Absolute Great Teacher
46 Don’t Be Afraid, He Is Just Someone Who Eats ‘Soft-Rice’!
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Absolute Great Teacher
Author :Longing Washes Red Beans
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46 Don’t Be Afraid, He Is Just Someone Who Eats ‘Soft-Rice’!


Favorable impression points from Jin Mujie +1.

Prestige connection with Jin Mujie. Neutral (2/100).

The sudden notification stunned Sun Mo. He subconsciously thought about the well-rounded figure of that beautiful great teacher. This was especially so for her ample juicy peach (as*), it would be imprinted in anyones memories once they glanced at it.

System, if the accumulation of favorable points is enough, does it mean that I can do some indescribable things to a target?

Sun Mo glanced at the surroundings, but he didnt see Jin Mujies figure.

Do you think Im the Love Yellow Lotion System? The system was speechless. Also, its too time-consuming to gain high amounts of favorable impression points. You might as well toss some money at her. Oh, Ive forgotten, you are dirt-poor!

Do you believe Im going to crush you now?

Sun Mo was speechless. However, the system was right. He was truly extremely poor. It seemed like he had to hurry up and finish the Journey to the West so he could get some money from Zheng Qingfang.

If a man couldnt even afford an extra egg during breakfast, that would truly be too pathetic.

Clap! Clap!

Yue Rongbo clapped his hands and walked over. What a wonderful response. You put the Priceless Advice to good use!

Sun Mo turned over and saw a smiling square face.

Are you not afraid that a great teacher would take revenge on you? Even if he is just 1-star, his status is much higher than yours.

Yue Rongbo was curious.

If Im afraid, I wouldnt have stood out.

Sun Mo rolled his eyes. If he was unhappy, he would simply resign. In any case, the world was so big, where couldnt he go?

He didnt leave now because he just arrived here and was still unfamiliar with this world. Besides, this body of his had memories and feelings toward An Xinhui. They also played a part in influencing him.

Hehe! Yue Rongbos gaze glanced over Li Ziqi and landed on Jiang Leng. For the sake of a dispute, is it worth it?

Jiang Lengs body was covered with a large patch of damaged spirit runes, which would severely disturb his absorption of spirit qi. Hence, his cultivation speed would definitely be slow.

This indicated that even if he was an unpolished jade, he was already a damaged one.

I didnt accept him because of that great teachers provocation.

After Sun Mo finished speaking, he added another sentence in his heart. I did this because the damnable system forced me to! What shitty mission is this? It actually said it wanted to temper me? The system is most probably a sadist, right?

However, since Jiang Leng had acknowledged him as a master, he would wholeheartedly guide him.

When Jiang Leng heard Yue Rongbos words, his expression turned dim. But after listening to Sun Mos reply, his spirit stirred as gratitude rose from his chest.


Favorable impression from Jiang Leng +5.

Prestige connection with Jiang Leng. Neutral (35/100).

Sun Mo felt a little surprised. Jiang Leng looked aloof and exuded an inhospitable aura. Yet, he still knew how to be grateful.

Yue Rongbo no longer spoke. He just patted Sun Mo on his shoulder while thinking this was the mental attitude a qualified teacher should have.

(Oi, oi. Dont just show an expression of admiration toward me, alright? Its more practical to give me some favorable impression points!)

Sun Mo quietly mused. He put on a professional-looking smile while he noted down Lian Zhengs name in his mental notebook.

This matter hadnt concluded yet.

Its not early anymore. How about eating together?

Yue Rongbo invited.


Sun Mo wasnt polite as well. Speaking of which, this was a 4-star great teachers lunch party. Yue Rongbo, this square-faced guy had three more stars than Lian Zheng.


Congratulations to the host for accepting Jiang Leng and completing the mission. Reward: 1 bronze treasure chest.

As the system notification rang out, a shining bronze treasure chest appeared before Sun Mo.

Sun Mo patted Lu Zhiruo on her shoulder before saying the word open.


Lu Zhiruo turned her head, waiting for instructions.


Sun Mo smiled. As expected, a papaya girl could truly increase his luck.

The treasure chest vanished as a bottle of ancient whale oil floated in the air. Although it wasnt a skill book, this item was still worth 1,000 points.

After the meal, Jiang Leng left. He had already acknowledged a master, and it was confirmed he would be enrolled in the Central Province Academy. Hence, there was no need for him to continue following Sun Mo. In addition, he knew his own situation very well. If he wanted to improve, he had to grab hold of every second.

Li Ziqi wanted to tour around the teaching building. Sun Mo naturally didnt mind it.

The teaching building was a building constructed from a mixture of wood and stone. There were three types of classrooms in the building: for twenty people, fifty people, or a hundred people.

The higher the fame of a teacher, the higher the number of students who would want to attend his public lecture. Naturally, the classroom size had to be bigger as well.

Other than this, each level also had a lecture hall with a capacity of 300 people. But even so, when a great teacher was giving a lesson, the place would be packed to the brim. There were no solutions to it, as there were too many students who wanted to listen in.

In a school, the fewer the number of students during a lesson, through direct observation, it meant that the fame and ability of the teacher were very low.

Li Ziqi walked in the corridor. She patrolled the classroom and curiously glanced at the surroundings. In the past, she had never gone to a school before, as her family always arranged a private tutor for her.

The lecture hall also had many new students touring it. Li Ziqi took a glance and just when she wanted to leave, she turned her head back again. After that, she called out in a low voice.

Teacher, come quickly. I discovered a good seeding!

At a seat below the windows on the left, there was a pair of twins. They were currently chatting with a few intern teachers.

This pair of brothers are surnamed Zou. The elder brother is named Zou Ping and the younger brother is named Zou An. They are in the information booklet as well. They came from Wuyi County, and their family has been in the herbs business for generations. Hence, they have always been taking medicinal baths since they were young, resulting in their bodies being extremely robust and healthy. They can be considered quite wealthy, Li Ziqi introduced.

Lu Zhiruo hurriedly checked the information booklet.

At the eight-column of the sixth page, bottom left corner!

Li Ziqi subconsciously displayed her outstanding intellect that was at 10 points. She had simply glanced through the information booklet earlier out of boredom and didnt really have any intentions to memorize it.

Sun Mos gaze landed on Qin Fen, as well as Qi Shengjia who was standing beside him.

Li Ziqi was worried the Zou brothers would be recruited away. Hence, she immediately ran over to get into a conversation with them.

This group immediately stopped their conversation. When Qin Fen saw Li Ziqi, his gaze turned and landed on Sun Mo. A great enemy had arrived, and this involved the matter of his failed recruitment of Xuanyuan Po. Everyone had already heard of this.

Sun Mo, you came too late. They have already agreed to be my students.

Qin Fens tone was filled with a hint of arrogance. This time around, it could be considered that he had recovered some lost ground.

Please talk only after you have awakened from your dream.

Sun Mos lips twitched. He could see many intern teachers who hadnt given up yet and were also in the vicinity. This indicated that the Zou brothers had not acknowledged a teacher yet. At most, they only promised Qin Fen verbally.

Sun Mo, when doing things, please note the order of arrival.

Yuan Feng ruthlessly glared at Sun Mo. He knew that he wouldnt be able to get the Zou brothers as his disciples; hence, he helped Qin Fen to speak out. In any case, he wouldnt let Sun Mo get what he wanted.

The matter of accepting disciples definitely touches upon the capabilities of the teacher. How could a good teacher allow a stupid fool to accept a good disciple just because the stupid fool was here first? Sun Mo ridiculed.

Hehe, teacher is so toxic!

Li Ziqi was silently joyful.

Who did you say was a stupid fool?

Qin Fen was greatly angered. This was especially so when he saw Li Ziqi following Sun Mo. He had heard Yuan Feng saying that the number one female student in the information booklet had chosen Sun Mo. In addition to the matter from before where he failed to snatch Xuanyuan Po, the old grudge added on with the new, resulting in Qin Fen wanting nothing more than to slay Sun Mo right now.

Whoever replied to me.

Sun Mo shrugged.

Yue Rongbo leaned against the door. His hands were folded before his chest as he watched the good show.

Didnt you just accept two disciples? Why are you acting so complacent?

Everyone lived in the same dorm, and Yuan Feng had always looked down on Sun Mo. Now that he suddenly saw Sun Mo accepting two disciples, he was so jealous that he could die. He felt that the heavens were very unfair.

There are many teachers in the school that have disciples. They have over ten and twenty, and these are still considered relatively little. So, what do you count as? Yuan Feng mocked. He stared at the Zou brothers. Let me tell you a secret. Some disciples are willing to acknowledge this fellow as their master, but it isnt due to his capabilities. Its because his fiance is Headmaster An Xinhui.

The students in the lecture hall also turned their gazes over.

Oi, your words are too over-the-top!

Li Ziqi frowned.

Am I wrong? He is just a soft-rice guy. If it wasnt for him hugging the thigh of Headmaster An, he wont even become a teacher, Yuan Feng spoke. He continued trying to persuade Li Ziqi and Lu Zhiruo, You guys were tricked by him. Luckily, our school leaders are brilliant and knew that if they allowed him to be a teacher, he would waste the time of the students. Hence, they tossed him into the logistics department.

Qin Feng was calm and unruffled as he watched Sun Mo being humiliated.

The Zou brothers also stared at Sun Mo in puzzlement. Evidently, the distrust in their gazes was now much more pronounced.

Dont speak nonsense.

Li Ziqi grew angry.

Teacher Sun has a very good character.

Lu Zhiruo explained.

I have proof!

Yuan Feng called out.


Qin Fen added oil to fire. He wanted nothing more than to trample Sun Mo to death.

Yuan Feng pulled Qi Shengjia who was standing behind Qin Feng over. This student is named Qi Shengjia, and he has gone to our dorm to look for Sun Mo in the past, sincerely seeking his guidance. If Sun Mo is truly capable, why didnt disciple Shengjia acknowledge Sun Mo as his master but chose to follow teacher Qin Fen instead?

Qin Fen lifted his chin in a reserved yet proud manner.

Also, you guys most probably didnt know that in the past, this student Qi Shengjia was only at the 3rd-level of the body refinement realm. In the end, under the guidance of teacher Qin Feng, he broke through two levels in five days. And in the test of the battle hall, he jumped levels and defeated Peng Wanli, someone at the 6th-level of the body refinement realm, who ranked at #108. Currently, Qi Shengjia is already an official member of the battle hall.

Yuan Feng introduced Qi Shengjias background

In the lecture hall, exclamations of shock rang out. Broke through two levels in five days, ranked at #108, official member of the battle hall, all these terms were sufficient to make people gasp in admiration.

The gazes of everyone turned to Qi Shengjia. When they thought of the famous reputation the battle hall had in Jinling City and that this student was one of the 500 members, all the new students were filled with extreme envy. The gazes that turned to Qin Feng now were filled with urgency and enthusiasm.

The Zou brothers exchanged mutual glances, and their gazes became determined now.

Why? Do you have nothing to say? Yuan Feng stared at Sun Mo and decided to make things worse. If you are capable, why did he acknowledge Qin Fen as his master?

Hehe, you are an irksome presence in my eyes. Do you feel like digging a hole and hiding yourself in it right now? said Qin Fen. He was so happy that he could die.


Qi Shengjia was an honest and foolish kid who was not good with words. Now that so many people were looking at him, he stuttered even more.

Quickly tell them how outstanding Teacher Qin Fen is. Yuan Feng encouraged Qi Shengjia. Dont be afraid that he would take revenge on you. He is just someone that sponges off women.

Thats right, I will back you up no matter what, Qin Fen spoke.

Sun Mo didnt rebut. Instead, he turned to Qi Shengjia and asked in a low voice, Is your body still well during these few days?

Upon hearing that Sun Mo didnt rebuke him but was concerned about his condition, Qi Shengjias eyes immediately turned red. He ferociously pushed away Yuan Fengs hands and knelt before Sun Mo, kowtowing three times.

Thethe situation is not like this!

Qi Shengjia roared.

Because of this unexpected occurrence, everyone in the lecture hall fell into silence.
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    《Absolute Great Teacher》