with admiration toward the schools glorious history.

Are you interested in becoming my student?

Sun Mo went straight to the point. This young man was a rarely seen genius with an intellect of 10. Thus, regardless of how obedient or honest he appeared to be, Sun Mo knew he couldnt trust him easily. And rather than having his probe discovered, Sun Mo might as well be more sincere and open.


Tantai Yutang would frequently cough blood due to chronic ailment, and this also resulted in his sick-looking appearance. Hence, through these 14 years, he had never been recruited by anyone before. This was why he was stunned when he heard Sun Mo.

Its fine, theres always a first time in life!

Sun Mo teased.

Teacher! Li Ziqi hurriedly ran over and tugged on Sun Mos clothes. After that, she covered her mouth with her hand and whispered, Which point of him do you fancy?

The matter of a teacher accepting a disciple was a very solemn one. One naturally mustnt fool around.


Sun Mo tapped her forehead as he spoke, This guy is a monster like you. Both of you have an intellect stat of 10.


Li Ziqi wanted to say that she had no way to believe this answer.

Tantai Yutang was surveying Sun Mo. When he heard Sun Mos answer, he began to frown. Could something like intellect be seen?

Alright, I wont joke around anymore. Sun Mos expression turned solemn. He looked directly at Tantai Yutang. I only feel that you are the right person!

(Oi! Oi! Teacher, can you not be so corny? He is not a girl. If you keep acting like this, Im going to suspect your sexual orientation!)

Li Ziqi covered her forehead. However, she felt that Sun Mo shouldnt be someone who would speak without thinking. Hence, she also seriously surveyed Tantai Yutang.

(Che. His looks are very ordinary. He is skinny and has a sickly appearance, looking as though he might die any time. Teacher Sun is still the better-looking one.)

When she thought of this, Li Ziqi turned her head.

Under the sunlight, Sun Mo stood firmly. His left hand was placed on the hilt of his wooden blade; his bearing exuded comfort and relaxedness. This was especially so when he wasnt speaking. The angle of his pursed-up mouth was very nice to look at. It was like a smile.

Very sweet!

I apologize. If you are looking for students to make up for a shortfall in the number of people. You shouldnt be looking for a sickly person like me.

Tantai Yutang rejected his offer because he couldnt see through Sun Mo. This feeling wasnt good at all.

No hurry. My name is Sun Mo and Im an intern teacher. If you change your mind, you can look for me.

After speaking, Sun Mo turned and left. He was testing the system. As to whether he could recruit Tantai Yutang or not, that wasnt so important to him.

Truthfully speaking, Sun Mo was more fond of students like Xuanyuan Po whom he could tell the personalities in a single glance. It was easier to interact with those kinds of people.

Are you playing with me?

Tantai Yutangs expression sank. However, his look of anger instantly vanished as his expression went back to the harmless look he had on earlier. It was as though his words were just a casual question.

Im a teacher, I wont be playing around when it comes to recruiting students. Sun Mo halted. If you want to acknowledge me as your master, I will accept you now.

What can you teach me then?

These words revealed his sharpness.

After Tantai Yutang finished speaking, he began to feel regret. He could say such words, but he shouldnt have done so in such a manner. Also, his tone should be slightly lower, or he would reveal his emotions.

I can guide you on the aspects you are lackingmartial arts.

With Divine Sight and Qi Shengjia as an example, Sun Mo was very confident when he said these words. He still hadnt included his recent gains such as the Soul Imprint and Immemorial Vairocana.

Tantai Yutang fell silent. He stared at Sun Mos eyes and discovered that Sun Mo didnt waver at all.

This person was either extremely confident, or he was a conceited fool.

Alright, go and consider well. I have something on!

Sun Mo waved his hand in farewell. Regardless of which, he had to recruit five students before the student recruitment meet ended. By doing so, he would be able to become a substitute teacher.

Staring at the back of Sun Mo who had already walked far away, Tantai Yutang who hadnt moved yet suddenly smiled. I didnt expect to meet such an interesting person when I came to the Central Province Academy. Seems like I can cancel my plans and directly join this school.

Look at his soon-to-die appearance. Even if hes a genius, he would be useless if he died early. Besides, we dont know what illness he has. Teacher, you shouldnt go near him.

Li Ziqi felt Tantai Yutang wasnt honest enough!

Teacher! Lu Zhiruo, who was afraid of strangers and hadnt spoken much, suddenly offered a rare opinion. I feel that he is very dangerous. Its better not to accept him as a disciple.

When he felt the concern these two girls had for him, Sun Mo smiled. He was even more determined that he mustnt let them down. In the nine provinces of Middle-Earth, after acknowledging a master, there would be a connection between the teacher and the student. If one was bad, the other would be bad. If one achieved glory, the other would be able to bask in it too. If he was not famous enough, his students would also lose face.

Looking at the two new stars, Liu Mubai and Gu Xiuxun, and also the 2-star teacher Xu Shaoyuans extreme desire to recruit Li Ziqi. He knew that it wasnt enough for him to become a substitute teacher. He had to quickly become a great teacher.

To become a 1-star great teacher, he had to comprehend three great teacher halos and have a secondary occupation.

Currently, he had reached the required number of great teacher halos. But what about his secondary occupation? There was no mathematics, foreign languages, etc in the Nine Province. He couldnt possibly teach the students his ancient massaging technique, right? If he did so, he would definitely become the butt-jokes of the entire Jinling City.

Teacher, quickly look over there!

Li Ziqi suddenly tugged on Sun Mos clothes and pointed to the flight of steps before the teaching building. There was a group of adults surrounding a youth. There was no need to ask. These people were definitely teachers. And being able to make so many teachers surround him or her, that person was definitely an outstanding talent.

Teacher, lets hurry over to snatch him to our side!

Li Ziqi pulled Sun Mo along as she ran toward that direction.

The little bambi Zhiruo quickly followed after them.
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    《Absolute Great Teacher》